Update 10/19/2011




 Dear Shari and Toby,  

List each of the necessary resources/traits to reach your goal of wholeness and quantify the goal. 


Each of my life goals was previously defined:


1.      Develop helpful information in electronic book format for three subjects.
The book on prophecy is done.
The book on spiritualism is in research no real progress.
The research being done by TAP (Ghost Hunters on TV) appears to be legitimate and validates a cognizant physical energy with the capability to communicate. A lead?
The book on diet and health is 80% done. Processes have been defined. I am one year into testing. Results are promising. If I can stay with the program I should have results by spring 2012.

2.      Use the section on Diet and health to advance The Charles Project.
Need results and proof before starting.

3.      To care for my family and provide them with the needed resources to reach their goals.
This has been a tough year for this one requiring almost all my time. The ship is approaching an even keel.

4.      To become a world class electrical engineer in a world class engineering firm. --> done

5.      To finish the three short term house and car projects I have started.
House done, car next.

6.      To express myself better through music.
Bought a good guitar.
Reworked studio electronics to work better
Started practicing regularly.
A side effect is helping me to relax. The Carpal tunnel in my right wrist is improving.

7.      To spend some time relaxing with model airplanes.
Not started.


As part of the Steps to Wholeness, each of these can be re-expressed as the associated physical, mental, and spiritual goals to achieve the desired result.


Step 1 List the  goals.

Step 2 is to list the resources/traits and tasks to reach the goals.

STEP 3. Deficiencies are highlighted.
This I have done below


1.        Develop helpful information in electronic book format for three subjects.

a.        Spiritual goal To help others be healthier and happier.

b.      Mental goal To save others time and effort in collecting information.
To pass on useful information to future generations in our family.

c.       Physical goal To provide the information in a computer book with an easily understood format on the following subjects:

                                                                                                  i.      Prophecy Secular and Biblical
This goal has partially been reached by the section on religion in this book.
There are many prophecies not addressed by this book. An index of prophecy with links to interpretation
and cross references to identical prophecy is needed. later

                                                                                                ii.      Metaphysics- Communications during and post life.
This book is to document proof of energy associated with a personality after living.

                                                      What is the form of energy used?

                                                      Does it have a consciousness?
This goal will be worked on after I retire. I discovered the work by Bob Beck with the 7.83 Hz brain frequency.

                                                                                              iii.      Diet and Health General health guidance and specific cures.
This book is to document successful practices in providing health care.

d.      Resources needed:

                                                                                                  i.      A thorough knowledge of web site development and management.
I am almost current with latest practices.
I need to assemble latest tools for PHP database management.
I need to be more proficient in .net programming.

                                                                                                ii.      Programming skills in internet and database management.
See i.

                                                                                              iii.      LAN management skills.

                                                                                              iv.      Significant experience in managing data-based systems.

 2.        To care for my family and provide them with the needed resources to reach their goals.

a.       Spiritual goal loving my family.

b.      Mental goal  Support Cindy and myself in a perpetual manner. Provide services and help as needed to my children and descendents.

c.       Physical goal Stay healthy. Establish a fund to pay monthly bills. Be available to help when needed.

d.      Resources needed:

                                                                                                  i.      A convenient place to exercise properly.
The mezzanine.

                                                                                                ii.      Proper exercise schedule.

                                                                                              iii.      A one-year list of menus and shopping lists.
75% done

                                                                                              iv.      A reasonable income.
currently available
Investments need to be realigned to produce for long term income.

                                                                                                v.      Work shorter hours.
Currently OK at 40 hr wk in 4 days.

3.        Use the section on Diet and health to advance The Charles Project.

a.       Spiritual goal To help others to help themselves.

b.      Mental goal To save others time and effort in collecting information.

c.       Physical goal To provide a web site and clinic dedicated to helping people to obtain better health care.

d.      Resources needed:

                                                                                                  i.      A web site.
Web site initiated.
Need corporate materials definition.
See 1.d.i.

                                                                                                ii.      A training facility for small groups.
The house can serve until a larger facility can be supported.

                                                                                              iii.      Tested and professionally proven methods for treatment.

1.      Traditional medicine.

a.       Professional MD assistance

b.      Professional chiropractic assistance

c.   Professional massage assistance

d.   Professional osteopathic assistance

2.      Diet and exercise specific.

a.       Develop 1 year specific diet, menus, and shopping list.

b.      Training in massage

3.      Home applications.

a.       Documented home treatments with supplies.

4.      Spiritual applications.

a.       ?????????????????

                                                                                              iv.      Corporate organization.
The Charles Project was founded for work such as this. It is a match.

                                                                                                v.      Funding for materials and appliances.
TCP, a non-profit organization, can provide what is needed.

                                                                                              vi.      Training in spiritual development.

4.        To become a world class electrical engineer in a world class engineering firm. --> done


5.        To finish the three short term house and car projects I have started.

a.       Spiritual goal Complete projects stared. To create something others will enjoy.

b.      Mental goal Provide a house the whole family can enjoy. Provide transportation for myself. Have a common project with Toby.

c.       Physical goal Provide shelter as needed for all family members and descendents. Have two running and enjoyable automobiles.

d.      Resources needed:

                                                                                                  i.      Completed house with shop
99% done
needs cleaning and maintaining

                                                                                                ii.     Time
Will be cleaning and maintaining till January 2011.
Will start exercises week day evenings and car on week end in January.


6.        To express myself better through music.

a.       Spiritual goal To better understand the link between vibration and feelings.

b.      Mental goal To learn to play well.

c.       Physical goal To be able to express what I feel

d.      Resources needed:

                                                                                                  i.      Sound equipment and computer studio done

                                                                                                ii.      Practice alternate evenings with exercises

                                                                                              iii.      A better guitar - done

                                                                                              iv.      Stronger hands Playing the guitar is helping to strengthen my hands and improving the right wrist with carpal tunnel syndrome.


7.        To spend some time relaxing with model airplanes.

a.       Spiritual goal To create something beautiful.

b.      Mental goal To relax and enjoy an outside interest.

c.       Physical goal trainer, P40, glider

d.      Resources needed:

                                                                                                  i.      Time- - after cars are finished

                                                                                                ii.      workshop done


        This is a physical goal to be able to move freely and strongly without pain. This is to remove the digestive and joint problems. Also I need to remove the many inflammation areas causing pain.
Looking at the causes for disease and sickness, three quarters of the physical causes are concerned with the existence of bacteria and/or other living creatures in the body. Several scientific studies have related the removal of these materials from the body by our white cells to electrical micro currents generated chemically by the white cells. This same technique can be reproduced by causing small currents to be introduced to our blood stream and tissues. Dr. Bob Beck has put together a protocol consisting of four treatments to remove all of these pathogens from the body. Removing the physical cause for sickness does not cure any disease but it does pave the road for the body to heal if the other causes for disease are addressed. I have chosen this as a starting point to become healthy. I am currently completing the first three weeks of applying the protocol and starting to notice some minor and some significant changes. I have significantly modified my diet over the past year (2010) and did not see a significant improvement in my digestive system (I was only holding the status quo) until the third week of this treatment. I now have little or no pain in my abdomen. See Bob Beck Protocol for instructions and my notes. I have completed renovating the house and am starting to exercise regularly. Even though I am currently only starting with minor exercising I have noticed a significant reduction in joint pain. The plan is:
     a.   Continue the Protocol at a maintenance level.

            b.   Steadily increase exercise activities

            c.   Complete the 1 year of menus and gain control over my diet.

            d.   Increase and maintain my vitamin intake.

            e.   I have significantly adjusted my attitude to feel less pressure to accomplish tasks on a daily deadline. I still work steadily but not as hard or as long. Things are still getting done but on a longer time schedule.


        There are several physical properties I can monitor to determine the effectiveness of this plan.(JAN 2011)

a.       For some unexplained reason, my weight has stabilized at 173 lbs. since I started the Protocol. This is about 6 lbs. lower than it has been in years and very close to my optimum weight of 168 lbs.

b.      I have had an enlarged prostate for many years. The pain from it is 90% gone.

c.       Just before starting the Protocol I had a full body ultrasonic scan. Significant development of cysts were found on my left kidney. This could be related to the increase in blood pressure (138/96) and frequent trips to the bathroom at night. (10-12-2-4). Three weeks into the protocol I noticed a decrease in the pain in the left side of my back and a decrease in the number of trips (12-4).

d.      My hair appears to be slowly darkening. This is not consistent.

e.       The carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist has significantly decreased for the first time in five years. There is still nerve damage in my right hand and muscle atrophy in my right thumb. 


We have defined what we are to be whole for, established Spiritual, Mental, and Physical landmarks as goals, listed deficiencies in resources/traits to reach the landmarks. We need a plan to improve deficiencies.