Dear Shari and Toby,  




Toby, you may remember the backpacking trip we started at night in Davy Crocket National Forrest and traveled along the Lone Start Trail. I was very insistent the group mark our progress at each recognizable landmark along the way. The reason for this was not clear until the trail suddenly stopped at a closed gate with no alternative routes. We were off the trail and consulted the map to determine how to best return to the desired trail. We simply backed up, on the map, to the last known location and saw we had taken a wrong turn. We immediately knew where we were and decided on the desired method to return to the desired trail. You probably don’t remember, many years before, the lecture I gave to Troop 301 for the communications merit badge. My opening statement was “You need to know your place”….pause….”in history” This was a two-fold discourse on how communications was advancing and the importance to any endeavor of knowing the previous path of the endeavor, where you are now along that path, and where the path is leading.


In order to know what is to happen in future prophecies it is necessary to understand and know what has occurred to date and find our location along the trail. A very important section of that trail is the period from approximately 456 BC to 71 AD. Many historical events were notable during this time and the trail from Adam to the millennium of peace flows through Israel and Judea from their time of captivity till their annihilations and scattering to the four corners of the Earth. These prophecies are important for several reasons.

- These prophecies and events are verifiable.

- They provide guidance for interpreting future prophecies.

- They establish the identity, beyond any doubt, of the central character known as the Messiah.

- They establish that the prophecies do provide an accurate forecast of future events which are part of the 7000 year plan.


This section of the trail is covered in my letters on:

-         69 Weeks of Daniel

-         Hosea’s prophecies and the revival of Israel

-          Date of the 70th week