Many temples are mentioned in the four main books from Mount Shasta Publications. Some are described in several places. This is not a complete index. In many of the cases only one of the many references is listed. With the correct name and spelling (highlighted) the books can easily be scanned to locate the rest.







TELOS 1 – 34

The first level

The largest percentage of our people live beneath the dome on the first level. This is also where the administrative and public buildings and several temples are located. In the center of this level stands our main temple, called the temple of Ma-Ra, a pyramid shaped structure. It will seat 10,000 people. This temple is dedicated to the priesthood of Melchizedek. The pyramid is white, with the capstone, called the “living stone,” donated to us by Venus.



If a young girl has a strong desire to become a dancer, she can go to the Temple to be trained by temple dancers.



During the time of Lemuria, Ahnahmar and his twin flame built a temple of wondrous beauty called “The Temple of Union.” This temple was built in honor of the Love and Union of Twin Flames. Ahnahmar and his twin flame have been the guardians of that unfed flame of Immortal Love for the planet ever since.



Although this flame of Love was extinguished from the surface vibration with the sinking of Lemuria, it has been preserved in the Temple of Union which was lifted up in its entirety into the fourth di­mension when our continent was destroyed.

This temple still exists today in the area near Mount Shasta where it was originally located, and is now vibrating at a fifth dimensional frequency. Although the former physical structure no longer exists in your third dimension and can­not be seen in your reality, be assured that it is very real and tangible to us.


This temple exists in the etheric crystal city of Light in the area of Mount Shasta. The city extends approximately 25 to 40 miles in diameter. You have been promised that this wondrous Lemurian city will eventu­ally be lowered into a more physical expression and many of you will be able to see and enter it upon invitation. You are asking when this is going to happen. The exact time is still unknown, even to us. We anticipate that it will be towards the end of this decade or soon after. When this happens, the temple, along with all the other wonders of the crystal city, will be available to those who match the vibration in their spiritual development.



Today, we would like to discuss a new approach to healing and introduce you to a wonderful healing temple we have in Telos, called the Great Jade Temple. Access to this awesome temple has been closed to surface dwellers since the sinking of our continent 12,000 years ago.



Inside the temple has burned the immortal, unfed flame of healing for the planet.


Although the replica is a bit smaller than the original temple, all the records of the energies of the “Immortal Flame of Healing” since the time of its creation were transferred here to Telos.



How does one get to the Great Jade Temple in his or her etheric body?

Through intention, my friend! What you need to do is to set your intention to come to this temple in your meditation or before you go to sleep at night. As an example, you may say the following prayer to your God Self and your guides and masters: “From the Lord God of my Being, I request to be taken to the Great Jade Temple in Telos tonight. I now ask my guides, masters and angels to take me there as my body rests from the activities of the day.” You may also formulate your own prayer requests.


TELOS 2 – 69/70    SEVEN SACRED FLAMES – 39 - This is the very first step, the initiation of the first temple that must be mastered before you can progress into the other steps on the path.

Journey to the Will of God Temple in Telos

We have in Telos a temple consecrated to the Will of God (TEMPLE OF GOOD WILL). There is also such a temple in Darjeeling, India, near Tibet. The retreat of the Will of God is under the guardianship of the master El Morya, both in Darjeeling and Mount Shasta. Many of you go there at night or come here to Telos to learn the initiations of the First Ray, of surrender to Divine Will. Darjeeling is the original temple for the Will of God and it existed long before we built ours in Telos. They both exist in the fifth dimension frequency, and thus are not visible to you.



Outside of Telos, in the area of the fifth dimensional Lemurian Crystal Cities of Light, we have temples conse­crated to each one of the main sacred flames. These temples are quite large as a rule. The beings living in these areas tend and nurture the flames with their love, devotion and invoca­tions around the clock.



Violet Flame Temple in the fifth dimension inside Telos. This temple has an etheric, fifth dimensional physical structure, and our people have access to it at any time, as you can, in your light body.

Seven Sacred Flames – 166

Master Saint Germain, also known as the God of Freedom

His Retreat: Transylvania, Romania and the Great

Violet Flame Temple, Jackson Peak, Wyoming, USA.



Great Temple of Knowledge in Telos. Contained within its walls is the library of our Lemurian lineage, a storehouse of

experience in crystalline form. These crystals come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and each has

its own frequency in order to best represent and express the information that it holds.



Master El Morya

His Retreat: The Temple of Good Will, Darjeeling, India


Archangels of the First Ray with Divine Complement:

Michael and Faith

Their Retreat: The Temple of Faith, Banff & Lake Louise, Canada



You cannot become an ascended master simply by wishing it; you

need to begin to practice thinking, talking, acting and feeling like an ascended being

in order to attain the vibration that will allow you to become one. This is what we

teach you in the Great Inner Temples and the Temples of the Flames when you come

at night during your sleep time; and your souls remember it in your daily life.



Archangels of the Second Ray with Divine Complement:

Jophiel and Christine

Their Retreats: South of the Great Wall,

China, and the Temple of Illumination;



It was Lord Lanto who

carried the Flame of Precipitation and deposited it in the area of the Grand Teton

mountain range in North America. The Flame of Precipitation has a Chinese green

tone with the yellow of the Second Ray. This flame is still burning today at the Royal

Teton Retreat. Precipitation is the Flame of Abundance and Wealth, as well as

Happiness, Joy and Universal Christ consciousness.



The Illumination Ray is golden yellow like the sun, and quite brilliant. The

"Temple of Illumination" situated at Lake Titicaca in South America is the main

focus on this planet for this Ray


In Telos, we also created a smaller version of

this majestic Second Ray Temple, as we have done for the temples of various Rays.



We also have an Illumination Temple in our city. We have created a bridge of light

between the temple in Telos, the one in South America and in the Royal Teton

Retreat, main focus of Lord Lanto. In our realm, they are not energetically separate;

we all work together as one.



Paul the Venetian, this Master also holds the Office of the Maha

Chohan which represents the Office of the "Holy Spirit" for this

planet. His Retreats: "Chateau de Liberté" situated in Southern

France near Marseilles, and Temple of the Sun, New York City,

USA. As the planetary Maha Chohan, he also has a retreat at

Ceylon, called the Temple of Comfort.



Temple of Love here in Telos, and there are Temples of Love in all the

subterranean and etheric cities of Light, not only on this planet, but throughout this

and other universes.  ……87  and another awesome

temple created and guarded by the Third Ray Archangels, twin flames of Love,

Chamuel and Charity, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


94 Crystal-Rose Flame Temple of Love.


96 Those serving in the Crystal-Rose Temple as their service rendered to Life, also feed the Eternal

Flame of Love through the love fires of their hearts. When we say unfed Flame, we mean the

element that nourishes and keeps the Flame burning perpetually from the fire of Love of those

who serve in that temple. In fact, all actions combined with the other Temples of Love holding the

same energy create a web of Light that nourishes all civilizations and the various kingdoms living

on Earth.



Lord Seraphis Bay

His Retreat: The Great Hall of Ascension

Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt




Temple of God's Will

Temple of Learning

Temple of Love

Temple of Ascension.

Temple of Consecration

Temple of Service

Temple of the Violet Fire


Ascension Temple in Telos



Master Hilarion

His Retreat: The Temple of Truth, Crete, Greece.

Raphael and Mother Mary

Their Retreat: Temple of Healing, Fatima, Portugal



Lord Sananda and Lady Nada (know in their last embodiment as

Jesus and Mary Magdalene)

Their Retreats: The Temple of Resurrection, near Jerusalem,