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David Wilcock is an author, seer, lecturer and channeler of information from extraterrestrial sources. From the scientific experiments in the 19th & 20th centuries he has documented a complete physics philosophy for the universe which is quite different from the mainstream explanation. In addition, he has connected this scientific philosophy to our religion and daily life. The subjects he provides include physics, clairvoyance, telepathy, anti-gravity, tortional energy, harmonics, synchronicity and many others. These are explained in detail and provided with proof. You are not expected to “take his word for it” but to read his comments and examine the references and proof. This will take time and effort but it is worth it to discover the whole truth. The following list of David’s works is in a suggested reading order. It may take more than one reading to understand them.

Some of the concepts from each work are summarized below the link for the work. Highlighted summaries are provable concepts. The works provide an endless list of scientist and their experiments. David has organized these results into a logical argument explaining the universe we live in. Unfortunately, some of the concepts cannot be proven. For example, reincarnation cannot be proven. But, the preponderance of the evidence for it presented by Dr. Ian Stevenson and David would hold up well in a civil court. Although a juror is not supposed to investigate a court case, I have unavoidably been supplied some evidence along the same lines as provided by David. The following list of concepts provided from the work of Edgar Cayce and David summarize what is proven by the preponderance of the evidence they present. Highlighted concepts are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and would be applicable in criminal court.

It has long been known in the Cayce circles that the readings issued a prophecy surrounding the

return of himself and his associates in 1998. Many people naturally assumed that this meant that he would either be born as a baby in 1998, or return as an Ascended being. Here is the actual text


From the Edgar Cayce reading 294-151, this return was discussed:


Is it not fitting, then, that these must return? as this priest may develop himself to be in that position, to be in the capacity of a LIBERATOR of the world in its relationships to individuals in those periods to come; for he must enter again at that period, or in 1998.


[294-151] - 7 / 29 / 32, 11:00 a.m.


The context of this reading discusses Cayce's past incarnation as the priest Ra-Ta, who was said to have a pivotal role in coordinating the preservation of Atlantean records, through his collaboration with the construction of the Great Pyramid and the Hall of Records.


Note: the arrival or reincarnation of Edgar Cayce with his personality similar to RA-Ta coincides to the arrival or awakening of David Wilcock in 1998. See Wanderer Awakening.



From the provable evidence highlighted below the following conclusions are supported:

1.     Some part of Edgar Cayce would leave his physical body and

a.     Go to a different location

b.     Be capable of remote viewing including aspects of humans not normally visible.

c.     Could obtain information, past, present and future, not available normally to him.

2.     Tortional energy exists and can be controlled by the human mind.

3.     Many structures exist which indicate their age is much older than the 6000 years covered in the bible.

4.     Plants also react to mental stimuli.

5.     Machines providing free energy and antigravity have been built.

6.     The work of Prof. Shnoll gives us incontrovertible evidence that processes are affected by position of planets and other bodies.

7.     - The studies with Nina Kulagina and Alla Vinogradova prove that human consciousness can directly create and / or affect all the known energy fields of science. Our thoughts will move through all of our cells even if they have been removed from our body and placed at a distance.

8.     When a magnet is rotated as a disc, magnetic energy can be caused to eject outward like the water in a sprinkler system, and this energy can be harnessed to create electricity.

9.     Russian scientists Roschin and Godin were able to replicate Searl‘s results. Though their device was not physically built to levitate, it clearly would have if they did not use mechanical brakes to stop it, as it went into a self-accelerating mode after crossing the critical threshold of 550 revolutions per minute. Most interestingly, when the device was powered a series of spherical energy zones were created around it, and “the structure of these zones reminded [one of the] circles on water [that form] from a thrown stone. ” Within these zones, the magnetic fields increased and the temperature decreased.

10.  Groups of atoms can behave as a single atom.

11.  Planets are displaying signs of “Global Warming” and activities



The following list of concepts provided from the work of Edgar Cayce and David summarize what is proven by the preponderance of the evidence they present. David relies on many sources close to the actions related to subject matter he assimilates. A few of his most reliable sources are: Pete Peterson, Henry Deacon, Emery Smith, Corey Goode, Carl Wolf,   Bill Tompkins, and pseudonymsof Jacob and Daniel.  Highlighted items are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

-       Edgar Cayce proved the Akashic Record exists and can be read.

Ancient Aliens – Akashic record S10 Vol 2 D1

-       Edgar Cayce proved a person can have consciousness outside his body. This consciousness/intelligence can observe, examine and diagnose.

-       Dimensions exist in which a conscious entity can obtain and supply information from and to people in the third density (us).

-       There are entities in these dimensions that have access to information not available to us.

-       Misinformation can be supplied if the purpose of the question is selfish.

-       Edgar Cayce proved the future exists as a probability.

-       The probable future can be seen.

-        Information from the past is available.

-       David is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He is continuing Cayce’s work in a different direction.

-       We live in a universe created by rotating energy fields and their interaction as a single consciousness unit. This unit is fractal down below the atomic level.

-       This Universe is filled by a field of energy units (basic energy building blocks) called aether.

-       There is a vast amount of energy available from even a small amount of aether.

-       There is an established order of magnitude of these fractal units size.

-       The energies in the fractal units tend to collect and form standing waves in sacred geometric patterns.

-       The patterns formed are determined by the frequency and intensity of the waves.

-       More than one pattern may exist simultaneously in the same space. One may not be visible to the other.

-       All "dimensions" of space and time as well as all elements of our physical universe, both organic and inorganic, must function according to this simple aether behavior, which follows the precise numerical principles of harmony, resonance and vibration.

-       All world religions, spiritual faiths, secret societies and indigenous shamanic teachings insist that humanity is about to make a spontaneous, unprecedented stride in its material and spiritual development - a literal transformation of matter, energy and consciousness on all levels.

-       There is an energy called tortional energy that can affect matter in many ways. These ways range from depositing energy, growing new matter to providing health, purifying or enhancing properties. This energy can be controlled by a person’s mind as well as obeying predefined natural laws.

-       Machines providing free energy and antigravity have been built. The operational properties described for the aether in David’s works are modeled by these machines. This includes the fractal nature of the universe and sub atomic theory.







1.     The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce
A “case” is made for David Wilcock being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. A later writing of the same book is Wanderer Awakening. Although the presentation would not convict beyond a shadow of a doubt, the preponderance of the evidence would convince any reasonable person that he was guilty and solely responsible for the results.. Due to the limitations and boundaries of the 3rd density experience, reincarnation cannot be “proven”. However, as in many other examples, evidence that overwhelmingly conforms to the concept is presented. Dr. Ian Stevenson presented case after case of children who had knowledge that no normal laws would explain how they obtained it. This was intimate, personal and explicit knowledge about someone who lived before. David does not profess to have this type of knowledge of Edgar Cayce. But, their work and lives are so tightly tied together by the evidence presented that if you accept one the other is just a continuation.

Preface/Introduction – background material

Chapter 1 – Setting the stage

Chapter 2 – Ra material
Explanation of how the universe works
Development of earth people

How Ra helped develop Earth
Chapter 3 – Ra-ta
story of the path of Jesus
Ra-ta story
Chapter 4 – Egyptian pyramids
Ra and Ra-ta in general
Chapter 5 – Prophecy fulfilled
facts for David
Summary of important points
List of best evidence

2.     Wanderer Awakening
Empirical evidence of David being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce
Discourse from RA on the plan to help man (help make “The Choice”)
a.   Provide proof of other densities by the works of Edgar Cayce (this worked for me)
b.   Forecast the reincarnation of Ra-Ta (Edgar Cayce) as David Wilcock
c.   Medical nanotechnology placed in David.

Personal childhood experiences
One of his experiences were very similar to mine and had the same effect. He wanted to know what, how and why it happened.
Story written in high school explaining David’s life and work.
 Chapter 5 – dreams and realities
Dreams which conveyed future theories
Chapter 6 – Dream of home
David is convinced extraterrestrials are real
Activitys in college and arround
Chapter 7 – 9 – Follows his events of Yumi, last two years of college, finding jobs a couple of years after college, Final confirmation he is a wanderer.

|These first two books, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and Wanderer Awakening, are slightly redundant. A little more discussion and evidence pertaining to David’s being Cayce reincarnated is contained in the first book. However, a sufficient amount of that is contained in the second book. The first part Wanderer Awakening is a rewrite/update of the first book. The rest of the book is filled with scenes from David’s life which convinced him (and me) he is a “wanderer”.

The important points in these two books are:
a.   Edgar Cayce’s work is the best documented proof of:

i.               Dimensions exist in which a conscious entity can obtain and supply information from and to people in the third density (us).

ii.             There are entities in these dimensions that have access to information not available to us.

iii.            Misinformation can be supplied if the purpose of the question is selfish.

iv.            The probable future can be seen.

v.              Information from the past is available.

b.   Although Cayce’s work does not prove reincarnation (since it can’t be proven), the explanation provided by Cayce is consistent and much work was done by him based on the integrity of this concept.

c.   There is so much evidence that David is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce it is difficult to believe otherwise. It would be impossible to accept the scientifically proven concepts in the following books and not accept the concepts of reincarnation and David being the reincarnation of Cayce.

d.   David is not here to continue the same healing work as Cayce but to provide information on the true nature of the universe and the intelligence contained therein.

e.   The best evidence that David is a wanderer came from others as well as David.

3.   The Shift of the Ages
Topics include:

Hyperdimensional physics

The global grid


The true meaning of crop circle formations

The mayan calendar

The great pyramid

Secret societies

Hidden planetary solar and galactic time cycles

The hall of records

Geometric dynamic structures in the stock market

12,000-year old submerged pyramids in Japan


4.   Science of Oneness
This is framework of knowledge that explains much more about our physical reality than we have ever had access to before. This is a book that could not have been written until now, with the power of the Internet to bring the world‘s frontier researchers together so that such a collaboration could take place. Not simply another piece of the puzzle, it is an assembly of the puzzle: the first of its kind, fusing vast amounts of data together to reconstruct the Universe in a new “hyperdimensional ” model that is precisely unified from the quantum all the way up to the universe itself, and written at a level that does not exclude any readers with technical gibberish. It is also the story of a discrete astrophysical event in our near future that we have labeled as “The Time of Global Shift, ” since it seems to have direct spiritual implications for humanity - the long-awaited shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.


      The initial six chapters of this book are dedicated to covering the emerging, largely suppressed concepts regarding the existence of zero-point energy or aether. Since this energy is directly responsible for the existence of light, it is conveniently referred to as light by almost all major spiritual traditions.


As we progress, we will clearly illustrate how the aether can be tapped for limitless free energy of many different forms, including gravity, magnetism and electricity. Clearly the implications of this new “aether ” science are tremendous - it could dramatically assist us in saving the earth from destruction by eliminating the need for any type of fossil fuel, either for space propulsion or regular electricity.


We will show that all "dimensions" of space and time as well as all elements of our physical universe, both organic and inorganic, must function according to this simple aether behavior, which follows the precise numerical principles of harmony, resonance and vibration.



Chapt 1

-        1.1 Virtually all world religions, spiritual faiths, secret societies and indigenous shamanic teachings insist that humanity is about to make a spontaneous, unprecedented stride in its material and spiritual development - a literal transformation of matter, energy and consciousness on all levels.

-        1.2 Although we had originally considered The Shift of the Ages to be our final statement on the subject, we subsequently realized that it could go much farther with additional research. This book is our final summary of the new research.

-        1.3 The persecution of Nicholaus Copernicus is still being mirrored in the harsh treatment of “frontier ” scientific researchers today. The mainstream will vigorously defend any challenges to their prized paradigms.

-        1.4 Science is very good at studying and explaining death - but very poor at studying and explaining life. Our new view of the Cosmos will show that the fundamental energy of the Universe is living and conscious; the Universe is an Ultimate Being.

-        1.6 Some choose to fear these Visitors, though there is very strong evidence that at least the majority of them are here to protect us, and have been appearing before human cultures throughout all known history. Nevertheless, we are told that rogue elements within our military and governments are actively shooting down extraterrestrial spacecraft with advanced “Star Wars ” satellite technology whenever they get the chance.

-        1.7 Though the work of Edgar Cayce proved psychic ability beyond any shadow of doubt, many well-meaning “channelers ” in the modern Internet community have produced wildly conflicting data, thus discrediting the entire field for many. This book will only use those sources that have clearly proven their validity, and only use their information as a framework to interpret straightforward scientific facts.

-        1.8 Joe Mc Moneagle and others have proven that “remote viewing ” is a phenomenon that really works. Mr. Wilcock used similar trance protocols to uncover the connections between the research data in this book, and also to fund our operations through “dream readings. ” Wilcock would not have been able to see how all these points fit together without this outside assistance, and thus this book truly represents an “extraterrestrial scientific disclosure. ”

-        1.9 The Law of One series may represent the most accurate extraterrestrial communications in history. It is literally impossible that Carla Rueckert, the main channel for the information, could have produced such a complex, far-reaching, scientifically and spiritually evolved body of work by herself. We cite eight different points that demonstrate Ra‘s accurate scientific knowledge, all of which came in advance of the corresponding scientific discoveries that followed.

-        1.10 Ra indicates that there are galactic cycles of time that our Solar System naturally moves through, and in this book we will uncover the facts to back up this assertion. These cycles are said to be related to human soul evolution.

-        1.11 The information in this book lends scientific credibility to Christian end-time prophecy. The reader is encouraged to absorb the information with the heart and remain open-minded about the possibilities of such a fantastic event occurring.

-        1.12 We have decided that the material must be presented in a linear, syllogistic fashion in order to be completely understandable. Earlier chapters will cover information on anti-gravity and free energy, and these core concepts will then be expanded upon into understandings of higher planes of existence and new cosmological discoveries.

-        1.13 The anti-gravity and free energy technologies could dramatically assist us in halting and even reversing the damages that we have caused to the biosphere. We suggest that even the most cutting-edge aether theories have still missed many big pieces of the puzzle, and in this book we will attempt to paint the most complete picture that is possible at this point.

-        1.14 The properties of “harmonics, ” or vibration, will be seen as having central importance in these new models of the Cosmos.

Chapt 2

-Backster Effect has demonstrated these concepts of aetheric vibration with plants, bacteria, yogurt, Planaria worms, human cells and more

Chapt 3

-Nina Kulagina was able to create all the basic electromagnetic forces by the sheer focus of consciousness, ideally in a loving environment

-Energy measurements taken around objects being telekinetically moved by Alla Vinogradova detected field pulsations which were synchronous with her respiration rate, heartbeat, and brain alpha rhythm pattern

- Financial markets, and hence collective human behavior, can be precisely modeled in advance by calculating the geometric interaction of various planetary cycles (Cowan, 2000);

- Others are capable of entering into the same out-of-body realms and independently reporting the same experiences upon awakening

- The work of Prof. Shnoll gives us incontrovertible evidence that processes are affected by position of planets and other bodies.

- The studies with Nina Kulagina and Alla Vinogradova prove that human consciousness can directly create and / or affect all the known energy fields of science. Our thoughts will move through all of our cells even if they have been removed from our body and placed at a distance.


Chapt 4

-       A discussion of gravity and time
De Palma spinning ball proof
Michael Faraday – Dec 26, 1831

-       Chapter 5 – proof of the existence of aether
5.1 First of all, a magnetic field can be created through nothing more than the focus of a gifted individual's consciousness, and that force arises from the aetheric flux spontaneously, with no measurable connection to the person.

-       5.2 “Virtual Particles ” have allegedly been discovered for each of the main components of the atom. Although we will question their true nature in this book, the fact remains that this shows that we are living in a universe of unseen forces.

-       5.3 The “Casimir Effect ” says that when two perfectly flat plates are brought together in an airless vacuum that is shielded from all conventional electromagnetic waves, a powerful force will cause them to push towards each other. This is another means of proving that the zero-point energy field or ‘aether‘ truly exists.

-       5.4 In the new model, magnetism is caused by the movement of aether through an object, and can be created by consciousness alone, as in the cases of Kulagina, Vinogradova and others.

-       5.4.1 When we study the electromagnetic wave, magnetism is referred to as the “B-field ” and electrostatics as the “E-field. ” For some yet-unexplained reason, the two are observed to travel at 90-degree angles to each other. Both Buckminster Fuller and Rod Johnson independently discovered a hidden geometry in this movement, which will be discussed later.

-       5.4.2 We see that the static energy of the electric field is essentially motionless, and it requires the dynamic force of the magnetic field to propel it forward. We have suggested that the actual electromagnetic wave is occurring as a result of a flow of energy and force between two parallel universes,.

-       5.5 Lenz‘ Law states that by simply passing a wire over the north or south pole of any magnet, an electric current is generated within that wire. This principle can be used to build electromagnetic motors since the magnetic field naturally rotates.

-       5.6 The same principle in reverse can be used to build generators as well. Lenz‘ Law states that conducting wires can gather up the magnetism from a magnet and turn it into electricity.

-       5.7 Even though quantum physicists assume that atoms are composed of particles, no one in the mainstream has ever changed the equations for electromagnetism, which treat it as a flowing (yes, aetheric) field of energy waves that can be “cut ”. This is called “flux line cutting, ” and in order for it to take place in conventional theory, there must be two different speeds of motion; one for the source of magnetic energy and one for the conductor of the energy.

-       5.7.1 The work of Michael Faraday in 1869 proved that electric current can be generated with the conductor and the magnet moving at exactly the same speed - thus eliminating any possibility that the flux lines could be "cut."

-       Faraday and DePalma‘s “homopolar generator ” experiments show us that when a magnet is rotated as a disc, magnetic energy can be caused to eject outward like the water in a sprinkler system, and this energy can be harnessed to create electricity. And the sheer volume of energy that this rotation creates is greater than the energy needed to rotate it in the first place!

-       5.7.2 DePalma built the "Sunburst N-Machine" upon these “homopolar generator ” principles, as a legitimate free-energy machine. It was tested in 1985 by Dr. Robert Kincheloe, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, who concluded that “De Palma may have been right in that there is indeed a situation here whereby energy is being obtained from a previously unknown and unexplained source. ”

-       5.8 The energy coming through the magnet itself appears to behave more like a fluid than a force. When a magnet is spun and then stopped quickly, the Aspden effect reveals that energy is still spinning inside of it.

-       A rotating magnetic disc that took 1000 joules of energy to reach a certain rotational speed can be abruptly stopped in its rotation, and if it is started again within 60 seconds, it will only take 100 joules to reach the same speed. This suggests that the magnetic energy is swirling around inside like water in a glass, even when the magnet is not moving.

-       5.9 The experiments of Donald Roth demonstrated a form of “magnetic memory. ” The aether flow known as “magnetism ” can be established in one localized area if the magnet is kept there for a long time, and then if the magnet is moved farther away, the force field that it established can continue flowing. This gives definite proof that the energy in the magnet is outside of the magnet itself.

-       5.10 The conventional explanation for a magnetic field is that it is caused by a given metal having a special north-south alignment of its molecules. In aetheric theory, this alignment forces the aetheric energy that creates the object to flow through it like a tube in a certain direction, instead of flowing in and out of it from all directions equally. This is the true definition of magnetism.

-       5.11 The fluidlike qualities of magnetic energy make a strong suggestion that vibration will play an important part in the behavior of “aetheric ” energy.

-       Chapter 6 - article that was featured in The Electronic Telegraph on Sunday, Sept. 21, 1997:

-        6.1 Hideo Hayasaka and colleagues at the Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan, together with Matsushita, the Japanese multinational, found a weak but measurable 1-in-7,000 decline in gravity by dropping a rotating gyroscope. In Dr. Bruce DePalma‘s case, two spheres are catapulted into the same trajectory, one rotating and one stationary. The rotating sphere shows distinct gravitational and energetic changes when compared to the non-rotating sphere. This shows that simply rotating an object decreases its observed mass.

-        6.2 Dr. Bruce DePalma's Force Machine demonstrated an effect approximately 100 times more powerful than the 1-in-7,000 gravity reduction seen in the Japanese experiment. This effect was produced through rotation and “forced precession. ”

-        6.3 Data from Sandy Kidd and Glenn Turner show that the force of “precession ” can be used in a variety of propulsion and anti-gravity devices, with significant effects.

-        6.4 Dr. Eugene Podkletnov discovered an anti-gravity effect above a rapidly spinning disc of superconducting ceramic, which was suspended in the magnetic field of three electric coils, all enclosed in a low-temperature vessel called a cryostat. This actually appeared in the mainstream media but was quickly suppressed and recanted due to the extreme political forces that oppose these discoveries.

-        6.5 The force known as "Levity" pushes up from the Earth at the same time that gravity pushes down. Normally the downward force is stronger than the upward force, and the balance between the two is what we have named the “gravitational constant. ”

-        6.6 The Searl Levity Disc showed a complete overcoming of the force of gravity. Prof. John R.R. Searl used a series of custom-made magnetic cylindrical rollers that rotated within a nested series of magnetic rings to produce this effect.

-        6.6.1 Once powered up, the Searl Levity Disc would rise to a height of 50 feet above the ground and remain stable as its speed of rotation continued to increase. As this occurred, all the radio receivers in the area spontaneously turned on by themselves. A pinkish glow of ionized gases would be seen around the device as this occurred.

-        6.6.2 In the presence of a television camera, the Levity Disc would not rise at all! Prof. Searl later realized that this was due to the camera‘s electromagnetic field, and from this discovery he was able to devise an electromagnetic control system that allowed him to move the disc as it traveled through space.

-        6.6.3 The Levity Disc had an increasing, self-sustaining energy current that would move through it once it reached a certain rotational speed.

-        6.6.4 Some of the land from the surrounding countryside would be contained within a spherical “neutral zone ” that formed around the disc, and would be caught up in the device's gravitational field as it took off.

-        6.6.5 By 1968, Prof. Searl had the SEG ready for commercial use, but he found total failure in getting his invention commercially applied. In 1983 he was jailed for ten months for allegedly “stealing electricity ” off of the power grid. A “mysterious ” fire then destroyed all his experimental data and all prototypes that he had created, and his wife left him. By 1990 he was quite despondent but he then received financial donations, book offers and possible movie offers, which did not actually pan out.

-        6.7 As of late Summer 2000, the Roschin / Godin team in Russia was able to replicate Prof. Searl‘s results. This will be covered more in the next chapter, and lends dramatic scientific validity to the entire picture.

-        6.8 In the next chapter, we will cover the spherical properties of “glowing magnetism ” and examine clear evidence of their appearance in nature.



-        Chapter 7 -

-        7.1 The work of Karl Schappeller provided the initial inspiration for Dr. Searl. He explained that strong magnetic fields can cause the aether vacuum to emerge as a visible form. The phenomenon of “ball lightning ” shows this in action.

-        7.2 Light and Love and the Sphere are all interchangeable definitions of aetheric energy that is in unity with Oneness.

-        7.3 Schappeller was able to engineer a spherical ball of “glowing magnetism ” in the laboratory with his dynomagnetic generator.

-        7.4 Dr. Dmitriev et al. labeled this spherical “glowing magnetism ” as a “vacuum domain ” or VD. Furthermore, his team used equations to show that gravity waves are automatically transformed into electromagnetic waves inside the VD, and these waves are then directly visible to us as light.

-        7.4.1 The nine essential properties of vacuum domains are: ability to penetrate solid matter, light absorption and / or emission, the powering down of electronic devices, creation of measurable magnetic fields, distortions of gravitational fields to increase or decrease objects‘ weight, constant inner rotation leading to rotation of air and dust inside of themselves, explosions that do not necessarily change their size, possession a definite geometric form such as a sphere or “ellipsoid, ” and increases in their appearances during years of peak solar activity.

-        7.4.2 Ten different sorts of anomalous phenomena that appear to be directly associated with VDs are: ball lightning, NSLFs or “plasmoids, ” poltergeists, tornadoes, radar angels, small comets or “atmospheric holes, ” ionospheric and atmospheric explosions, lithospheric “pipe ” explosions, “sprites / elves / jets ” and luminescences associated with earthquake and volcano activity.

-        7.4.3 Mr. Martyn Stubbs‘ rigorous documentation of “NASA UFOs ” appears to be an observation of VDs in space. The spherical shape, central hole and spiraling energy emissions from the central hole are all clearly visible on film.

-        This also gives us a method of understanding why our scientists have observed “atmospheric holes ” occurring in the ultraviolet spectrum of our ionosphere appearing 20 times each second. The VDs are created in the Sun, travel through space on the “solar wind ” and later strike the Earth, creating the holes.

-        7.5 The spherical fields of vacuum domains can be seen to form anomalous structures in space, such as the dumbbell shape of the nebulae Eta Carinae.

-        7.6 Charles Cagle demonstrated the idea that “particles ” at the subatomic level are actually VDs as well, which he named “electromagnetotoroids. ” From his understanding, workable free energy technologies have been devised. This brings us closer to a true “unified field ” theory that shows how these VD formations exist at every level of size and complexity in the Universe.

-        7.7 The torus is a sphere with a hole in the middle, forming a donut shape. This is the true form of the VD, and explains the structure of the Earth‘s magnetic field as well as the structure of the funnel cloud that makes the tornado. The “hole ” in the sphere is what creates an axis that allows it to rotate.

-        7.8 Robert Grace reveals that what the rings and rollers represent in the Searl Effect Generator is a cross-section of a complete system shaped like a sphere with a hole in the middle or a torus. By creating this cross-section of the VD with rotating magnets, Searl was able to replicate the anti-gravitational effects of the VD and use them to levitate the craft itself.

-        7.9 Russian scientists Roschin and Godin were able to replicate Searl‘s results. Though their device was not physically built to levitate, it clearly would have if they did not use mechanical brakes to stop it, as it went into a self-accelerating mode after crossing the critical threshold of 550 revolutions per minute.

-        Most interestingly, when the device was powered a series of spherical energy zones were created around it, and “the structure of these zones reminded [one of the] circles on water [that form] from a thrown stone. ” Within these zones, the magnetic fields increased and the temperature decreased.

-        The Roschin-Godin replication cannot reach full lifting power, apparently, because the strong gravitational field tears apart the pieced-together magnetic rollers.  

-        7.10 Dr. Searl‘s research associated the aetheric energy of the VD with an increased speed of healing. We suggest that the VD is actually the shape of the Ultimate Being, or God, as well as the shape of the soul as it is expressed in our different energy bodies.

-       Chapter 8 -

 8.1 For our purposes in this chapter and thereafter, we will replace the unwieldy-sounding term “vacuum domains ” with the simpler and more all-inclusive term “consciousness units ” or CUs. This term is used to respect the fact that the energy of the universe displays regularized qualities of intelligence based on its level of vibration.

8.2  Keely was a fraud

8.9.1 Dan Davidson‘s research reveals that the overunity power factor in the Tibetan Acoustic Levitation is 5,250,000 over unity (i.e., 52,500 watts/0.01 watts,) meaning that roughly 5,250,000 times more energy is being used to levitate the stones than is being directly emitted by the drums and trumpets. Bruce Cathie believes that this effect has nothing to do with consciousness, but it could well play a part, given what we know from the studies of Nina Kulagina and others in the laboratory setting.

8.10 The idea of a consciousness connection to sound-based levitation processes is further supported by the observation of Keely levitating a four-ton iron sphere. A journalist came to his house and witnessed him wearing a small device attached to a belt with a metallic string coming out of it, which was then attached to the sphere.

By adjusting the belt settings and concentrating intensely, Keely was able to get the sphere to levitate, move across the room and then plunge into the ground with evidence of its weight having substantially increased.

8.11 The phenomenon of “sonoluminescence ” shows that sound energy can produce a trillion times more energy than it naturally exerts in a special laboratory condition. A bubble is suspended in water in the center of a spherical flask by the use of directed sound fields.

Once the bubble is suspended, UCLA‘s Dr. S. Putterman et al. determined that the internal bubble compresses to 1 / 100,000th of its original size due to the pressure of the sound, during which time light is released. The flash of light is shorter than 100 picoseconds (or trillionths of a second) in duration, vibrating with extreme regularity every 100 millionths of a second. Putterman's studies eventually made it into Scientific American in February 1995.

Chapter 9 -
9.1 The content of the chapter is introduced, which includes tornado phenomena, the work of Victor Schauberger and the Oregon Vortex, an ongoing, unmoving space-time anomaly which has been scientifically studied on numerous occasions.

9.2 Dr. Alexey Dmitriev’s concepts of tornado physics and natural self-luminous formations involve an interaction between Earth’s atmosphere and the interior of the Earth. The Brooks model of tornado formation, commonly used by meteorologists and other scientists alike, does not provide a model to account for the tornado anomalies that are seen.

9.2.1 Many cases of alleged UFO sightings may actually involve natural self-luminous formations that are released from the Earth, as expected in the new systems of physics that Dmitriev has outlined.

9.2.2 “Hole-punch clouds” appear to be another example of invisible NSLFs interacting with a thin layer in the atmosphere, forming visible “holes” that were aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field. Had the cloud layer been thicker, these effects would most likely not have been visible.

9.2.3 Many tornado sightings involve luminous phenomena, suggesting that tornadoes are actually sources of very high electromagnetic energy.

9.3 Dmitriev’s list of tornado phenomenology is shared at this point:

9.3.1 Tornadoes have been seen to leave the so-called “parent” clouds over them and move on their own. They have also been seen to form without parent clouds at all, only attracting them later on. This suggests again that tornadoes cannot be solely related to atmospheric movements.

9.3.2 Dmitriev explains that the Brooks model does not account for why a horizontal counter-rotational movement in cloud layers is suddenly able to turn into a vertical movement in the funnel cloud.

9.3.3 The levitation effects of a tornado cannot be caused by the suction of air inside of the funnel cloud. When a tornado is just slightly above the ground, no air pressure changes are felt and no levitation effects are seen, but as soon as it touches the ground the levitation begins. The area inside the funnel cloud has been measured to have a lower air pressure, but this does not occur beneath the cloud.

9.3.4 Inside the powerful energetic fields of a tornado, matter is seen to make sudden, anomalous phase changes, becoming malleable like a fluid and semi-permeable, allowing solid objects to fuse together. Once the tornado passes, the matter reverts back to its normal “ground” state.

In the case of “spoonbending,” human beings seem to be able to temporarily duplicate these effects on metal with their consciousness. Conventional explanations for the anomalies of matter changes in tornadoes usually involve the observation that the inside of the funnel cloud has a rapid downward movement, whereas the walls of the cloud have a rapid upward movement at about 100 to 200 meters per second.

9.3.5 “Walls within walls” of “spherical cascades” are often seen around tornadoes, sometimes going as high as two-thirds of the height of the funnel cloud itself. This energetic phenomena has already been seen in the Roschin / Godin replication of the Searl Effect in the laboratory.

9.3.6 Funnel clouds are seen to travel over the surface of the earth in jumping movements, again suggesting that other forces besides atmospheric phenomena are associated with them; namely, an energetic interaction with the interior of the Earth.

9.3.7 As tornadoes pass over rivers, they have been seen to create bowl-like depressions in the water line, suggesting that they are sources of powerful, anomalous gravitation. Tornadoes can transport objects, groups of objects and even living creatures over long distances without disturbing them. This again suggests that the transport of a tornado is being caused by levitation, not by suction and rotation.

9.3.8 Tornadoes have been observed to have buzzing or hissing noises when they are not touching the ground, again indicating very high levels of electrostatic charge. Many types of luminous phenomena have been associated with tornadoes as well, suggesting that ionization is occurring around them. One case in particular involved a pulsating blue light that appeared in the air prior to the formation of a tornado.

9.3.9 The anomalies of the tornado make a strong suggestion that technological applications are indeed possible, which will be discussed more in the next chapter. One possible example is the Philadelphia Experiment, confirmed as authentic by the late Col. Phillip Corso, who claimed that it was actually a Navy minesweeper and not the USS Eldridge, which was chosen as a cover story.

9.3.10 Dr. Dmitriev’s concept of “vacuum domains” as an explanation for tornado phenomena seems to fit much more closely with the data. We are reminded that in times when the solar activity reaches its peak, there is a corresponding increase in the amount of natural self-luminous formations that are sighted.

Furthermore, when natural self-luminous formations are seen over a seismically active area, there is a corresponding decrease in the amount of earthquake activity. This suggests that the NSLFs are releasing tectonic stress in the earth that would otherwise be forming earthquakes, by converting it into energy.

9.4 The Oregon Vortex, covered in Nick Nelson’s book “The Golden Vortex,” shows all the classic signs of Dr. Dmitriev’s “vacuum domains” and more:

1) It is spherical in form,

2) it has a chimney-like central vortex area,

3) its energy has spiraling qualities,

4) anomalous electromagnetic effects are seen,

5) changes in gravitation are reported,

6) it has clear magnetic sheets of demarcation,

7) the center of the sphere is in the Earth,

8) changes in the size of objects have been reported,

9) the size changes cannot be measured with instruments, since they also change in size,

10) the passage of time changes by a quarter-second inside the vortex,

11) the center of the vortex has a corona that is one-sixth of its total size,

12) the acceleration speed of gravity changes from 32 feet per second squared to 29.86 feet per second squared,

13) the human aura can become visible to everyone in the vortex, and

14) the vortex can provide healing effects.


9.5 The work of Victor Schauberger appears to be yet another example of a working anti-gravity propulsion device being created through spherical-torus vortex motion.

By observing various anomalies of flowing water, including the levitation of trout fish through cold, central areas of a waterfall and observing areas of streams that naturally exhibit luminous phenomena from vortex water movement, Schauberger was able to devise his new ideas for anti-gravity propulsion. In this case, the energy is driven by the high-speed rotation of water in a toroidal form.



5.     Divine Cosmos

      -           1.4Almost all Western scientists believe that Einstein’s general and special relativity theories eliminate the need for an aether – and indeed, Einstein advocated the rejection of an aether in 1910, which is where mainstream science still believes his thoughts ended on the issue. However, in 1920, Einstein actually stated that “the hypothesis of the existence of the ether does not contradict the special theory of relativity.” And in 1924, he wrote,

…in theoretical physics, we cannot get along without the ether, i.e., a continuum assigned physical properties, because the general theory of relativity… excludes direct long-range action; and each theory of short-range action assumes the presence of continuous fields and, consequently, the existence of the ‘ether.’ [emphasis added]




Dr. Crane continues:

When the condenser was vertically fastened to a beam scale, a weight increase showed if the positive pole (low pressure) was pointing down. Correspondingly a weight loss occurred when the negative pole (high pressure) was pointing down. The intensity of the effect was determined by the size of the pole plate areas, the voltage level and the polarization capability of the dielectric.

Even more controversial are Hudson’s patented discoveries surrounding the heating of iridium microclusters. As the material is heated, its weight is seen to increase by 300 percent or more. Even more surprisingly, as microcluster iridium is heated to 850 degrees Celsius, the material disappears from physical view and loses all of its weight.

However, when the temperature is again reduced, the microcluster iridium will reappear and regain most of its former weight. In Hudson’s patent, he has a chart that was generated by thermo-gravimetric analysis that shows this effect in action.


Micro clusters, quasi crystals, groups of atoms behaving as a single atom, Roswell reverse engineering of crystals.



 This chapter provides sample scientific experiments, logic, examples and theory to show:

-       Atoms are quantum units of energy

-       Groups of atoms can behave as a single atom

-       There is a relationship between the geometric behaviors of atoms which produces the same constants observed in particle physics

-     Evidence to imply the earth is a single consciousness unit in a geometric form

-     David Hudson’s monatomic iridium did disappear once it reached 850° Celsius (DISAPPEARANCE TO HIGHER DENSITY)

-       Logic to imply the universe is a fractal entity with galaxies, solar systems and planets being made of two rotating spheres of aether (in opposite directions, inside each other) oscillating to compression and expansion, producing expulsions of matter along the equator similar to sonoluminescense.

-     more evidence for the universe being one entity

-       The harmonic relationship  (34560) as a scalar from universe to nucleons

-       Light is slowing down as we move into a denser aether?

-       The constant of Nineveh for our solar system

-       The Wilcock constant for the Galaxy
NOTE: Although David claims the figures are exact in reality they are a little fuzzy. However, they form a clear probability (99%) of functioning as described. This is as good as or better than the formula for an electromagnetic wave which has served well to describe the wave behaviour.


Proof that the whole solar system is undergoing warming
-     Global warming as a result of cosmic changes

-       An increase in LISM density and energy

-       Increases in earth core heat and magnetic fields from increased aether density

-       Magnetic pole reversal

-       Connection between solar flares and Earth activity

-       Planets are displaying signs of “Global Warming” and activities

-       Coming of the golden age

proof that tortion waves affect matter
-     CSE technology

-     Pyramid technology


6. Law of One Study Guide


By Roy King – Law of One books organized by subject

8.   Law of one book 5

9.   Law of one book 1

10. Law of one book 2

11. Law of one book 3

12. Law of one book 4

Three additional books will need to be obtained in hard copy or on Kindel

12.  The Source Field Investigations

More empirical evidence and science proving the existence of the aether.

13.  The Synchronicity Key

Lessons in how to listen for guidance. Learning to obtain feedback from higher levels.

14.  The Ascension Mysteries

 Ties it all together and explains the ascension process.

This is the most important work David provides! However, it is strongly suggested his other works be studied first. The foundation in basic physics, the proof of the physics, the clear principles of application to our lives must be formed or this will seem like fiction or incomprehensible and will be rejected. David lays it all out clearly but does not repeat all the foundational proof in his previous books.



Additional material parallel to RA (Law Of One Books) is:

Seth Speaks

Seth Exercises

These provide similar explanations but in easier to read and understand form.



The works of David Wilcock and L/L Research (Law Of One) are VERY complicated and different when compared to what is taught in school and other educational sources. This does not make what is taught in school wrong or bad but only points to how our understanding has been limited by the simplified versions of the universe taught by our schools and churches.  The following list of study references are offered to help collate and understand the many concepts and entities discussed in the above works.



-      Dictionary of Terms

-     The Divinity Chart

is a genealogical chart of souls from the beginning by groups. The chart relates many of the religious characters and ties religions together by listing the many names of each character.

-     Composite Time Line

reflects accounts of man’s progress from the beginning.


 The Michael Prophecies