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A year and one half was spent by Bryan in Mt. Shasta, Ca visiting with the Telosians and writing what they said. This resulted in a book picking up where TELOS 3 left off. There is a little overlap between TELOS1,2,3 and Welcoming New Earth. A few chapters in this book are devoted to additional information about Telosian life past and present. The bulk of the book is providing a clearer picture of life during and after ascension and how to get there. The following is an expanded table of contents to assist in locating topics.

            Harmony; number one requirement for Ascension
            Easier now to connect
            Pyramid – safe place, meeting Company of Heaven halfway
            The following from Master Adama and the High Council of Telos

1.     A Walk in Telos
method – how done in 2016
5D life in Telos

2.     The Great Hall
light language
four lower bodies
telepathy used for communication at any distance
4th/5th D – control thoughts
Energy follows Intension and Matter follows Energy
use discernment with light language

3.     Ahatana and the Great Shift
Lemurian cities
2,000 years to settle after last shift 10,000 BC
Agartha – Middle Earth, cities and aliens; some dark presence

4.     Project Organization Chart
ascended master councils such as Great White Brotherhood
The current project and the ship New Jerusalem; grand plan
St Germain sponsor of Aquarian age
%clearing of collective karma needed to move to next events
We receive our instruction from our higher selves
elemental kingdom receive its instructions from Devic Angels and the Elohim

5.     Life on New Earth
            day to day living in 5D, children,
Moving From 3D to 5D
            will be a conscious decision – 57
            will be a gradual change
            60- technical changes by 2177-2257 completion by 2170-2400 (assuming 40 years = a generation)
            process has started and times approximate
             final transition seamless
            we can choose to move to another 3D world
            64 –it will be one 5D Earth
            68- milestone, majority of those who are going to 5D may have chosen to by 2032
            great changes by 2032 -2037
Gaia’s Transition From 3D to 5D
            This will occur gradually as 3D aspects fall away through natural attrition until only 5D remains
Follow up discussion about Gaia

6.     Balancing the Masculine/Feminine Energies
            higher level of feminine energies incarnating at this time
            communications will move to a higher vibration level
            collective consciousness is changing (more loving)
our bodies are changing
            86-new gifts of telepathy, self-healing and manefestation
Coming back into balance
            89 – we are receiving special assistance

7.     First meeting with Trindletothton
Master Adama and the Mighty Blue Dragons of Venus
Master Adama, Trindy and Andthuras
Follow up with Master Adama

8.     Messages from Trindletothton

9.     The Seven Rays

            a light or ray is an activity with its own intelligence - 134
            the seven solar system flames/rays/holy spirit are in 5thD temples or higher
            they keep us from living in darkness 128
            they are consciousness and intelligence from the heart of the Creator
            some level of attainment is required for 5D consciousness
            130 begin your day with that day’s flame
            the flames are tended by honoring and recognition – 133
Follow up  on the five secret rays
            there are five additional galactic rays which are formed by combinations - 135
Master St. Germain on Sunrise and Sunset
authors’ notes on the use of the Violet Flame

10.  Lemurian DNA activation
how Lemurians live so long
            time as we know it does not exist in 5D and beyond – 144
            5D people live for many thousands of years
            St Germain lived for several hundred years on Earth
            5D bodies are physical, made of light and are lighter – 147
            raising of consciousness and technical advancement will remove the dark days
            vegetarian diet, light vegetables

11.  Coming into balance

12.  The Crystal Kingdoms
            the crystal kingdoms carry their own level of consciousness
            they have their own type of collective consciousness - 169
            the energy grids in Gaia are similar to the meridians in our bodies - 167
            Gaia is ahead of us on ascension
            some crystals are record keepers    accessed by telepathy or hologram - 171

13.  Body Elemental and Body Double
            these are from elemental kingdom; air – sylphs, water – undines, earth – gnomes, fire – salamanders
            the four lower bodies have an inherent wisdom/intelligence
            body elemental communicates

14.  Gaia
            188 - Gaia and other heavenly bodies are advanced level beings – 191 – multidimentional beings
            190 - the Elohim are the builders of form for our galaxy
            195 – humanity ascending to 5D with Gaia

15.  Gaia’s Weather

16.  Cultural Karma and New Earth
            The progression of consciousness or lack thereof
            the relationship between government and populous
            the key weapon against evil is love

17.  Food and Health Revolutions

18.  Energy Transmissions
            energies can be attached to images, spoken word and objects
            225 – we are being programmed; in a negative way if we watch negative movies

19.  Transformation: the catapillar and the butterfly

20.  Clearing and foundations for Co-Creation
            284 – we created our present situation

21.  Animal kingdom in Telos and 5D
            296 – animals will slowly evolve to 5D

22.  Legends and Myths
            309 - bigfoot

23.  Lenticular clouds and ships

24.  Journeys with Tabiananti and her merkaba