Dear Shari and Toby, 

You were right.

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. A Einstein

 You always said that I was “FOS” and didn’t know much. I didn’t know how right you were. I have a very good education, a wide range of life experiences and I work in a profession that strives to know how everything in this physical universe works. All this has taught me how little I really know. I was taught logical explanations of how life works and given equations to predict the physics involved. These provide good guides for making decisions under simple conditions but leave gaps and erroneous answers when life speeds up as it has in the last thirty years. For example, Newton gave us the explanation that F = M x A which stood for centuries as the undeniable answer of how materials interact when pushed about. This explanation holds true until those materials approach a velocity, relative to each other, near the speed of light. At this point, not only do the variables “F”, “M” and “A” yield very incorrect answers but a new variable “T” or time is introduced. The answer literally takes on a whole new dimension. In every aspect of life, science, religion, world politics and daily survival the increase of knowledge and its application are quickly speeding up the velocity of mankind’s development relative to our physical, spiritual and mental limits. Many of the old answers are yielding incorrect results and concepts we previously thought were fixed and not in the equation are being reexamined and yielding answers with many new dimensions in our lives. Some of these new dimensions I am starting to understand. Others, have developed in these letters and matured.


Starting with Edgar Cayce, undeniable proof of:

1.     Being able to remote view others and obtain information from that viewing.

2.     The existence of a collective consciousness known as the Akashic Record.

3.     The efficacy of holistic medicine.

4.     Accessibility of present knowledge of future events.


Using the Bible prophecies as a road map the following conclusions were reached:

1.     Many of the Bible prophecies are consistent and supplemented by prophecies of other religions. Many prophecies from many religions are describing the same events.

2.     This information is being provided by physical entities not of Earth origin.

3.     Earth civilizations are being guided by physical entities not of Earth origin.

4.     Many natural disasters occur on Earth at predetermined intervals.

5.     Many of the old prophecies occurred as described.

6.     The future prophecies will occur approximately as forecast.

7.     The Earth continues past the next major natural disaster and we gradually establish a more loving society.

8.     Changes in the Earth’s society are slow and natural. They are almost unnoticeable on a day to day basis. These evolutions occur over generations.

9.     Man is approaching the next step in his evolving society.

10.  Approximate dates for these changes are given in the Bible.



Using scientific experiments performed by others, research developed by others, personal testimony correlated from many responsible people, information provided from outside sources and personal experience David Wilcock provides significant evidence of:

            1.     The brain transmits, receives and controls energy that is not detectable as electromagnetic.

2.     This energy has physical properties and effects.

3.     Electromagnetic energy can be produced from rotational equipment without a prime mover once started.

4.     Gravity can be controlled and used as a force.

5.     The effects listed in 3&4 above are sensitive to the equipment location with respect to Earth’s ley lines

6.     German scientists have been creating anti-gravity flying saucers since the 1930’s and 40’s.


Scientific proof has not been presented of the following.

Overwhelming evidence has been presented.

1.     Aliens have been present in this solar system for millions of years.

2.     Man has been present on earth for over 450,000 years.

3.     Civilizations have grown to or past the current civilization on Earth and been demolished to start over.

4.     The moon is an old artificial satellite.

5.     Breakaway civilizations of man have been established in the solar system and underground.


If the above concepts are accepted it is a small leap of faith to believe in the following:

1.     We are living in a civilization grown out of the ashes of the last Earth changes. (Earth’s polar shift and flood)The Atlantean civilization was destroyed and the surviving population dispersed south, east and west to integrate into other civilizations.

2.     Aliens have tutored these surviving civilizations and are still helping when requested.

3.     In the last 6,000 years several aliens have come to provide insight and example for developing our spiritual consciousness. Examples have been provided of eight levels of consciousness, physical and spiritual development. We are currently at the 3rd level/density and are transitioning into the 4th. These densities are specific ranges of energy frequencies. Just as we see a narrow range of electromagnetic frequencies, each density has a range of energy not detectable by a density of the lower frequency.

4.     We are being prepared for a shift into the 4th density level. This will involve a DNA change and a change in the way we think of and treat each other. This will be controlled for a thousand years by limiting what type of personalities can reincarnate into Earth. Only a small percentage of those personalities on Earth will participate in this 4th density. ( 5-6% - 375,000,000) This implies that 9 out of 10 of us will die a natural death and be reincarnated on another 3rd density planet now being prepared for us.

5.     The final changes started in 2012 and the governmental and political changes will be complete by 2075. From that point on the earth population will develop into a fourth density collective consciousness. It will take over a hundred years for significant development but changes will start before then.

6.     Personalities now in 3rd density bodies will die a natural death and be reincarnated into a 4th density body. This will only apply to those who think more (51%) of others than they do themselves.

7.   Customs and the way we treat each other in the 4th density will be different.

- Everyone can be trusted to treat you as good, or, better than they would like to be treated. This will eliminate most greed and selfishness.

- The veil of forgetting is not there and information from past lives with each other is available helping to form more intertwined relationships.

- Mental capabilities will be greater and additional capabilities will be developed such as telekinesis.