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The Other Side



We live our lives reacting to what is encountered by our five senses. These physical actions and reactions are sometimes analyzed and modified by taking time and making an effort for the mind to think and evaluate. During this process a vague notion, attitude or spirit may be added to the equation resulting in a change in the thought process and physical reaction. This vague notion, attitude or spirit comes from deep within us at our core of values and experiences. But, what about the times when information, which we had no access to, is supplied. Where does this valid and pertinent information come from? Our subconscious could not supply it. We had no access to the information.

On one side of our daily experiences we live in a time plus three-dimensional world bound by time and space as we know it. This world changes daily as new discoveries are made. Einstein made everything relative to each other’s view point. The Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, has begun to fill in the space between atoms. Instead of the four forces we recognize scientifically to account for all actions and reactions in the universe we now have five. Scientifically analyzing the actions and reactions generated by the mind verifies the existence of small subtle forces originating from personal focus of attention. These physical forces are controlled by the person originating them and have a measurable effect. This subtle energy control is a result of trial, error and practice by the controller.

You have heard ghost stories, information supplied to the living by people who are dead and other experiences attributed to the “other side” (not the physical world we live in but a spiritual world). The study of the other side provides much information to indicate there is no other side but only an extension of this side of life where our subtle energy (which is not destroyed when we die) continues to produce actions and reactions in a physical world. The following questions have been asked since man arrived. They have been given many generic answers but no proof or scientific study to show the validity of the answers. This has required “faith” to accept the answers. This does not make the answer wrong but it does leave it open to speculation.

1.        Is there a part of man that survives death?
If the answer to question #1 is no, there is no reason to continue reading. It is safe to assume the answer to #1 is yes or this book would not have been written.

2.              Can the part of man that survives death contact or affect the living?
II Peter 1:15Peter promises to help, after his demise, to provide John with information.

Ian Stevenson

Edgar Cayce


3.        Where does this part come from?

4.        Where does it go?
The coming and going of this part of man lies entirely in a parallel universe (same universe we live in but contains energy of a frequency we do not see or detect. As frequency is increased the physical density decreases but the information capability (spiritual density) increases. See the works of David Wilcock.

5.        What is the physical mechanism supporting this part of man?


Answers to these and other questions have been provided by many people at different times and in many different ways. David Wilcock has assembled these answers and scientific proofs to present empirical and scientific evidence to not only provide an answer but to tie together the relationships between our current physical body, our more permanent subtle body and our spiritual body.

THE WORKS OF DAVID WILCOCK are extensive and thorough on the subject.



Seth, considered by some the third child of Adam and Eve provides a description of the universe and its consciousness and how it works. This material parallel to RA (Law Of One Books) is:

Seth Speaks

Seth Exercises

These provide similar explanations but in easier to read and understand form.


Some help in assimilating the information in these letters and their references may be found in the following

-     Dictionary of Terms used in the letters forming an encyclopedia of subtle energy.


-     The Divinity Chart is a genealogical chart of souls from the beginning by groups. The chart relates many of the religious characters and ties religions together by listing the many names of each character.

            -     REFERENCES