Dear Shari and Toby,  


A person is capable of receiving information from sources outside the five senses.


  “Information is not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein


  When I was sixteen, I started getting impressions of a rotary-style engine which eliminated a lot of the wasted energy and parts of the piston-style internal combustion engine. At first, it was a vague day-dream of solving the problems of the piston engine. As the days and weeks went on, the details became clearer and I began to make sketches. As the sketches accrued more detail I was very close to completing the design and was starting to learn about the patenting process. A few months later I read a magazine article where an inventor had sold the concept of this rotary-style engine to Wright-Patterson for use in airplanes. This engine was nothing like the Wankle engine. It delivered much higher torque.

   This was the first of many ideas I would receive as they were being developed. Each time, when the concept was complete I would soon read about it. This became so pronounced and predictable that I realized the information was coming from the outside. I grew so used to this occurrence that in 1981 I told your mother that someone was working on voice interpretation for the PC and we would hear about it soon. A few weeks later I saw the first advertisement for just such a device. I still have a hard time distinguishing between solving problems by listening to my subconscious mind and actually picking up on someone’s thoughts. Both of these do occur if you encourage them.