Dear Shari and Toby, 

What is this?

 “Smoking will stunt your growth.” ‘The world was created in one day.” “Only people who believe as we do will be acceptable to God.” ………….


These phrases and many others I was taught as a child were not what I wanted to teach you. I made a promise to you and myself I would never teach you something I did not know to be true. This decision resulted in many things I strongly believe in and many traditional beliefs not being taught or passed on. You have formed your own opinions about religion and spiritual development as well as what is right and wrong in this world. For over thirty years I have watched you grow and form these opinions and continued a search to define and confirm what I believed to be true. As my beliefs began to form a recognizable pattern, I was shocked at the picture being presented. The picture was very different from what we saw painted by the Church. “Only fanatics looking for attention believe in those things.” Before I would express these concepts I would have to prove them to be a consistent, logical explanation with verifiable results. The search was aided greatly by the inventions of the computer and later the internet. Slowly over the years the skills for collating and displaying the results of my search were developed using the computer. The concepts I would present could only be believed and fully understood if proven through existing accounts and records. This “book/program” allows the reader to relate the accounts and records at the individual’s pace and direction as needed. The materials in this program are linked and cross linked to provide access to references on demand and a return path to the main-line thought. This gift, as it has been with everything I have provided you, is yours to use as you see fit.


There are five themes or sections in these letters.

-          The First sets the context to view the information and provides personal experiences to indicate why this book was written.
               (where I have been)

           These thoughts and personal stories relate my experiences which shape the way I think and the context surrounding the rest of the information presented. I did not include some of the personal experiences which convinced me to write this. These were too personal or did not have hard evidence to convince others it actually happened.


-          The Second presents information relating to religion and prophecy.

                        (where we are going)

           Under the heading of Religion, the development of mankind and his destination are compiled. The Bible is used as a baseline for developing a path with significant signage indicating where we have been and where we are going. The stories of this journey are the same in most religions and in secular prophecies. The intent of this theme is to illustrate a clear sequence of events and plan from the beginning of man to his ascension to the next level. This path is provided to us in the Bible. When this path is fully developed in the next theme it will be evident that most other religions are also developing the same path.


-          The Third is a very brief introduction to the most important part of this study, The Works of David Wilcock.

                         (how we get there)
I did not try to summarize the content of David’s works at this point. If I had, the summary would not be believable and would turn you off from reading it. It will be necessary for you to read and study the proofs in his works to begin to understand and use the concepts he presents. In this case, “the truth is MUCH stranger than fiction”.


           In the first two themes I started with the Bible and developed a path leading to the understanding of worlds we cannot see by supplying proof of their existence. I did this by supplying evidence. David Wilcock started with physical phenomenon and developed a path supplying proof of the Bible. His scientific approach expends much effort in proving the existence of an unseen world and its physical effects which we can see. These effects are proof of man’s capabilities of controlling his environment.


-          The fourth is - Short-cuts to the major references used within.


-          The fifth is - More short-cuts to references, organized by people.


This work started around 1972 when my mother passed on a book to me, “There is a River”, about Edgar Cayce. She said “I don’t understand this but maybe you can make some sense of it”. A couple of years and forty more Edgar Cayce books later I realized he had proven there was more to man than we see. Then I began a diligent search for the whole truth. Thirty years later, I had closed in on a lot of the truth and began the first two sections of this package.

By studying the work of Edgar Cayce it was proven:

1.     A person could experience this world outside his body.

2.     Information on past and future experiences which we currently have no way of knowing is available.

3.     The akashic record exists.

4.     The efficacy of holistic medicine

Much empirical evidence and clear description implied the following:

1.     Souls exist and do not go away after we die.

2.     Souls reincarnate many times and have varied experiences with other souls.

3.     We reincarnate for a purpose.

4.     There have been other societies on Earth (other creations long ago) which have passed on.

5.     Groups reincarnate for a purpose.

6.     The events in Revelation will occur before 2100 AD.


The proofs of these concepts are provided in several books on his work. THERE IS A RIVER is the best one to start with. From there, follow your interest. There are many lists of subjects and authors collating his information.


The implications supplied by Edgar Cayce did not seem to agree with what I had been taught in church. The Church only taught resurrection. Adam was here only 6,000 years ago. Archeology proves man walked the Earth many thousands of years ago. The Sumerian Sanskrit Tablets filled in some of the holes. They were written 3-4000 BC and covered Earth history many thousands of years before then. Many of the stories in the Bible are also in the Tablets and confirm each other. The Tablets stop after Abraham’s time and Sumer’s demise. Scrolls and other works by groups not affected by the demise of Sumer continued to record man’s past, current and future events, philosophy and spiritual views. The Bible is a narrow collection of these works prepared in the fourth century AD for the purpose of establishing a Church-State religion to govern man. It wasn’t until 1948 and later the works destroyed at that time were rediscovered. These scriptures support the Bible and provide a broader scope, time-wise and spiritually, of man’s development. These writings also support the 6 implications from Cayce’s work. These Writings, the Tablets and the Bible began to provide a more complete picture similar to other religions of the Earth. The Bible provides past prophecies and future prophecies. If the past prophecies were fulfilled, we can expect the future prophecies to be fulfilled. We were told in the past, by channeled sources, (prophets) the dates of future events. Surely we would be told when the future events being described would occur. These dates are approximate but the events will probably occur in that time period. The same time period is provided by other sources for these events to occur. This whole study was forming a clearer picture of where we came from, what we are doing now and where we are going.


I put off the search for the connection between physical and spiritual until I finished the first two sections. It was a couple of years of research into the third section when I found the works of David Wilcock. It was only because of his connection to Edgar Cayce I continued to read his bizarre account of how the universe was constructed. Much of his concepts I did not understand on the first reading. After reading most of his works I made a second pass and studied the references. The proofs he supplied provided the framework for assimilating the concepts into a complete picture illustrating all of the answers I had been searching for. The most important part of this package is the reading list of David’s works. The rest of this package is only preparation for the transition from the world we have been presented as we grew up (presented by our parents and teachers with very limited knowledge) into the universe we have only seen pieces of and wondered about. This series of letters were written in hope of providing a guide and act as a beacon to light your path as you made your decisions in life. It didn’t completely work out that way. I am still using this system to collate and sort through the information available.


This book is not intended to tell you what to think or how to live. It is intended only to provide the best resources in a logical order to study, search and understand. The decisions of what to think and how to live are yours to make. You can read these letters in any order. Each letter stands on its own, developing its concept. The letters are in an order which builds each concept on the concepts developed in previous letters providing a guide to reading the references which are libraries for life and beyond. These first few letters provide a framework and context to guide your reading. To read the letters in the recommended order use the ßPREVIOUS NEXTà links at the bottom of each letter. The real value of these letters is in the gathering and sorting of the references and articles which work together to provide a clear picture of the subject matter. They are included and cross linked into the letters. You will find very little new reasoning or conceptual information in these letters. They simply organize and focus in on the proven, consistent and verifiable information in the references forming guides for living. The references contain the basic facts and most are provided as part of this compilation. I have tried to divide the letters into topical threads providing conclusions. This was done for your convenience and to provide full context for using the references. It will take years to read and understand fully the contents of this package. 




A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from someone else’s. anon