Dear Shari and Toby,  

The Mental Part of Man

  “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein


The mental part of man is the logic and reason which takes place at the physical brain interface. Unlike other animals, man can organize, rationalize and relate abstract objects in order to resolve empirical solutions to problems. This ability allows us to create standard building blocks which can be assembled by others as needed. The logic of man is weighted or influenced by his attitudes from his spiritual part. . Note that there is a thin line between the mental and spiritual parts of man. The mental evaluates the spiritual input which is supplied through a different physical interface. Mental logic is a learned response taking place within the brain. Spiritual attitudes, feelings and concepts are provided from different sources. Some of these attitudes and feelings are a composite or summation of past experience, previous logic solutions or simply reactions to current body chemistry. Again, the spiritual input to mental activity takes the form of a multiplier of elements in a logical equation parts or concepts.

Does the mental logic of man survive death? This question has been argued forever and only by empirical evidence can it be answered. Dr. Ian Stevenson has written several books on reincarnation documenting many cases of people with the ability to receive information from someone who is deceased. In most cases the information is reported in the first person. “I lived here or I did this”. Whether this is the same entity or personality with a common body or another entity using the person’s physical body to produce the desired results is not clear. In either case, the end results are attitudes, feelings, concepts and logic being expressed by a person who physically died many years ago. This is proof of some energy of spirit and logic surviving death.

According to RA, much of the mental part of man is lost upon death. Details of an event may be lost but the concepts behind it may be preserved.