The Teachings of Celestina


The Mindmatrix

This is something with which few will be familiar, yet it is an important element in earthly existence. A fish has its being in the element of water, while humans have theirs in the element of air. The fish is not conscious of the water it swims in, nor, as they go about their daily lives, are humans conscious of the air they breathe. Likewise, the metaphysical aspect of human individuals has its existence in a metaphysical element consisting of energies in which individuals are immersed. Energy follows thought and so this metaphysical 'sea' of energy, sometimes called the 'thought sea', is being continually influenced, coloured and modified by the mental output of human minds. This sea, which I will call the 'Mindmatrix', to avoid misunderstanding, is not to be confused with the universal consciousness. The former is on a lower vibratory level than the latter. The mindmatrix impinges on the transitional plane. An understanding of it will provide the answer for the 'Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon' and for the fact that two or more inventors, unknown to the other or others, will concurrently come up with the same idea. Likewise with theories such as that of evolution, which was the simultaneous product of two minds working in isolation from each other. Unfortunately, if worthwhile ideas are disseminated via the mindmatrix, so are other less wholesome concepts which afflict humanity, spawned there.

The mindmatrix may be conceived as a great pool containing elements emanated from the thoughts and emotions of all human beings, be they good or bad. The amalgamation of these elements establishes the prevailing nature of the mindmatrix, which, in turn, influences the thoughts and emotions of individuals. Thus, there is an interchange between the energies within the mindmatrix and human minds. Some people are very sensitive to these influences and open to any adverse effects; others, having a more effective metaphysical immune system, are much less subject to such influences. Human individuals draw from the mindmatrix that with which they have an affinity, so there is a compounding situation. The 'good' attract that which is good and repulse that which is bad, while the 'bad;' attract that which accords with their nature and repulse that with which they are incompatible. The latter speak truly when they say that 'their thoughts are not their own', but seeking to excuse themselves on such grounds carries no weight, for they have chosen to be as they are and to attract what to others is unattractive.

While human beings are beginning to concern themselves with the pollution of their environment, the contamination of the air and poisoning of their
waters, they are oblivious of the effects of their mental outpourings on the metaphysical element in which their subtle-self lives. Yet this can be just as detrimental to their wellbeing. I will now introduce two words from the earthlore of the past, which can be adapted to serve in this context: they are Beneficia and Maleficia. The first will refer to the positive and wholesome thoughts and emotions that humans introduce into the mindmatrix through their mental activities. The second will refer to the negative and unwholesome thoughts and emotions introduced. The poured out mental elements of Beneficia and Maleficia may be said to colour or discolour the purity of the elemental energies inherent in the mindmatrix.

The elements with which individuals have an affinity are drawn out of the mindmatrix by a kind of metaphysical osmosis; each is attracted towards that with which he or she corresponds. This means, of course, that all individuals are capable of protecting themselves, because the strength of their metaphysical immune system is in direct ratio to their unwillingness to attract adverse elements.

What are good thoughts and what are bad ones is not something to be decided in an arbitrary manner, nor does the standard vary from one individual to
another in accordance with individual interpretations. Conscience alone is a fallible guide; something more is required, and this is a diligent study of the teachings of which mine form a compatible part. Everyone believes his or her own concept of good to be the right one, but this is just another human fallacy. The subject of good and evil is a very complex one indeed and a matter worthy of very careful consideration.

Few people are good enough to be completely free of adverse influences from the mindmatrix. There are always moments of weakness when even the best are caught off guard. Of course, the opposite applies too, undesirable characters may also open themselves on occasions to the influences of Beneficia. Society at large is influenced by the prevailing colourations of the mindmatrix; thus, when a critical number of people share common thoughts and attitudes this becomes the social atmosphere in which all will live.

The metaphysical atmosphere of the mindmatrix a couple of generations ago was quite different from that existing today. So society was different, there were different mores and, sad to say, it was better. Materially, of course, you are much better off today, but a climate of affluence is not conducive to bringing out the best in human beings. Yet there is hope in the fact that many are seeking truth through spirituality; unfortunately, there is a tendency to expect easy answers, instant enlightenment. Spiritual truth has a very high price and to settle for the cheap imitation, the spurious copy, will never satisfy and will leave a residue of disillusionment and cynicism.

So you have a generation declining through affluences and lack of inspirational guidance, obsessed by sex and consequently continually contributing to the contamination of the energy field in which its superphysical part exists. Can you wonder that your society is sick and seems to have lost all sense of right and wrong? Anti-social attitudes and concepts are promoted by popular acceptance, or allowed to flourish through dull, deadly apathy. Even well-intentioned legislation contributes to the moral decline. Minds, attitudes and perspectives are coloured by what is absorbed from the mindmatrix, and the latter is far from being what it should be.