Dear Shari and Toby,  

Determine your own definition of wholeness by deciding what you are going to be whole for.




This is the most important set of decisions you will ever make. What do you want to do with your life? The more specific the answer, the more effective your life will be. There will be more than one answer. This will require placing priorities on the answers. As a minimum, there will be three answers; spiritual goal, mental goal, and physical goal. They may be associated with an overall effect in life but must be considered separately to define the desired traits and actions. Many times, we change our plans or they are changed for us. We should remember the wise man’s prayer when this occurs.


“Lord, please give me the courage to change the things needing to be changed, the patients to accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference between them.”


Long term goals will probably need to be broken down into multiple short term goals. Each will have its physical, mental and spiritual requirements for success. Identifying and developing these will take a lifetime.


When I was approximately eight to ten years old, I did not think about what I wanted to do with my life. I did not even know what was available. I only knew I enjoyed building things and my focus, at that time, was mainly on model airplanes. When I was twelve I was sick for a couple of weeks and a nice man (I never knew who he was) gave me about thirty-six pamphlets from an electrical correspondence course he had lost interest in. It took me a couple of years to read through them. A lot of it I did not understand. When I was in high school I picked them up again and began building equipment which I found interesting. I had a hard time with the math used to design circuits (I had not studied it in school yet) and the frustration made me determined to go to college so I would never have that problem again. Until a few years after I graduated from college I had no real goals in life. I still had no clear idea what was available. During the 70’s several unusual feelings were slowly coming into focus and would lead me to discover my goals. I began to understand the ideas of inventions I conceived. I also had a strange sense I would move to the South West for fourteen years and return to Tennessee with two women. After that, I was to receive instructions for my goals. I mentioned this to your mother several time over the years. I spoke with the preacher about it. Fourteen years after we moved to Houston, Bechtel was cutting very deep into personnel layoffs and every engineering firm in town was chasing the same one and only job available (which got shelved). I received my two week notice. In the second week there was only one available position for me. I was forced to move to Kingsport Tennessee. Your mother later joined me and you, Shari, followed from Salt Lake City. I and two grown women and wound up 80 miles from where it had started. I later, about 2000, realized the hobby and passion I had for 20+ years for prophecy was to become half of my main goal in life. I was to write two books. They were to be “computer only” style books. The Religion portion of this book is part of the first book. It pertains to the physical interpretation of the prophecies. The second book picks up where the Religion portion of this book leaves off with a study of consciousness after death. A true understanding of these two subjects will help anyone. I do not thoroughly understand either subject at this time. However, the first subject has answered many lifelong questions and raised many other new ones. The second is slowly coming into focus for studying. Most of my life’s efforts have been invested in obtaining the knowledge and skills to for this work. A third study I had not expected is this work on diet and health. It became apparent to me if I am to finish my work I must improve in this area. Additionally, each member of our family will benefit from this collection of information in usable form. This information provides insight and help to our family. This book/system of providing knowledge in a useful format has undergone many changes and additions but has been my life goal for over ten years and will probably remain as my focus.


In addition to the primary goal described above, I have many other long term and short term goals. They are listed below in order of importance.

1.      To care for my family and provide them with the needed resources to reach their goals.

2.      To become a world class electrical engineer in a world class engineering firm. --> done

3.      To finish the three short term house and car projects I have started.

4.      To express myself better through music.

5.   To spend some time relaxing with model airplanes.


As you can see from the example above;

1.      Life goals should be determined by the person who will implement them.

2.      If you are not exposed to a variety of life goals at a young age, you may be significantly older before you develop a clear picture of those goals.

3.      Life goals may start as a feeling, preference, or hobby and develop clarity as you use what information is provided.


I did not have this concept as clearly when you were kids as I do now. However, some things which are implied above were followed through as you were growing up.

1.      You were not pushed into any particular life goal.

2.      You were exposed to many concepts / interests which could become hobbies / life goals. Little things such as taking you to my work one day a year, participation in church activities, sports, BSA and Girl Scouts and supporting other interests you developed were all we could imagine at that time. Looking back I realize my parents could not give me more exposure, guidance, or education in life goals than they understood. Your mother and I could not give you more exposure, guidance, or education in life goals than we understood. Hopefully, this book will provide you with a grounding and exposure to expand the available life goal concepts for the next generation. It is never too young for someone to be exposed to the concepts of:

a.       You are able to choose what you do.

b.      You are responsible for those choices.

c.       You should evaluate your choices based on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual concepts which have been proven to you.
This is the tricky one! There are many facts, ideas and concepts supplied in this book. A multitude of facts, ideas and concepts are available from church, school and peers. Many of these are competing to drive your child’s decisions in opposite directions. It is now your decision to determine what you know to be true and pass it on. I hope this book has provided you more to work with in educating your children than we had.

d.      You have the freedom (depending on life circumstances) and responsibility to determine what to do with your life. Life is short. Don’t waste it.

e.       Your life goals should be centered on something that will help others.

f.       The act of recording your life goals and monitoring them has value in clarifying and promoting the visualization of the end results. Life goals do not pursue you. It takes effort on your part to attain the goals.

g.      Life is a journey along a trail which may be blocked in places. The desired route may need to be revised many times and even alternate destinations chosen.

3.      You were encouraged to pursue your interests.


Defining life goals is the equivalent to placing a steering wheel on a car. Before you have a steering wheel the car will wander down the road with the wheels being influenced by every rut and groove in the road and may be off course. After the steering wheel is placed on the car it is still up to the driver to look ahead and stay on course.