Dear Shari and Toby,  

 “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

At least three worlds exist simultaneously:

a.      The physical world we experience with our five senses.

b.      The mental world of logic and concepts we create with our minds.

c.      The spirit world we create as we move through the other two worlds.



The physical part of man is well documented. The flesh, bone and organs operate in a three dimensional plane we can see and understand. The mental part of man lies in concepts, equations, thoughts and ideas. This is an ever-growing reservoir of knowledge to draw on for guidance. The spiritual part of man lies entirely within the realm of attitude, feelings and concepts. If these were three distinct separate entities, we could easily identify the characteristics of each and define its working properties. However, there is an overlap between these parts which blurs the boundaries while providing the necessary interface to transfer each of the Part’s properties to the other two. The interface between the physical and mental is the brain; a physical organ which operates with computer-like processors in an electromagnetic media. The interface between the spiritual and mental is the endocrine system. The description and understanding of this interface is still poorly defined. Science describes seven glandular systems which provide secretions to effect particular physical responses such as anger, sadness or delight. Other disciplines describe seven chakra (or other names) which provide subtle energy to the subtle body. Either model produces the same actions and reactions with corresponding physical and mental effects. The chakras and subtle bodies are linked to the physical body and do provide many responses to our health. There are several arts/practices designed to facilitate health, such as Reiki.

We take for granted that all three of these worlds are the same one world we live in today. By closely examining the characteristics or properties of each we can soon realize they are separate and distinctive. The physical world is made of mater and energy which we now understand to be one. They interchange roughly according to the formula E=MC^2. Any time you have speed involved, (C^2) Time enters the formula and begins to add dimensions and conclusions we can only guess about. Our five senses are our guide through the physical world. They supply the feedback verifying our mental concepts of how we think the World works. Whether our mental concepts and feelings are correct, partially correct or totally correct the Physical world proceeds according to its path with or without us.


Logic and spiritual concepts are formed by our actions and reactions in a physical world. They are recorded on clay tablets, papyrus, paper, compact disk, solid state memory and in our minds. Due to the capability of concepts being passed from mind to mind and anything else that can interpret these signals, I do not know the life span or limits of their distribution throughout the physical world. Although the two are similar, there is a distinctive difference between feeling tired to the point of needing to relax in a comfortable position and mentally building a chair or bed in your mind. Also, this spiritual feeling and mental logic provide no relief for the physical body until the physical chair or bed is built and used.


Each of the three worlds is subject to action/reaction laws


In the formula F= M x A an attempt is made to describe physical laws affecting objects. You studied many of the physical laws in school and observe them in action every day. The laws of logic you also studied in school. For example, if a=b and b=c then a=c. Many of the spiritual laws are explained in the Bible. For example, “what you sow you will also reap”. Difficulty in understanding and interpreting actions and reactions occurs when a physical law is applied to a logical or spiritual situation. Difficulty is also experienced when physical results are expected from the application of spiritual laws. When reading or studying decide whether you are studying the physical, mental or spiritual concepts then apply the corresponding laws to understand the actions and reactions and evaluate appropriately. After studying the physical, mental and spiritual concepts separately you are ready to combine them into a useful understanding with appropriate properties to be later applied as needed.


Our world, as we comprehend it, is a collection of events. Each becomes a composite distillation of the three worlds filtered by our experience and limits of understanding into a single mental object with multiple properties linking to other similar events. Two people look at a meteorite racing through the sky at night and leaving a bright trail just before crashing into the earth. One person sees an opportunity to make a wish and remembers it as a good omen. The logic being this is the time to make something happen. Another person sees a beautiful occurrence in the sky. These physical, mental and spiritual concepts are all valid. Each person could argue to the other a superior observation of the event. If we will examine each event in our lives by separating the properties of each event into its PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL properties, the interpretation of the event becomes much simpler and richer. For example when reading the Bible, ask first what physically happened. Do not take into account the personal relationships, ranks or status of the people involved. Do not insert authority or validity to actions. Then ask your self what was the context and mental logic behind the actions. This is the point to insert all of the above. Last ask what are the spiritual concepts presented here. It is very tempting to insert the logic and spiritual context while reading for physical content. Trying to explain the logic or spiritual motivation behind the scriptures will only lead to confusion and distortion of the content if you are reading for physical content. Once a firm grasp of the physical skeleton of actions and reactions has been attained the application of the logical skin and spiritual personality will be possible.





The following are excerpts from the Law Of One Book 2. They are not in context nor all-inclusive. They are intended as a summary of the intent or core. For a better understanding read the reference These terms are all simplistic descriptive terms which equal a complex of energy focuses;

The body, as you call it, being the material of the density which you experience at a given space/time or time/space; this complex of materials being available for distortions of what you would call physical manifestation.

The mind is a complex which reflects the in-pourings of the spirit and the up-pourings of the body complex. It contains what you know as feelings, emotions, and intellectual thoughts in its more conscious complexities.

Moving further down the tree of mind we see the intuition which is of the nature of the mind more in contact or in tune with the total being-ness complex. Moving down to the roots of mind we find the progression of consciousness which gradually turns from the personal to the racial memory, to the cosmic influxes, and thus becomes a direct contactor of that shuttle which we call the spirit complex.


This spirit complex is the channel whereby the in-pourings from all of the various universal, planetary, and personal inpourings may be funneled into the roots of consciousness and whereby consciousness may be funneled to the gateway of intelligent infinity through the balanced intelligent energy of body and mind.


You will see by this series of definitive statements that mind, body, and spirit are inextricably intertwined and cannot continue, one without the other. Thus we refer to the mind/body/spirit complex rather than attempting to deal with them separately, for the work, shall we say, that you do during your experiences is done through the interaction of these three components, not through any one.


 Questioner: Upon our physical death, as we call it, from this particular density and this particular incarnative experience, we lose this chemical body. Immediately after the loss of this chemical body do we maintain a different type of body? Is there still a mind/body/spirit complex at that point?

Ra: This is correct. The mind/body/spirit complex is quite intact; the physical body complex you now associate with the term body being but manifestation of a more dense and intelligently informed and powerful body complex.

Questioner: Is there any loss to the mind or spirit after this transition which we call death or any impairment of either because of the loss of this chemical body which we now have?

Ra: In your terms there is a great loss of mind complex due to the fact that much of the activity of the mental nature of which you are aware during the experience of this space/time continuum is as much of a surface illusion as is the chemical body complex. In other terms nothing whatever of importance is lost; the character or, shall we say, pure distortion of emotions and biases or distortions and wisdoms, if you will, becoming obvious for the first time, shall we say; these pure emotions and wisdoms and bias/distortions being, for the most part, either ignored or underestimated during physical life experience. In terms of the spiritual, this channel is then much opened due to the lack of necessity for the forgetting characteristic of third density.

This evolution (of mind/body/spirit complex)  is as we have previously described, the consciousness being first, in first density, without movement, a random thing. Whether you may call this mind or body complex is a semantic problem. We call it mind/body complex recognizing always that in the simplest iota of this complex exists in its entirety the one infinite Creator; this mind/body complex then in second density discovering the growing and turning towards the light, thus awakening what you may call the spirit complex, that which intensifies the upward spiraling towards the love and light of the infinite Creator. The addition of this spirit complex, though apparent rather than real, it having existed potentially from the beginning of space/time, perfects itself by graduation into third density, When the mind/body/spirit complex becomes aware of the possibility of service to self or other-self, then the mind/body/spirit complex is activated.

The red-ray body is your chemical body. However, it is not the body which you have as clothing in the physical. It is the unconstructed material of the body, the elemental body without form. This basic unformed material body is important to understand for there are healings which may be carried out by the simple understanding of the elements present in the physical vehicle. The orange-ray body is the physical body complex. This body complex is still not the body you inhabit but rather the body formed without self awareness, the body in the womb before the spirit/mind complex enters. This body may live without the inhabitation of the mind and spirit complexes. However, it seldom does so. The yellow-ray body is your physical vehicle which you know of at this time and in which you experience catalyst. This body has the mind/body/spirit characteristics and is equal to the physical illusion, as you have called it. The green-ray body is that body which may be seen in séance when what you call ectoplasm is furnished. This is a lighter body packed more densely with life. You may call this the astral body following some other teachings. Others have called this same body the etheric body. However, this is not correct in the sense that the etheric body is that body of gateway wherein intelligent energy is able to mold the mind/body/spirit complex. The light body or blue-ray body may be called the devachanic body. There are many other names for this body especially in your so-called Indian Sutras or writings, for there are those among these peoples which have explored these regions and understand the various types of devachanic bodies. There are many, many types of bodies in each density, much like your own. The indigo-ray body which we choose to call the etheric body is, as we have said, the gateway body. In this body form is substance and you may only see this body as that of light as it may mold itself as it desires. The violet-ray body may perhaps be understood as what you might call the Buddha body or that body which is complete. Each of these bodies has an effect upon your mind/body/spirit complex in your life being-ness. The interrelationships, as we have said, are many and complex Perhaps one suggestion that may be indicated is this: The indigo-ray body may be used by the healer once the healer becomes able to place its consciousness in this etheric state. The violet-ray or Buddhic body is of equal efficacy to the healer for within it lies a sense of wholeness which is extremely close to unity with all that there is. These bodies are part of each entity………………  The first body which activates itself upon death is the “form-maker” or the indigo-ray body. This body remains—you have called it the “ka”—until etherea has been penetrated and understanding has been gained by the mind/body/spirit totality. Once this is achieved, if the proper body to be activated is green-ray, then this will occur.

What stimulus would create what we call an Earth-bound spirit or a lingering ghost?

Ra: The stimulus for this is the faculty of the will. If the will of yellow-ray mind/body/spirit is that which is stronger than the progressive impetus of the physical death towards realization of that which comes, that is, if the will is concentrated enough upon the previous experience, the entity’s shell of yellow-ray, though no longer activated, cannot either be completely deactivated and, until the will is released, the mind/body/spirit complex is caught. This often occurs, as we see you are aware, in the case of sudden death as well as in the case of extreme concern for a thing or an other-self.

Which body is activated after death?
Ra: The normal procedure, given an harmonious passage from yellow-ray bodily manifestation, is for the mind and spirit complex to rest in the etheric or indigo body until such time as the entity begins its preparation for experience in an incarnated place which has a manifestation formed by the etheric energy molding it into activation and manifestation. This indigo body, being intelligent energy, is able to offer the newly dead, as you would term it, soul a perspective and a place from which to view the experience most recently manifested.






 First Law of psychic energy:

All 'solid' objects are vibrating energy.

Unseen waves are also vibrating energy- sound, radio, electricity, light, television waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and psychic energy waves.

Second law of psychic energy:

The mind is an 'energy station' which creates transmits and receives energy.

The will (of the mind) can change the form of energy.

Thoughts and images, which are waves of energy, can be transmitted to and from human minds within the earthplane and to human and other entities in the afterlife in a process called telepathy.

Third law of psychic energy:

All living humans have a body made up of vibrationary energy which is a duplicate of the physical body and will survive physical death.

This vibrationary energy body invisible to physical eyes can change form but can never be destroyed and retains consciousness.

At the time of physical death, the duplicate body will have reached a certain vibrational level and will go to an energy sphere that can accommodate those vibrations.

Selfless spiritual service increases the vibrational energy of the duplicate body.

Fourth law of psychic energy:

The afterlife has different levels of energy which form different spheres according to the speed of vibration.

The faster the vibrations of a sphere the higher and more spiritually evolved are the entities which reside there.

Fifth law of psychic energy:

The more spiritually evolved a being is the brighter the energy of the aura.

Sixth law of psychic energy:

Slowing down the speed of the atomic vortices of the energy will result in materialisation. Speeding up the vortices will result in de-materialisation

Seventh law of psychic energy:

The Law of Cause and Effect: for every (energy) action there is a (an energy) reaction ie, energy is a 'boomerang' - the 'energy' you give out will inevitably return to you.


-- Victor Zammit (May 2001)