Normal to Abnormal pH Ranges

1.     Normal pH Values: Urine 6.0    Saliva 6.5-6.8

2.     Slightly Acidic: Urine 5.5-6.0    Saliva 7.0

3.     Medium Acidosis: Urine 5.0-5.5    Saliva 7.3

4.     Highly Acidic: Urine 4.5-5.0    Saliva 7.5

5.     Very High Acidosis (Primal Renal Acidosis) Urine 7.0    Saliva 6.2

Note: Sometimes the pH value goes up because of a bacterial infection

The normal pH of blood running through arteries (large elastic-walled blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to other parts of the body) is 7.4; the pH of blood in the veins (vessels that transports blood to the heart) is about 7.35. Normal urine pH averages about 6.0. Saliva has a pH between 6.0 and 7.4.





The Truth About pH Miracle Diet

If you want to know more about pH Miracle diet, read more from this article.

The latest dieting phenomenon which has taken the health and nutrition sector by storm is the pH miracle diet. Diets are essential fads which come and go, but more often than not, after the initial hype, people become frustrated with the diets because they do not produce the promised result. Examples of such diets would be the low-fat diet in the 90s, which gave way to low-carbohydrate diets such as Protein Power, Sugarbusters and Atkins, the South Beach Diet.

The pH miracle diet, or the alkaline diet or Young diet, named after its founder Robert Young, has been at the centre of attention since it was first introduced, because it does not follow the high protein, low carbohydrate diet advocated by dieticians for the past few years. How does a pH miracle diet work? The theory behind this is that our body is slightly alkaline. Since our body's mechanism functions best at the alkaline medium, it only makes sense for our diet to be mostly made up of alkaline foods. However, the food that we eat are considered acidic. Foods such as sugar, animal protein, caffeine and packaged food will introduce acids into our body, and thus interfering with the alkaline minerals in our body. Alkaline minerals are magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium, which protect our body from chronic illnesses.

Essentially, the idea behind the pH diet is to prevent us from falling prey to a host of diseases when these minerals are depleted from the incorrect pH balance in your body. Do not go away with the notion that the acidic foods you consume are only in small quantities. In fact, what you put in your mouth is significant enough to affect your overall health. Even though the usual balanced diet and the food pyramid recommended by doctors may seem sufficient, an inclusion of the pH diet will ensure avoidance of food that is detrimental to your health.

FDA often makes recommendations on food that are good for our health, and whole-wheat grain products is one such example. Going strictly by the pH diet theory, however, it falls into the category of "acidic foods" which we should avoid, together with millet, oats and rice. Instead, alkaline grains such as quinoa, spelt and buckwheat are better replacements due to the alkaline properties.

Thus, many of the foods that are supposedly recommended violate the pH miracle diet. Besides wheat, all meats and dairy products are also on the exclusion list. Alternative sources of protein can come from goat milk or vegetables like tofu, beans certain nuts and seeds, except for mushrooms. Fruits that are in the inclusion list are grapefruit, coconut, lemon and lime.

You will only be able to experience the difference after you've embarked on the pH miracle diet. Mind you, it's not just a slight improvement in your health, the effect is revolutionary! The rule of the thumb in any diet is to include more vegetables and fruits and lower the consumption of processed food. This is why opponents of the pH miracle diet claims that pH balance does not play a vital part in maintaining our health since we are already eating healthily. Moreover, there is no solid scientific research to testify that this diet is beneficial to our health. On the other hand, many believe in its potential are it is currently being researched by John Hopkins' University and by Neil Solomon from the United Nations. Having its grounds firm in Chinese medicine and holistic medicine, it is hoped these new findings will prove the effectiveness of the pH miracle diet to its critics, and gain a new following on a quest to better health.

Emma Deangela is the author of detox and fasting site at pH Miracle Diet and Fasting. Combining both Asian and Western philosophy, Emma Deangela has helped many people by giving them health consultation to make their lives better and healthier through natural health philosophy. Visit Body Detox to discover the health philosophy that lead many people to a healthy life.




The Importance of Drinking Good Water

Water is the driving force behind all forms of life. Our bodies are over 70 percent water and all of our body fluids contain it. Even the food we eat is predominantly made of water. Water adjusts the body's temperature and through urination and perspiration rids the body of toxins. Health authorities recommend that we drink at least 64 ounces (8 glasses) of water per day to attain proper hydration.

Most of us are dehydrated and dehydration can lead to great physical impairment. Dehydration is especially prevalent among men and women over forty years of age. For the body to function properly, it is imperative that it be properly hydrated.

Drinking enough water is one thing, but the other thing is the type of water we are drinking. Tap water is treated with many chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, which are toxins to the body. A lot of people these days drink bottled water which is often purified through reverse osmosis, or it is distilled, or it is spring water. However, many of the bottled waters on the market we have tested were actually acidic, as is distilled water. This is because when the minerals are removed the water loses its alkalinity.

The best water to drink is alkalized or ionized water, which is produced by running normal tap water over a positive (anode) and a negative (cathode) electrode. This creates positive and negative ions in the water that are then separated, creating two different waters, one that is alkaline and one that is acidic. To ionize simply means to gain or lose an electron. Basically, the ionization process robs an electron from one molecule and donates or transfers it to another molecule.

Alkaline and acid water, although very different, each have their benefits. Alkaline water is for flushing out internal toxins, scavenging free radicals, and oxygenating the body. Acid water, which is really a by-product of ionizing water, can be used externally for cleansing the skin, cleaning any surface and watering your plants.

There are a number of water ionizers on the market that can divide your tap water into acid and alkaline water. The water ionizers were developed in Japan in the 1950's and they were approved by the Japanese Government as "health improvement medical devices".

Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are the "cadillac" of reversing acidity, for not only do they alkalize, they also create water that has superior antioxidant abilities. According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, and author of the book "Detoxify or Die", ionized water is such a good free radical scavenger that it performs as well as the primary antioxidant enzymes that the body makes, namely superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase.

And it does an even better job than SOD, because SOD produces hydrogen peroxide which then has to be neutralized, but ionized water does not produce this unwanted free radical. As well, alkalized water suppresses genetic DNA breakage or mutation while it scavenges over four types of free radicals.

Thus, ionized water has several functions: It purifies the water, alkalizes the water, neutralizes free radicals, and protects the genes by preventing DNA damage.

Note: ALL products should be taken under the supervision of your physician or medical provider. Please understand that recommended doses for children are generally 1/4 of the adult dose for 5 years and older. Children 5 years and younger have also been known to consume or test these products  with beneficial results.

7 Reasons a Balanced pH is Critical for the Body:

1. Proper fat metabolism and weight control.
When the body is in its natural alkaline state, body weight and insulin production normalize. When we alkalize the body, it works so well at dropping excess weight that many of us lose weight just by eating more alkaline foods, and by adding supplements that alkalize to our diets.

2. Proper calcium utilization.
The body will do anything to maintain a balanced pH, including the leaching of important minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium from the tissues. To maintain alkalinity, the body first goes for sodium, then potassium, and then calcium. It literally leaches the calcium from your bones, making your bones porous and fragile. This is a major contributor to both osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

3. Appropriate cholesterol levels.
Balancing your pH helps to maintain proper cholesterol levels so that plaque does not form.

4. Controls cancerous cells.
Cancerous cells thrive in an acidic environment, and perish in an alkaline one. Cancerous cells simply cannot survive in an alkaline environment!

5. Proper electrolyte activity and efficient heart function.
Proper electrolyte activity is crucial to balanced energy levels.

6. Smooth blood flow.
Alkalizing helps to remove plaque from the arteries, veins, and heart tissue.

7. Healthy oxygen flow.
When we alkalize the bloodstream, it flushes toxins from tissues and protects against premature aging.


 An Assessment of Body pH Balance and Acidosis


by Dr. Thomas Nissen

Maintaining proper pH balance is a challenge in today's world because the body is constantly being bombarded by acids, both from an internal metabolic production as well as from exogenous sources. Acids are produced by the body as a normal function of cellular metabolism and from the oxidation of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

The biggest amount of these acids will be removed by the body through normal renal physiology. However, as the kidneys are excreting the acid out through the renal tubules they are concurrently reabsorbing the bicarbonate ion. The reabsorption of the bicarbonate ion is vital, for without this compensatory mechanism the loss of this valuable ion would be similar to the addition of greater amounts of acids.

Unfortunately, when the bicarbonate ion is reabsorbed, it greatly influences and thereby increases its own concentration in the plasma. This increased bicarbonate concentration can easily lead to an increase in the very stable iso-electric pH of the blood.

This reabsorption of the bicarbonate ion has the great potential of adversely affecting the delicate balance of the plasma pH (which can be measured through the saliva pH). When the kidneys are overstressed in their attempts to stay relatively current with the increased acid load, often the blood is also stressed attempting to maintain homeostasis with respect to pH. (Note: A bad digestion increases a million fold the acid production!)

The stress placed upon the blood will often create a shifting of the pH values further into the alkaline range. (Can be monitored by the saliva pH)

The typical American adult diet consists of a large and excessive dietary acid consumption. This coupled with diminishing tissue storage of alkaline minerals, and complicated by excessive simple sugar intake and compounded by an inability to adequately saturate the tissue with oxygen, all leads to an excess overburdening of the surrounding interstitial cells with acids.

When the body reaches a point where its ability to remove the excess acids are overcome by the acids both produced and consumed , the body must resort to storing the acids within which is the first step for all degenerative diseases including cancer.

The intestinal fluid becomes more and more acid so that the cells bath more and more in an acid environment. Nonetheless the blood plasma or lymph (saliva) becomes more and more alkaline, which means that the oxygen bond in the hemoglobulin protein increases and therefore less oxygen will be delivered to the cell. And that's why the development of cancer cells will increase because they live without oxygen (anaerobic).