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The following chart is a compilation of the deities described in the references. Since their lifetimes are nearly infinite compared to ours and their association with many different parts of our world they have become known by many names. Some of their characteristics may also be given. The following observations may help to place the chart in context with the references.

1.    The references from The Bible, India and the Gnostic Gospels agree on The Creator as the Source of everything.

2.    The current Bible tries to equate Yahweh to The Creator but close examination of the translations, The Apocrypha and The Gnostic Gospels indicate they are separate entities.

3.    The consistency of the references across the religions is surprising.




_______The Unbegotten Father___(aeon over which there is no kingdom, CREATOR)______

|                                                                                                                          |

His Reflection                                                                                          The Generation Over Whom There is no Kingdom

Self-Father                                                                                                             Among the Kingdoms That Exist

            |                                                                                                                      Sons of Unbegotten Father


Immortal Man & Sophia, Silence (in Hindu Brahma & Saraswati associated with Vishnu-Maheswara)

Begetter & Begetress, Adonai, of the high.

(created gods, divine gods, lords, lords archangels, angles and man) (first aeon Unity and Rest)


Elohim - The "Sphere Being Alliance" (Elohim) is made up of 5 groups. The Sphere Alliance are 6th - 9th Density Beings that do not originate from any planet or region of space in our space/time. 3 of the 5 groups have made themselves known so far.





In Hindu tradition, Manu is the name accorded to a progenitor of humanity being the first human to appear in the world in an epoch after universal destruction. According to the Puranas, 14 Manus appear in each kalpa (aeon). The period of each Manu is called Manvantara.The current world is that of Vaivasvata, the seventh Manu of the aeon of the white boar (sveta varaha kalpa). Vaivasvata, is also known as Sraddhadeva or Satyavrata. The lifespan of a Manu is called manvantara. According to the Bhagavad Gita, the lifespan of one Manu is 71 Mahayugas (306,720,000 years), and each Mahayuga is 4,320,000 years. (Bhagavad Gita 8.17) The present Manu has already lived for 28 Mahayugas, which is 120,960,000 years." (Srimad Bhagavatam 4.30.49)


Adam, Amilius, Adam of the Light,  (Christ) (second aeon), of the high 4th density (NOW FIFTH), POSITIVE POLARITY

Son of Man & First Begotten Sophia, Mother of the Universe, Love

Incarnations include Amilius , Adam, Enoch, Melchizedek, Joshua,  Zend, Joseph, Jeshua, Jesus,  among others. Currently, Sananda in Telos.

            |                                               |

            |                       Angles Assembly of the Holy Ones


Seth - Savior of All things,  Begetter of All Things & All-Begettress Sophia,  Pistis

 (third aeon assembly of the Eighth , Assembly & Life) (all who come into the world like a drop of  light are sent by him)      

            |    ^^^^^^^^^^^__located in other dimensions not in our view__^^^^^^^^^^^^

            |   \/ \/ \/ in our four dimensional world \/ \/ \/

            |    created 12 aeons and 72 heavens for the 72 powers and 360 firmaments or heavens

______ |_Twelve Powers                     

|1   |2   |3   |4   |5   |6                                                                            

|     |     |     |     |     Arch Begetter & Pistis-Sophia_______                  

|     |     |     |     All Begetter & Love-Sophia                        \

|     |     |     First Begetter & First-Begettress-Sophia            |___From thoughts, reflectings, considering,

|     |     Begetter & All-Begettress-Sophia                           |                rationalites, wills, and words

|     Self Begotten & All-Mother-Sophia                             /       revealed 12 Powers x 6 = 72 Powers

Unbegotten & All-Wise-Sophia ___________________/                                       |

                                                                                                Each of the 72 revealed 5 Spiritual Powers

                                                                                                Creating 360 powers = the will


Our aeon of type Imortal Man

Time of type Son of Man

Year of type Savior

12 Months of the type 12 powers

360 days of the type 360 Spiritual Powers

Hours and moments of the type of the Angles coming from the 360 Spiritual powers and without number



Budaha thought to be born approximately 500 BC + 50