Dear Shari and Toby,  



 Nibiru, the Planet X or the 10th planet described by  Zechariah Sitchin as a translation from the clay tablets with their account of the origin and early history of man, is also supported in The Kolbrin. The Kolbrin has a chapter describing the “last visit of the Destroyer” as the Exodus of the Israelites. The Bible, in Exodus and Revelations, also describes very similar signs as the Kolbrin. The time span between the visits varies from account to account. The Kolbrin also states the last pass was at the time of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt (1446 BC). The 10 plagues of Moses’ time in 1446 BC accurately describe the effects of the passage of Planet X. The same description is provided in Revelations. The period of Nibiru is said to be “about 3600 years”. If God/Enlil is returning in 2073 after the Wormwood there is a difference of ~81 years or 2% of the “APPROXIMATELY” 3600 year cycle.


Also note that the underground people claim they were the Anunnaki and not from the heavens. Corey Goode backed by Bill Tompkins has indicated the Anshar posed as the Anunnaki. this would make the following conclusions applicable:

1.  The story of coming to Earth from Nibiru was not true.

2.  They are providing guidance to both the Arab and Israeli nations. leading to the same battles fought around 2300 BC.

3.  They claim they will defeat the one world government/army in the near future to allow a peaceful positive world.

4.  Since Ra stated that Yahweh was originally a part of Ra, that would make Ra a part of the underground people.       

If this is true , who is Enlil/Jehova/Yahweh?


As can be seen, these conclusions are contradictory. We do not have the whole truth.