Dear Shari and Toby,  




                  Inconsistencies between what is taught in Church and what the scriptures say.


There are many ways to interpret the scriptures. We have gotten everything from torture and inquisitions to selling of indulgences from them. The Church passes on the doctrine, dogma and philosophies from generation to generation while implying you are going to the Devil if you question any of it. Referring to THE REST OF THE BIBLE letter, it is easy to see how man has shaped the church over the centuries to suit his purpose. The Church has arrived at its final destination where in its complacency the people are only trying to do what they are told Jesus wanted us to do and help each other. These are good things to do but do not include all of what Jesus came to teach us. I participate and support the Church because it is a very practical way to help others spiritually, mentally and physically. Some of the things I have been taught all my life have bothered me since I was very young. The more I read and studied the Bible the more I was bothered with the lack of consistency between what I was taught and what I read in the Bible. It wasnt until recently I understood why these things bothered me. They were not necessarily wrong but they were not the whole truth either. It is like telling me that if I get up every morning and do exactly as I am told I will be a good person. What I am not being told is that I have an internal creativity that I can get in touch with and develop this world into a place that will help many, many people. I am not being told I have to develop my talents and that no one else is going save me by doing it for me.

The following are some of the differences between what I read in the scriptures and what the Church teaches. A few of them are trivial and only vary slightly in the details. Some of them reshape how we view the Church, ourselves and the world. You can make up your own mind as to how important they are.


1.    The Church teaches that Jesus is the same as God.  
Jesus taught that he was the Son of Man.

2.   The Church teaches that Jesus came for everyone and to save us from our sins.

     Jesus said he came for the Jews only and to fulfill the prophecies and proclaim the  Good News Of The Kingdom. Later, he sent Peter to the gentiles. However, he did show us the way to forgiveness.

4.    Resurrection Reincarnation

5.    The Church teaches that Jesus was crucified on Friday.
Jesus said he would be three nights in the grave.

6.    The Church teaches Jesus will come again to reign on Earth.
The Bible teaches Christ will come again

7.   The Church teaches Jesus was born on December 25th and the wise men came then.

     The Bible teaches Jesus was born September 11, 3 BC. Similar Biblical evidence indicates the three wise men came December 25th 2 BC, a year later. (see IV.A of reference)


To complete the concepts taught by Jesus, a practical and contemporary look at Love, Faith and Healing is necessary. These are not different than what is taught in some churches today but are always worth studying and practicing.