Dear Shari and Toby,  


“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein


Now we know where we are along the trail from Adam to the millennium of peace and we have established some dates for future events we need to ask ourselves two questions:

            -How do these events affect us?  

            -What should we do to prepare for these events?

The answers to these two questions will help us to decide how to navigate the trail ahead and what equipment we will need to survive the trail. Survival along the trail is a key factor. One third of the population will die (Rev 9:15). This occurs near the end of the 70TH week. After all of the natural disasters Christians will be slaughtered (Rev 13:15) by the incumbent political power. This will be a tough week (7 years).


BEFORE Sept/Oct 2065/2026

A few of these events have already occurred and another few will occur before we become personally involved. I watched the Jewish people unite from all over the Earth to fund or physically support the reestablishment of Israel throughout the 50’s and 60‘s. The following 50 years were a continuous battle for existence. From any point of view, the prophecy of Hosea:

                     1:11 Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be (1946 - 48)

                               gathered together, and appoint themselves one head, and they shall

                               come up out of the land: for great shall be the day of Jezreel.

has been fulfilled. Additionally, Iraq was defeated by the “western forces” by the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein government. Currently, Iran is on schedule for a showdown within the next few years. Iran is in the process of developing nuclear weapons. Neither Israel nor the US will allow that to occur. Israel will use nuclear power to stop the development if necessary. In 2009, Israel has been performing “practice exercises” for an attack on the Iran facilities as a show of intent. These events set the stage for the Middle Eastern war and the change in the balance of power to allow the daily sacrifices in the original location near the Muslim Dome-of–the-Rock. When the daily sacrifices start, the political climate for the start of the 70th week is set. Although the 70th week has not started, the four nations (Russia, Germany, Great Britan and later Iran) plus others are aligning to form the dominant government of the world. During the first half of the 70th week the Antichrist will assume leadership of this organization. The 70th week is started by his “Confirmation of the Covenant”. What covenant? At this point, it is not known what the covenant is or whether it is public knowledge or not. The effects the US will feel from the events leading up to the 70th week are minimal when compared to the events of the 70th week which will directly affect our nation. There is little we personally can do to prepare for or change the results. These events will only serve to warn us and confirm the timing of events to come. These events started in 1948 and will conclude in 2030 or 2072.



Four major events will occur:

1.         A world wide natural disaster will destroy most of the Earth’s foliage and structures by a meteorite storm. This will leave all of the nations in panic and disorganization. Currently, many people are predicting a coronal mass ejection (CME) larger than in known history. It is said to be going to occur before 2024.

2.                  An antichristian government will dominate the world and slaughter Christians.

3.                  New York City will be destroyed

4.                  The antichristian government will be overthrown and Israel will be established as the most powerful nation on Earth.


The personal effects from these four events are obvious. Three out of the four result in “family” death if not prepared. The remaining question is how do we prepare for such devastating events? There are some partial answers. First, it is important to note that timing is important. The results of #1 are so world wide and catastrophic that preparation for #2 & #3 will be impossible after #1 has occurred. Therefore, preparation for #1, #2 and #3 should be completed prior to the start. It will probably take 5 to 10 years to prepare. Additionally, it will take considerable resources to follow through on the preparation. The advice provided in Revelation 18:4 is to leave the US. #2 places additional requirements to avoid any contact with the public. Without the permanent ID on your hand or forehead, you will not be able to work or trade for supplies. The 3 to 4 years of duration for #1, #2 ,#3 above presents a sizable logistics problem.



           There are alternatives to “going it alone”. One is to join “The Woman” to be provided for in Jordan. Malachi 4's Elijah will be reincarnated to call “God’s People” together.and lead them to safety (Zephaniah 2) in Jordan (REV 12:14, DAN 11:41 ). Migrating to Israel and joining the Group at the appropriate time may be difficult. This is explained by Tim Mchyde.The timing would require you to relocate several years prior to 2065.




The methods above outlining means of survival during the 70TH week emphasize the difficulty of being in the correct physical location at the correct time to continue the physical existence on Earth. Many deserving people will not survive the 70TH week and many more alive now will probably not be alive at the start of these events. These prophecies serve two purposes.

1.                  Instructions for “the Remnant” to physically survive and repopulate Israel during the following 1000 years. The ones who do survive will have done so because they believed in the way of living required by the God of Abraham and followed his instructions. These will build the Kingdom of God during the millennium.

2.                  Understanding and witnessing these prophecies come true provide proof of the existence of a plan.

Conversely, The existence of a plan is proof of a planner. This proof is another part of the legacy provided by our ancestors to guide and direct the development of our souls. What is a soul? Is the soul an energy form? Does the soul have a consciousness? Can the soul produce physical effects? We know a person’s memories are stored in a recallable energy form. These characteristics and questions of the soul are the subject of another study.