Dear Shari and Toby,  




Step 4 :  Establish priorities for traits while being aware that one trait may be dependent on another. 


The Spiritual goals and resources needed are the primary concern. These are the filters for evaluating and prioritizing mental and physical goals. The schedule for these is an ongoing effort as part of the mental and physical efforts.

(to creatively love others)

To help others be healthier and happier.

loving my family.

To help others to help themselves.

Complete projects stared. To create something others will enjoy.

To better understand the link between vibration and feelings.

create something beautiful.


Spiritual resources needed

Training in spiritual development and assistance


Spiritual resources to use

Study the ARE materials

Continue my studies on metaphysics.


Changing my attitudes

I need to value the other person’s viewpoint.

I need to encourage other’s efforts



The Mental goals and resources needed follow the spiritual guides and develop habits to achieve the physical goals.

To save others time and effort in collecting information.
To pass on useful information to future generations in our family.

 To save others time and effort in collecting information.

 Support Cindy and myself in a perpetual manner. Provide services and help as needed to my children and descendents.

Provide a house the whole family can enjoy. Provide transportation for myself. Have a common project with Toby.

To learn to play music well.

To relax and enjoy an outside interest.



The Physical goals and resources needed follow the mental decisions and produce the physical goals.


 To provide the information in a computer book with an easily understood format on the following subjects:

                                                                                                  i.      Prophecy – Secular and Biblical
This goal has partially been reached by the section on religion in this book.
There are many prophecies not addressed by this book. An index of prophecy with links to interpretation
and cross references to identical prophecy is needed.

                                                                                                ii.      Metaphysics- Communications during and post life.
This book is to document proof of energy associated with a personality after living.

                                                      What is the form of energy used?

                                                      Does it have a consciousness?
This goal will be worked on after I retire DONE

                                                                                              iii.      Diet and Health – General health guidance and specific cures.
This book is to document successful practices in providing health care.

Stay healthy.

iv.  Establish a fund to pay monthly bills.

v.   Be available to help when needed.

vi.  To provide a web site and clinic dedicated to helping people to obtain better health care.

vii. Provide shelter as needed for all family members and descendents.

viii.Have two running and enjoyable automobiles.(mine and Toby’s)

ix.  To be able to express what I feel through music

x.   Build and fly -trainer, P40, glider

            To have a physically strong and healthy body free of pain.




Step 5 : Research deficiencies in traits to determine the appropriate method to reach your goal.


We  have defined the appropriate actions needed to reach the desired goals and need to plan, schedule and monitor the progress. It is only necessary to detail plan for the next two years and maintain a rolling schedule and plan.  Please see my plan for me under Back Pain for attitude adjustment and logical order. The following plans (click on links) are for physical improvement.

 The Charles Project  (to be done under New Book)To be addressed after April 2012

Need corporate materials definition.  -

I need to assemble latest tools for PHP database management.
I need to be more proficient in .net programming.

Training in massage

Professional MD assistance

Professional chiropractic assistance


Proper exercise schedule.  -  Start use January 2012

Physical deficiencies to work on:

1.      Carpal-tunnel syndrome – right wrist (including thumb numbness stemming from neck and shoulder)

a.       Exercise

b.      Care in using the computer

2.      Stronger hands – Part of exercises

3.      Stronger back ( starting with C1 for blood pressure, T10 previously broken, L3  herniated previously and causing numbness in left leg along the sciatic nerve)

4.      Improve elasticity and remove neck pain. This has become increasingly worse for the last 5 years.

5.   Shoulders and general stamina leading to a pain free body.



1-5 above will be treated with combined exercises, TENS  and chiropractic adjustment. SEE WEEKLY SCHEDULE




6.      Improve digestive system. The need to abate the Crone’s disease and inflammation of the digestive track has existed for over 20 years.

I have started with the Bob Beck Protocol and am beginning to add exercise. Report later. Jan 2011
I managed to implement the “protocol” electrical portion but was not successful with the diet and exercise. Some good results were realized from the treatments. I have much less digestive problems than before. I still have problems if I eat too many acetic foods. This occurs usually when traveling. I have purchased and used the “brain tuner” by Bob Beck (Soto Instruments). The results were significant. I was off of it for a month + after only two weeks. I am starting over and plan to use it for thirty days. I was on it for one week and had a Herxheimer reaction and could not afford to be lightheaded for a week. I am starting back this week and will use through May. The exercise room is nearly complete and I am starting to exercise.


A one-year list of menus and shopping lists. – The list is well started and a spread sheet created to facilitate menu scheduling and shopping.


 Documented home treatments with supplies – Start now and continuously update in this book. These are filed under The Charles Project, links to specific illness.


  Steps 6, 7 :  Determine tracking methods and prepare tracking sheets. I am trying to determine the appropriate exercises. This is difficult due to the imflammation problems.