Dear Shari and Toby,  





There have been two cases of long term direction of my life by outside sources. In each case it was clearly stated what was going to happen and when. In each case I have had no control over the outcome. These were long term directions with specific occurrences to guide as milestones along the way. The outcomes would be specific but not what I expected! I am writing this down after-the-fact. It would be real easy to fit the facts of my life and bend them into a match for the predictions. In reality, I was constantly reminded of a plan very clearly laid out ahead of time and provided to me again and again. Over the years the plans did not deviate but continued to surprise me as I watched them unfold.



In approximately the 1978-79 time frame I had a strong URGE to read the Bible every day. This continued for several weeks. I would let the Bible choose what to read by thumbing through the pages and then letting it fall open. This was done fairly randomly but different parts of the story of Jacob would be displayed each time. I finally gave in and read the whole story. Certain parts of the story stuck in my mind and haunted me for many years to come.
1.         Jacob would leave his homeland and travel to the south west.

2.         He would work for 14 years and return to his homeland with two women with whom he would spend most of his life.

3.         He would become reasonably prosperous.

At the same time I had been working for TVA for many years designing hydro and nuclear power plants. At that time, there were designs started for 17 nuclear units and I was lead electrical for the Watts Bar Project. I had designed the same area on the Auxiliary Building three times and was still receiving changes from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC, The Atomic Energy Commission had been converted to this with broader oversight). I came to the conclusion none of the facilities would be completed and decided to leave TVA. (NOTE! I WAS WRONG. WATTS BAR UNIT 1 WAS COMPLETED 25 YEARS LATER. IT IS NOW 35 YEARS LATER AND UNIT 2 IS STILL BEING WORKED ON.) I did not want to spend my life working on a project that didn’t make life better for people.`` It took a couple of years to obtain my professional engineering license and find a good job in the private (not government) industry. I had applied for several jobs but Brown and Root in Houston, Texas was the best offer. The cost of living was very favorable and the schools were good. The weather was much warmer than I had been used to and I doubted I would be able to adapt. After the first year I realized I was much healthier than I had been in Knoxville, Tennessee. The three points in the story above haunted me constantly and somehow I knew after fourteen years I would return to Tennessee and live with two women. Jacob had worked for fourteen years, seven for each woman. I spoke with our pastor, Bill about this sequence and he pointed out to me Jacob was with Laban for a total years of twenty. For some reason or lack thereof, there was a feeling deep inside of me that emphatically said “seven years for the first woman and seven years for the second woman for a total of fourteen years and then return”. I moved to Houston in 1981. The engineering industry had been booming for many years. The week I got there the industry began to decline and continued that way throughout the eighties. In 1995 it had reached rock bottom. The company I was then working for had gone from over three thousand in that location to less than one thousand. I had put feelers out and was talking to all the department heads in town. They all had the same story. They had quoted four major jobs and would need people if they got one of them. These were large jobs. Currently, they had to lay people off. Over the couple of months I was doing this I learned what they did not know. Due to the economy, the four jobs were being shelved. For the first time in fourteen years there was zero new work in Houston. I was working for Bechtel, a very large company, and knew that any day I would be laid off. One afternoon I was called into the department head’s office and it was explained to me they only had one opening available and I would be laid off if I did not accept it. I ask what it was and he explained it was with a seventy five man office in Kingsport, Tennessee (81 miles from Knoxville). Instantly, the three points above came back to me and I did a quick calculation of fourteen years since I had left Knoxville. This seemed so ironic to me I began to laugh. The department head said “do you feel this is such a bad deal that you laugh it off?” I quickly explained that I was overjoyed and pleased I was getting to go home. This is how I came to return after 14 years.

It took a while (1 year) to get family matters settled (Toby finish high school and start college, sell the house, find an apartment, move) and I worked in Kingsport alone during that time. When the house was sold Cindy joined me. A few months later my grown daughter joined us and the three of us have lived together except for periods when Shari was in school. It has been me and two women.




Between 2004 and 2008 I began to have pain in my leg and back muscles which slowly started restricting my leg movements slightly at times. During that time Toby was diagnosed with “early-onset Parkinson’s”. As his disease progressed I began to search for “alternative cures” since there was no mainstream cure for Parkinson’s Disease. I did not find any and only promises of stem-cell therapy in maybe twenty years. I prayed many times for Toby and that I would be led to a cure. I exhausted the resources I was researching and no answer was presenting itself. I moved on to searching for a tie between the physical and spiritual nature of life. The pain in my legs and back had gotten a little worse. I began to have dreams telling me it would get really bad and I would have great difficulty walking. The only comforting part was when I was promised that because of these events a cure would be provided for Toby if he chose to use it. I searched diligently for how to improve my health and many of them became part of my daily routine and helped many deficiencies I was not aware of at that time. I went to a naturopath and followed his instructions diligently for two years. Many parts of my health improved during this time but the pain in my legs and back continued to increase. During these years I was continually reminded in dreams and other ways:

1.      This would get bad. I would be debilitated before it would get better.

2.      Out of these events a cure would be found for Toby.

3.      Toby would need to accept the cure for it to become a reality (this would require faith and action on his part).

I told the naturopath this much three years ago. He understood.


By 2015 I was in much pain all the time and was having much difficulty walking. By summer I had reached the end of the road. The pain was increasing very quickly and there were periods when I could not walk. I went to my mainstream GP and had x-rays. He saw arthritis and provided NSAIDS which made no difference over a two and one half month period. I got a reference to a good rheumatologist who made x-rays also. There was no hesitation. She immediately referred me to a surgeon to have both hip joints replaced. At this point I could not walk from the office to the parking lot in one try. It would be several weeks before the surgery and I was at the point I was glad to use a wheel chair to bypass some of the pain. I had the right hip joint replaced and waited several weeks to do the left.


At this time I knew my grandfather had suffered with the same disease at the same age. At that time there were not many hip replacements and wheel chairs didn’t work well on grass. When he reached the amount of pain I had, there was little choice but to go to bed. It took a few years but he gradually slipped away. This was hereditary! I was born with this sequence of events to occur. The outcome would be determined by my choices. I was encouraged by my dreams to endure these events but no cure for Toby had been presented. Main stream surgery was curing my problem but no mainstream cure for Toby was in sight. All other sources I had pursued failed to cure my problem. There was nothing I had done or could do to make it any better. It appeared that my disease had nothing to do with a cure for Toby.


After waiting a few weeks later I went into the hospital a second time. This was to replace the left hip. This went a lot easier with a lot less pain. Just as I had done on my first visit I managed to lose control of the urinal and made a mess. The cleaning lady, Linda, began mopping and we talked. The subject of religion developed and she related to me how she had been overcome with the Holy Spirit at church. The end result was, with Christ’s help, the energy would flow through her and out her left hand to provide healing. I had been studying the scientific proof that not only did the energy (tortional energy, discovered and documented by Russian scientist see chapter 2) exist but many scientific experiments had shown its healing qualities and a nearly infinite supply is available to some people. We continued to talk and for some reason my attention was turned to a lump that had been growing to approximately one-half inch diameter for ten years on the top right rear of my head. This had been a gradual growth and had not concerned me until two thin lines extended three or four inches down my neck. If this were serious it would be inoperable. For the first time in my life my attitude was not a scientific “lets see if this will work”. It was “she and Christ can do this and it should be done”. I asked her to pray over it and heal it. She agreed. After two or three minutes of prayer she was done. I felt back there and the radials were gone but much of the lump remained. I asked her about it the next day and she said “God will act in his own time”. Three days later the lump was gone.


The facts above speak for themselves and tell what I know. Read on to see what I believe.