Dear Shari and Toby,  


A person can know ahead of time and see events in the future.


 I never think of the future. It comes soon enough. A. Einstein


When I was seventeen, I was helping a girl friend move into a new apartment/house. I had never been there before. I helped her carry the several loads of clothes and few furnishings she had brought with her to college through the front door, across the living room and up the staircase in the back. When we had finished she said she wanted to talk and we sat in the living room on the couch. As I sat down I viewed the floor, the coffee table, couch and the large, round, gray-haired lady sitting to our left at a slightly raised writing table. The Déjà vu I felt was absolute and very correct. I knew I had been here and in this exact situation once before. I even remembered when and how.


Two weeks before I had a dream watching this situation unfold. Some of the objects were not very clear and I could replay the scene and shift my attention to those objects until I fully recognized them. As I was facing myself on the couch, the old-style rough hardwood pattern in the floor ran left to right and was broken by the coffee table running length wise left to right. There was an open door on the right of me leading out of the room. Farther to the right of where I was sitting on the couch was the old gray-haired lady sitting at a raised writing table. To the right of her was a perpendicular wall with a closed white wooden door with large squares of inlay wood trim in the top and bottom. Sitting on the couch and looking slightly to the left was an open door leading out of the room.


This description, forty four years later, is still as clear as if I were sitting there and looking at it. Dreams of the future have two characteristics separating them from others. Dreams of the future are like being there because you are there. Dreams of the future also contain verifiable information you can not access. This information is from an outside source. These dreams are easily distinguished from dreams derived from your subconscious providing surprises or unexpected endings from information available within your own experiences or subconscious mind. More easily distinguished are the day-dream like dreams containing little or no useful information and are mostly entertaining.


Speaking of information, as we were sitting on the couch, in real life, I began to laugh and she asked what was funny. It certainly was not the subject we were discussing. I told her I had seen this situation earlier and every thing was exactly as it was in the dream except one thing. The door on the wall just past the lady sitting there was the wrong kind. She asked what kind of door it was and I described as I did above. She said “oh, that door is there”. She got up and walked to the end of the room and closed the front door which was hiding the door I described and had never seen. It was in the correct location.