Class outline; What do we know?

1.     Each of us has experienced life situations either providing information we had no access to, help from an unexplainable source or physical changes which were impossible.

2.     A mental world exists consisting of concepts we create as we go through our lives. We create these concepts as we interact with each other.

3.     We communicate sometimes with each other without any physical connection.

4.     Spirits or attitudes are created collectively and individually.

5.    Some part of Edgar Cayce would leave his physical body and
A. Go to a different location.
B.   Be capable of remote viewing including aspects of humans not normally visible.
C.   Could obtain information, past, present and future, not available normally to him

6.  People can access information from other lives.

7.     There are energies (tortional energy) other than electromagnetic that affect our physical and mental being. Our minds control other energies through this energy. Plants react to mental stimuli. Tortional energy is also called zero point energy and aether. Tornados can cause materials to temporarily transfer to another dimension and be returned when only partially through a denser media object. Iridium microclusters can be made to disappear and reappear.

8.     Machines providing free energy and anti gravity have been built.


Class outline; What can we deduce from what we know?

1.     There is a collective source of information maintained in a physical form which is accessible by us.

2.     This collective source of information is created by our thoughts and actions.

3.     Telepathic communication does happen.

4.     We individually and collectively create our spirit world. The collective source of information contains past, present and probable future information and is accessible as the energy of thought.

5.    There is consciousness outside the body. The akashic record exists.

6.    Some part of us survives death and is accessible. If we define our personality as what we have available mentally, some people have access to more than one personality. This is from a previous incarnation.

7.     Our minds generate an energy which can control other energies. There are other densities which we do not see.

8.     We have a group suppressing technology (sequestering patents based on “national security”).