Dear Shari and Toby,  


What do I know?


Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods. A Einstein



There is a difference in feeling to the depths of your soul that something is true and knowing it is true. Even knowing something is true carries a percentage of being an absolute truth. I know my truck is mostly a maroon color with two-tone silver blended in. Why do I know this? Personal experience of seeing it with other colors and collaboration with other people have verified it. But, it does not rule out the truck appearing to be another color under different lighting. Nor does it rule out the truck becoming a different color after an accident. If you asked me today what color my truck is I would tell you I know it is mostly a maroon color with two-tone silver blended in. If you looked at it two weeks from now, you might think I led you astray if you saw it was red and green and had not told you I repainted it after the accident. You may think I didn’t tell you the whole truth if you looked at it now and noticed the dark-red streaks where I touched up some scratches years ago. To properly tell you what I know requires us to understand the context of the statement. To tell you I know something is true means I have personal verification of the statement. To tell you I believe something means the preponderance of the evidence is sufficient for me to accept the statement as truth. In both statements, it should be understood they are true for the current level of knowledge and understanding. For you to understand the current level of knowledge and understanding (context) of the statements I have linked in the supporting references.



For example:


What I know---

1.        A person can know ahead of time and see events in the future.

2.        A person is capable of receiving information from sources outside the five senses.

3.        At least three worlds exist simultaneously:

a.       The physical world we experience with our five senses.

b.       The mental world of logic and concepts we create with our minds.

c.       The spirit world we create as we move through the other two worlds.

4.        Each of the three worlds is subject to action/reaction laws applicable to that world alone.
5.        The physical body reacts to mental attitudes and is controlled by them.
6.        Our lives can be guided by outside sources and the source can tell you what is going to happen.
7.        The work done by Edgar Cayce has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

8.         The body can be reformed by prayer or focused attention guided by outside sources. 

 What I have learned from this study and writing these letters---

1.        The receiving of information from sources outside the five senses includes memories belonging to deceased people.

2.        It is possible to connect all the prophecies in the Bible into a chronological history and future.

3.        All of the different writings, histories, religions and people are not contradictory or exclusive of each other. I don’t have to believe one is right and the rest are wrong. I only have to look at God from their viewpoint and in complete context to see another part of Him which fits into the whole understanding.

4.        The Church today only practices a very small portion of what Christ taught. Much of his teachings were left out of the Bible and destroyed because they indicated control of one’s soul was the responsibility of the individual and not controlled by the Church.

5.        The difference between religion and science is where the responsibility is placed. Religion establishes beliefs in ideas and concepts as the prime objectives. Belief as an objective implies responsibility for our souls lies with another entity. Science establishes realities providing a relationship of cause and effect. No real objectives are set forth. Science implies the responsibility for our souls lies with us to establish our objectives and live our lives in a way to accomplish them. Science and religion are the same concepts but from different viewpoints. THEY DO NOT CONTRADICT EACH OTHER!

6.        The scope of creation goes far beyond the description of God in the Bible. The “deities” we study are older, more advanced souls created by God (the Creator), as a part of Himself. Each of us is a Co-Creator with God.

7.        The spiritual aspects of this world are much easier to understand if the physical aspects are known.

8.        I have much to learn and understand if I am to become the soul I want to be.

9.        The many resources I have provided appear to provide contradictory explanations of how man developed, why he is here, where he is going and who is guiding us. This concerned and confused me until I had read and studied all the references, their origins, the context of their writing and compared the details on a common time line. The results yielded a holographic and continuously dynamic story which, when viewed from any angle presented a puzzle with matching pieces and a more complete picture than any individual reference contained. There are a few inconsistencies in timing but the overall story is consistent.


What I have learned from life and these studies combined---

1.                  It is very difficult to overcome being a bigot if you are raised in a society of bigots. The tremendous peer pressure  to “look down” on a group appears more natural than standing up and defending the outcast group. Only by looking at every group and seeing Co-Creators (another part of our selves) can this bias be overcome.

2.                  Children are trained by example and education. This begins immediately after birth. There is so much to learn that it requires an all-out effort, all of our life to acquire even a small portion of the most needed knowledge. Only by working together as a social complex and sharing our knowledge can we produce significant results.

 What I believe---

1.        The Bible (Genesis and the laws and rules in Exodus and Leviticus) was given to Moses AND/OR others by the Entity as describe in those text as literal history of how we got here and how to survive then and now.

2.        If the Old Testament is read with an open mind and literally, it paints a picture more interesting and exciting than any science fiction movie I’ve ever seen.

3.        A secular account of the same story is provided by the clay tablets left from the Sumerian civilization (Sumer disappeared around 2000 BC).

4.        There are no miracles, only scientific realities we have not studied or made use of. However, they are simpler to understand as miracles.

5.        David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.

6.        Toby, a cure has been provided for you.