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(See Composite Time Line)


 “Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.” – Albert Einstein


Since nobody (that we know) is alive today that was around when man was started, all accounts of where we came from rely on written documents passed down from generation to generation and archeological studies. In general, the written records and archeological studies tend to agree. It is true that species tend to evolve over long periods of time but studies imply that man appeared on the scene less than 400,000 years ago. Fragments of skeletons and the archeological evidence indicates man appeared on the scene with little or no evolution but relatively quickly around 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Very good specimens have been found in the 100,000 to 150,000 year old range. The 233 genes spliced into man’s DNA indicate how we were made. The indication of who did the splicing is found in written records.


The oldest known written records come from the civilization known as Sumer. It was located in the Middle East around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The civilization disappeared around 2023 BC. Their culture was preserved in clay tablets with their account of the origin and early history of man. The only older writings available are on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids which date back to 10,000 BC. The first five books of the Bible were created approximately 1446 BC and later. The Kolbrin is an Egyptian Bible created from a collection of early stories and writings. The events described in it occur from the beginning until the exodus, approximately 1446 BC. All of these agree on the creation story. Some of these provide more detail than others. The only significant disagreement I find is in the timing. From the difference in timing of the Kolbrin, archeological  findings, and the Bible it appears that God had previous developments on Earth before the 6,000 years the Bible covers. Archeological findings have documented older civilizations. The Kolbrin and many other writings document older civilizations. The Bible provides a “SPIRITUAL” overview of a being not from earth creating man and woman in an ideal “Garden”. The man and woman have children after leaving the garden approximately 6,000 years ago. The Sumerian tablets provide a more detailed and lengthy explanation of the same story. Zachariah Sitchin has provided a unique interpretation of these tablets. Although the tablets describe physical events in spiritual terms and in basic concepts without current scientifically oriented language, the physical events of that time are easily related to scientific concepts currently understood today. The creation of Earth as we know it and man’s history until after the time of Abraham are recorded there in great detail. It is only a small step of logic to link together the multiple accounts of creation and scientific knowledge. The stories of the flood and the tower of Babel are also recorded in these two collections. The disagreement between the two accounts lies only in the time span from Adam’s creation to Abraham. Many of the prophecies are dual (occurring more than once) and are applicable in both or more instances. This is a common occurrence. Earth has a long archaeological history (millions of years) and per the Sumerian records the Elohim created man (as drones) to work. Man could not reproduce. later man was recreated and was able to do more and reproduce, (see The Lost Book of Enki) 350,000 years ago. Due to the many Earth changes, this creation may have occurred many times. The Bible may be discussing only the “last” creation. John Van Auken, former head of the Edgar Cayce ARE gleaned the following time line from Cayce’s work.

4.6 billion years ago               Beginning of Earth experience.

12 million years ago               1st Root Race - The first influx as ghost – Lemuria/Mu.

10 million years ago               2nd Root Race – The second influx as thought-form projections.

210,000 BC                             Atlantean civilization begins:The first truly physical body:Blue Maze People.

                                                3rd Root race -  Beginning of First Creation.

106,000 BC                             Female & Male, Yin & Yang: The Logos enters to help Lilith and Amilius.

50,700 BC                               First breakup of Atlantis into five islands. .Negativity shifts motivations.

28,000 BC                               Second breakup of Atlantis.

22,800 BC                               The great flood begins. God decides to begin anew. Genesis 6.

                                                End of First Creation

12,000 BC                               4th Root Race – The Logos enters again: Adam and Eve. Adamic Body.

10,500 BC                               New training and initiation centers are built around the Planet.

10,014 BC                               The final destruction of Atlantis.

                                            Beginning of Second Creation


Notice it is the 4th root race where the Bible is starting.


Compiling all of the best references of the origins of man and organizing them in chronological order produces a composite time line reflecting accounts of man’s progress from the beginning. I am amazed at how little they contradict each other and how supplementary they are.