Dear Shari and Toby,  




Most of what you have learned about diet and health has come from the Public Education System. Most of what your Mom and I have learned has come from the same source. Thanks again to computers and the internet much more information (and misinformation) is now available. Starting in 2005, due to the serious illness I experienced, I began paying more attention to what I ate and searching for answers to questions about diet and health.
            1.         Why have so many diseases become prevalent in the USA which do not affect a high % of the population in many other parts of the world?
                        These diseases include but are not limited to heart failure, arterial sclerosis, cancer……

2.         Why do these diseases continue to affect a higher % of the USA population each generation?

3.         What is the connection between mental health and physical health?

4.         What and how should we be eating?

I began the search for answers to these questions and learned just enough to barely balance my diet and get by while providing an income (dealing with a new job), moving to a new residence, and building a new office, shop and garage. Due to the economic climate and timing, these steps were necessary for our family to continue and avoid severe socio-economic results. These tasks are in acceptable condition and nearing completion. My focus is returning to answering these questions.


            There are many theories and a lot of scientific studies available today providing answers to the questions above. Again, I would never teach you something I did not know to be true. These letters on Diet and Health are based on personal experience and proven methods. As with Religion, The truth about diet and health is different for every person. The reason it varies so widely is each person has different needs and capabilities. The mind, having infinite variations in requirements and capabilities, and body, having physical and mental requirements and capabilities, are relying on each other to produce a person who is spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy. Since we live in all three worlds simultaneously and each can survive independently, the range of health status and needs in people are infinite. Unlike the study of religion, we are currently active and in control (or by choice not) of all three of our worlds. We are not looking at a collective past to determine what physically happened and interpreting the mental logic and putting the two together to obtain a predetermined spiritual meaning. Instead, all three are simultaneously producing the results we see in our lives every day. We cannot change one of the three variables in our life’s equation without seeing a resulting change in us. Everything we feel, everything we think, and everything we eat, do, or, is done to us revises our life’s equation and changes us. Unlike examining past equations with the single variables of physical events, mental or logical relationships, and adding them up to determine spiritual content (three equations and three unknowns), determining a person’s well being (wholeness) has only one equation and four unknowns ( Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Wholeness). All past attempts to provide guidance to a healthy life have addressed only one and possibly two of the variables to equate them to health or wholeness (the fourth variable). These usually result in answers short of the target and produce only temporary effects. An example of this is treating an irritated bowel (severe IBS) with antibiotics. The results will eliminate the inflammation and accompanying elimination problems. But, they will return soon if the diet is not changed. Changing these two physical conditions will abate the immediate IBS but the underlying mental and spiritual stresses which were the original source of the physical result will find another physical outlet to let you know they are still present. Although one physical symptom is cured another physical symptom will take its place and the net physical wholeness of the person has not changed. Exceptions such as physical accidents producing a broken bone require only physical repair to return to physical wholeness. A notable exception to previous treatment theories and guides to health is the work and guidance provided by Edgar Cayce. Treatments by Edgar Cayce and his views on health generally encompassed the physical mental and spiritual wholeness of an individual.


The previous letters I have written began in my early twenties and were not committed to this format until this year. In the process of assembling the concepts in a presentable format a clearer understanding of the subject began to form. I began the search for the answers to the questions above about four years ago. The reason was purely a selfish desire to survive. I am restarting my research on this subject and will keep you informed of only results I know to be true. I have to admit the research effort is partially for my benefit. But the main interest and motivation is to help you Toby to improve your quality of life. Even Cayce did not provide a cure for Parkinsons Disease but provided significant improvement in many cases. Starting with what we know now and applying it in our every-day lives should provide significant improvement in our physical, mental and spiritual health. By documenting our steps and results, others may be able to use them as a guide in their own lives. After struggling with this subject for four years I have realized the largest obstacle to establishing a healthy life is time. Time, to research through the many theories and locate resources of reliable information and supplies, is normally not available after spending 12-14 hours a day making a living (including preparation, travel and cleanup). Providing a self-guiding simple plan for wholeness and health is a worthy goal for us.


Before trying to cure ourselves or reorganizing our lives and eating habits we should establish several things:

1.      What is wholeness? This concept will provide the target or goal. We can begin with the end in mind.

2.      What causes disease or sickness?

3.      What is the path to wholeness?

4.      What do we do to stay whole?

Answering these questions will provide a plan for obtaining and maintaining good health. If we put this plan into practice and document the results, an approach for The Charles Project will become apparent.