Class outline; What do we know?

1.     Each of us has experienced life situations either providing information we had no access to, help from an unexplainable source or physical changes which were impossible.

2.     A mental world exists consisting of concepts we create as we go through our lives. We create these concepts as we interact with each other.

3.     We communicate sometimes with each other without any physical connection.

4.     Spirits or attitudes are created collectively and individually.

5.    Some part of Edgar Cayce would leave his physical body and
A. Go to a different location.
B.   Be capable of remote viewing including aspects of humans not normally visible.
C.   Could obtain information, past, present and future, not available normally to him

6.  People can access information from other lives.

7.     There are energies (tortional energy) other than electromagnetic that affect our physical and mental being. Our minds control other energies through this energy. Plants react to mental stimuli.

8.     Machines providing free energy and anti gravity have been built.

9.     God is an alien – He made Earth – not born here. From the scriptures, more than one being has been involved in guiding us.

10.     The Earth is much more than 6,000 years old.

11.     Other forms of Man existed prior to written history.(4,000BC)

12.  Man walked and talked with gods. Several scriptures older than the Bible depict the same stories as the Bible. Several of the terms in the modern canonized Bible have been translated to provide a dependence on the Church for ascension. Christ never referred to himself as “the son of God. Jesus had two main objectives: Fulfill the prophecies and teach us about the Good News of the Kingdom. Jesus never said he was coming back to Earth to rule but he said Christ was.


13.  Only channeled sources to God exist after 400BC.

14.  Edgar Cayce proved the future exists as a probability.

15.  Many of the prophesied events have come true.

16.  Some have come to pass at the prophesied time.

17.  Some prophecies are left to be fulfilled.

18.  Prophecies refer to the time of prophecies to come as “later days”, “last days”, “end times”, “end of days”, “end of time”, “tribulation” and “start of the golden age”.

19.  A race of giants existed. Their fathers existed before, during and after them.????

20.  The story of Abraham and the story of the tower of Babel were written approximately 600 years before the Bible was started.

21.  The 10 plagues and the exit of the Israelites from Egypt is the last chapter in the Egyptian Bible. It also records this time as the last passage of the “Destroyer”1446BC.

22.  The 9 plagues of Egypt and the story of Revelation are similar in description.

23.  According to the Sumerian tablets, the Destroyer passes “approximately” every 3550-3600 years.

24. The command to rebuild Jerusalem occurred in 456/455 BC and 483 years later the “Messiah” started his ministries fulfilling Daniel’s 69 week prophecy.

25. The Temple was burned April 5 70 AD.

26. The 6th seal is the next prophecy of Revelations to occur.

27. According to Revelations, The world leader who will set himself up as God has a number of 666. The national emblem will be a standing lion. Prince Charles of England meets these requirements.

28. The prophecies, in many places, refer to stars/angles/God/Jesus/Son of Man descending to earth to help or fight.


End of what we know. The following are what the prophecies say and what we can deduce from their sayings.


29. According to Revelations, Babylon is to be destroyed by fire in 1 hour. It is a large seaport. It is great with commerce. It controls the kings of the earth. Responsible for “in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”

30. According to Revelations, Christ rules the earth for 1000 years without interference from Satan, Satan is then loosed and defeated by heavenly hosts, a new city is provided to live in.

31. According to Revelations, the next prophecy to be fulfilled is a large/ worldwide earthquake. This is followed by hail and fire mingled with blood. Then a mountain crashes into the sea. A meteorite poisons 1/3 of the fresh water. Stinging locust attack. 1/3 of mankind is killed by 200,000,000 man army. The rapture occurs here. All the waters turn to blood, earth heats up. Armagedon. Final earthquake. Christ rules for a thousand years. Satan is released and defeated. Mankind moves into a 1500 mile cube.



Class outline; What can we deduce from what we know?

1.     There is a collective source of information maintained in a physical form which is accessible by us.

2.     This collective source of information is created by our thoughts and actions.

3.     Telepathic communication does happen.

4.     We individually and collectively create our spirit world. The collective source of information contains past, present and probable future information and is accessible as the energy of thought.

5.    There is consciousness outside the body. The akashic record exists.

6.    Some part of us survives death and is accessible. If we define our personality as what we have available mentally, some people have access to more than one personality. This is from a previous incarnation.

7.     There are energies (tortional energy) other than electromagnetic that affect our physical and mental being. Our minds control other energies through this energy. Plants react to mental stimuli. Tortional energy is also called zero point energy and aether. Tornados can cause materials to temporarily transfer to another dimension and be returned when only partially through a denser media object. Iridium microclusters can be made to disappear and reappear.

8.     We have a group suppressing technology (sequestering patents based on “national security”).

9.     Different people who have heard from “The Lord” may have heard from different lords. We should be careful which lord we listen to. Misinformation can be supplied if the requested information is for selfish purposes.

10.   The events and their developments which are recorded are only the latest cycle in man’s history.

11.   Homo sapiens is not the first intelligent species to inhabit earth.

12.  Physical beings have represented themselves as “Lord” here on Earth. Much of Genesis is a condensate of previous scriptures and oral tradition. Strategic passages in the Bible were modified to provide dependence on the Church and applied to control the population.

13.   All the physical beings (Lords) have remained hidden since 400BC.

14.  The future is not fixed.

15.  If prophecies to date recorded by a person have come true we can expect his future prophecies to come true.

16.  Ditto

17.  Ditto

18.  We can expect a significant change in the way of life when the future prophecies are fulfilled.

19.  Per Enoch, the fathers are who are still causing trouble today.

20.  Many of the stories in Genesis and Exodus were preceded in other scriptures. The Bible (Genesis, Exodus) was a record of these stories.

21.  The plagues were real.

22.  The reason Pharaoh waited till the 10th plague to let the Israelites go is the first 9 plagues were normal for the “Destroyer” passage and the 10th was personal and could not be explained.

23.  The next passage of the Destroyer is in the range of 2053-2153=2103 + 1.4% for 3550 years. (2070 - 2.3% for 3600 years) (2023 - 4% for 3550 years) .

24. We can expect Daniel’s prophecy of the 70th week to come true.

25. If we extend Hosea’s prophecies (end chpt 5 – chapt 6) Israel will be revived to live in the Lord’s site in 2070. Either this is a gathering similar to 1946 or this is when he is hiding them in the wilderness for 3.5 years.

26. A world wide or at least continent wide earthquake and large meteorite in the Pacific ocean are the next items Revelations predicts to occur.

27. From the repeated symbols of lion, bear, leopard it is reasonable to assume England, Russia and Germany will be included under the Antichrist’s government.

28. Aliens will be involved in latter day events.


End of what we know. The following are what the prophecies say and what we can deduce from their sayings.


29. The Deep State (controls the kings, starts wars…) is controlled from the Vatican (spiritual), London (financial) and New York (military). Only  New York meets the requirements. Only New York is hated by many countries due to the military actions by the USA.

30. Only positively oriented souls will be allowed to incarnate for 1000 years. After that, a space ship is provided to live in.

31. The next prophecy to be fulfilled is probably the CME. Then a  large meteorite crashes into the Pacific. These result in losing the grass, 1/3 of the trees, 1/3 of ocean life. A second meteorite poisons 1/3 of the fresh water. The sky is polluted and it is dark except from mid morning to early afternoon. Locust? 1/3 of mankind dies in war. Aliens pull some people from Earth and stop the Antichrist. Only 2-5%of the present population will survive. 4th density is started and takes 1000 years to develop. Turmoil again develops and is defeated. Man moves to a space ship.