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 The books Zecharia Sitchin wrote form a cohesive story which generally outlines what was recorded in the Sumerian tablets found at Nineveh. Although there are several questionable concepts dealing with who the Anunnaki were, where they came from and timing, the general theme and stories are parallel to what is taught in Genesis of the Bible. The tablets provide much more detail and scope to the story. When these stories are compared with other scriptures and known scientific facts, much value is provided by these details.


From Corey Goode 

When it comes to further information about the information that Zecharia Sitchin has shared, what I've shared is pretty much what she communicated was that he was working with three other people in secret societies and intelligence that were feeding him this information that the over-all information was contrived to create this narrative for his book, that it was based on information that was real, but was mostly a part of one of these Cabal religious systems that they were trying to get other people to adopt. And that's pretty much the crux of what was discussed about that.


Also note that the underground people claim they were the Anunnaki and not from the heavens.









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