Edgar Cayce on the Future


http://www.near-death.com/images/graphics/new_age/paintings/city_of_color.jpgAlmost every day, several times a day, for more than forty years, Cayce would induce himself into an altered out-of-body state of consciousness and reveal profound information on various subjects such as health, dreams, meditation, religions, and reincarnation, to name a few. But it was the information that Cayce revealed about the future which he is probably most known for. He provided information about the history of humanity from the very beginning to a time in the future when humans will evolve into beings with supernatural powers. He described a new era of enlightenment and peace when divinity within humans would be manifested on the Earth. But before this "kingdom of God" would rule the world, Cayce foresaw world events that can only be described as apocalyptic, a period of purification involving natural disasters that will dramatically alter the surface of the Earth, wars, economic collapse, and socio-political unrest. These visions of the future agree with what is known about prophecies from NDEs.   

Cayce believed that these horrible future events could be averted if humanity changed its behavior. And this is the purpose for giving prophecies - to warn people to change so that the prophecies won't happen. Since Cayce certainly was not 100% accurate in his predictions, I believe this only shows how some of Cayce's apocalyptic predictions have been averted. So, a successful gloom and doom prophecy is one that does doesn't occur. Cayce's prophecies became well-known all over the world and a case may be made that he may have had some influence in creating the change within people to alter the course of history enough so that the prophecy would not happen. Cayce would repeatedly say that even the Lord of Lords could not accurately predict future events because human free will can alter and change the future. Cayce is referring to the Biblical account when Jesus is asked when he would return. His reply was:

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." (Matt. 24:36)

So, prophecy is never given for any other purpose than as a warning. For this reason, a successful prophecy is one that has been averted and therefore does not happen. Skeptics of Cayce's prophetic ability like to point out that because some of his predictions did not happen, this means he was a fake. But from another perspective, one can say that his prophecies helped to change enough people to prevent them from occurring. 

Cayce envisioned that a time would come when all individuals would realize their responsibility toward one another – a realization that would change the thought of humanity. During the height of World War II, he saw the possibility of a united world and a renewed sense of spirituality all over the world. When asked in 1944 which religious thought would lead the world toward the greatest amount of spiritual light and understanding, the reply was simply, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself!” 

Cayce's Visions of the Future That Already Have Come True

http://www.near-death.com/images/graphics/miscellaneous/stock_market_paper.jpgCayce received many visions of the future and many of them have already come to pass. From these visions he made a number of remarkably accurate predictions. The following is a list of them:

Foresaw the Stock Market Crash and Great Depression  

In 1924, Cayce predicted the crash of the market after a long bull run during the late 1920's. During the mid-1920's he chronicled the rise and fall of the stock market, teaching his clients how to play the bull market and how to prepare for the crash of 1929. He even outlined what growth industries would give them the best long term portfolio after the market reached bottom. Cayce should have been quite well-to-do with endowment from a share of their speculations, but his clients did not pay attention to the readings and failed to pay heed to his warning. Six months later, they lost all they had when the great October 1929 Stock Market Crash occurred. This was also the trigger for the Great Depression which Cayce also foresaw. In 1931, Cayce foresaw that the Great Depression would lift in the spring of 1933 which it did. 

Foresaw revolutions in foreign lands

In March 1935, Cayce added that eventually, unless there is more of the spiritual attitude raised in groups here and there, world conditions would terminate in a revolution throughout many of the foreign nations. There was nothing in 1935 which caused much unrest. But in 1936, the Spanish Civil War broke out, Italy invaded Ethiopia, Japan invaded China, and Stalin elevated the Great Purges to star billing throughout Russia. 

Foresaw the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler

In January 1934, Cayce predicted that Hitler would rise in power to reign over Germany. In August 1935, Cayce predicted that Hitler would remain in power until it will "come as an overthrow or an outside war."

Foresaw a world war that would begin in 1936  

Cayce gave one of his greatest world prophecies in February 1932. He sweepingly outlined the course of most of the decade of the 1930's, which centered around:

"A great catastrophe that's coming to the world in ' 36, in the form of the breaking up of many powers that now exist as factors in the world affairs."

Cayce predicted the acceptance or rejection of the League of Nations in 1936, after which changes would come which would create different maps of the world. He detailed that before 1936 arrived the powers in Russia, United States, Japan and England, or United Kingdom would be "broken up", as indeed they were with major changes in the governments and policies of each nation.

Cayce began 1935 with predictions about a revolution throughout many of the foreign nations and finished up 1935 with his first grim predictions about a universal war which he described as the whole world on fire. He predicted that international patterns would spiral out of control after 1936, resulting in new national boundaries. By 1937 he foresaw both the beginning and the end of World War II. Cayce's readings continued to provide highly accurate predictions about the escalation of the whole world on fire, the U.S. entry into the effort to fight it, the establishment of peace, and the return to normalcy within the new world order. Early on he twice gave a highly accurate time frame for the ending of the war. Before the war even began, Cayce was describing the nature of the post-war era.

Foresaw America's 1941 entry into the war

America's entry into the war was revealed through a reading in July 1939 for a retired naval commander, which also contained a message of hope:

Question:  "Am I likely to be recalled to active service within two or three years?"

Answer:  "The only likelihood will be in ‘41. This, too, if the people pray, and live as they pray, will pass."

Cayce ominously called the American Destiny, hinting about U.S. involvement in the great fire: America must remain:

"As it were - the balance of power in not only the money forces of the world but those influences that will later be for the manning of those powers where greater destructive forces will arise in those portions of the world..."

He laid out the worldwide scope of the conflict:

"Disturbance in Asia, that will be effective or active through the changes in Germany, Italy and especially through the Balkan forces or Balkan States, will produce a disturbance that may reach proportions that will become rather terrifying to all of Europe and Asia."

Foresaw a decisive World War II battle  

On June 20, 1943, Cayce described a battle that would happen and determine the outcome and length of the world war. 

Five days after making this prediction, the German and Russian armies clashed in the greatest tank battle of all time.

Foresaw the deaths of Presidents FDR and JFK  

In 1939, Cayce predicted the deaths of two presidents in office: 

"You are to have turmoil -- you are to have strife between capital and labor. You are to have a division in your own land, before you have the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office ... a mob rule!"

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in April 1945. In November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, when racial tensions in the United States were boiling. 

"Unless there is more give and take," Cayce said, "consideration for those who produce, with better division of the excess profits from labor, there must be greater turmoil in the land."

Kennedy was killed during the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Great civil and racial unrest followed just as Cayce foresaw.

Foresaw India's independent from Britain

Cayce predicted that India would become independent from Britain. 

This prophecy was fulfilled in 1947 when India began a transition to a democratic republic after independence from Britain.

Foretold archeological facts which later proved true

Cayce was equally as far ahead of the archeologists and paleontologists. It took nearly another 60 years for the predominance of evidence from around the world to prove Cayce probably correct in his claim that the human species is 10.5 million years old, that the Giza monuments in Egypt were aligned with the stars as of 10,500 BC, that the structure of the Egyptian religion was defined from astronomical relationships, and that an ancient civilization influenced the development of Egypt, Maya, and Bharati.

http://www.near-death.com/images/graphics/religious/judaism/dead_sea_scrolls.gifForetold the discovery of the Essenes and Dead Sea Scrolls 

Cayce correctly described the location of an Essene community which was discovered when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. He revealed a series of information concerning Palestine which was given for people who were told they had been together during the life and times of Jesus. This data includes a description of the Essenes and their part in the advent of the Messiah, and is prophetic of the light thrown upon these mysterious people by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1948, fully ten years later after Cayce described them.

Foresaw the rebirth of the nation of Israel

In 1932, Cayce advised the Jews to regard the advent of Fascist anti-Semitism in Europe as the time to fulfill the biblical prophecy which foretold that the Jews would return to Israel. 

In May of 1948, the nation of Israel was re-established just as Cayce predicted. This was followed by war between Israel and the Arab countries around it.

Foretold the discovery of the land from Atlantis

Cayce revealed that new land will appear in 1968 or 1969 off the east coast of North America, the so-called "rising of Atlantis".

It was in that timeframe that the Bimini Road was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. Whether this is actually a road or natural, geologic erosion is being hotly debated. Many people believe this to be the actual portion of Atlantis that Cayce was referring to.

Cayce maintained that Atlantis was an ancient civilization that was technologically superior to even our own and that its last surviving islands have disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic ocean some ten thousand years ago. 

Cayce revealed that the size of Atlantis was equal to that of Europe, including Asia in Europe. He saw visions of this continent of the past which had gone through three major periods of division; the first two occurred around 15,600 B.C., when the mainland was divided into islands. The three main islands of Atlantis Cayce named were Poseida, Og and Aryan. 

He said the people of Atlantis had constructed giant laser-like crystals for power plants, and that these were responsible for the second destruction of the land. Cayce blamed the final destruction of Atlantis and the disintegration of their culture on greed and lust. But before the legendary land disappeared under the waves, Cayce revealed that there was an exodus of many Atlanteans to ancient Egypt. Cayce attributed the Biblical Great Flood of Noah to be a result of the sinking of the last huge remnants of Atlantis.

During Cayce's otherworldly journeys, Cayce would often reveal the past lives of those who would come to him for information concerning their health. A number of people who came to Cayce were told by him that they had past lives in the legendary lost land of Atlantis. In fact, Cayce revealed that a vast number of souls who lived past lives in Atlantis have been incarnating to America for a long time now to usher in a new era of enlightened human consciousness. In all, Cayce referred to Atlantis no fewer than seven hundred times over a span of twenty years.   

Foresaw the collapse of Soviet Union and communism

Cayce predicted the failure of communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union:

"[Through Russia], comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism -- no! But freedom -- freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world."

Cayce's words, despite all disbelief, were fulfilled in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved as a nation, abandoned communism, and instituted economic and political freedom.

Foresaw the alliance of Russia and US

Cayce foresaw that Russia would one day become America's ally. Russia, he said, would be guided by friendship with the United States. The Soviet Union's attempt to rule "not only the economic, but the mental and spiritual life" of its people was doomed to failure. 

"..for changes are coming, this may be sure -- an evolution or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia. Not communism, no! But rather that which is the basis of the same as the Christ taught -- his kind of communism."

Cayce's vision came true after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

Foresaw Russian religious freedom and religious movement

Cayce predicted a strong religious movement would come out of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

In 1991, the fall of the Soviet Union and atheistic communism occurred as Cayce predicted. The resulting freedom to practice religion released a flood of Russian spirituality.

Discovered scientific facts which were later verified to be true

Cayce provided many descriptions of the workings of the world and the cosmos. Many of them seemed implausible in his day but during the past 50 years none of Cayce's comments about science or the natural principles of how the cosmos works has been unproven. Many have been proven and more and more of his ideas have come to form the basis of modern science.

Cayce described part of the fundamentals of what would become the sciences of weather and earthquake prediction in the later part of the 20th century, easily 30 years ahead of scientists. He predicted the existence of a ninth Planet (Pluto) many years in advance, and the discovery of major quantities of gold on the bottom of the ocean, which was discovered in the 1970's. He also attributed the main cause of motion in the Earth's tectonic plates and crust to the motions and relationships of the planets, which the Trilogy thoroughly documents as an important scientific discovery.

Foresaw the rise of major technological industries

http://www.near-death.com/images/graphics/science/circuit_board.jpgClosely related to his ability to read science well in advance of its practitioners, Cayce astutely predicted the broad stream of the technological future. He was able to fully describe the major technology industries which would drive the development of the American economy after World War II. Consistently, 10 to 30 years in advance of the economy, while ideas were still in their novelty stage, Cayce advised his clients to focus on all aspects of radio, telegraphy, telephones, communications and electronics industries which were associated with war products, deluxe fine furniture cabinetry for electronic products, composite woods and molded materials, and plastic resins. A man named David Kahn made millions of dollars with this information.

The following are some more of Cayce's most astute predictions about science and technology:

Discovered the existence of the long economic cycle  

Cayce described a long term economic cycle of 24 to 25 years which predicts depressions and major recessions. Starting with a base year of 1907, every 24th or 25th year precisely describes an economic downturn. Based on Cayce's definition, the next major depression is forecast for the year 2006 or 2007. The cycle does not describe all of the downturns but it definitely describes the worst downturns.

Foresaw a shift of the Earth's poles around the millennium  

In the late 1920's and early 1930's, Cayce was the first to describe the concept of the shifting of the pole as a result of the crust of the Earth moving independently from the core of the Earth to bring different a surface area over the spin axis. During the past 30 years, this concept has received more and more attention by geophysicists, some of whom now seriously argue that the crust does move independently. Some geophysicists now also argue that the best way to explain a variety of paleo sea-level and other data is that it moves and shifts fairly frequently and more rapidly than previously imagined.

Cayce predicted changes to the Earth surface to begin some time between 1958 and 1998. The cause of these dramatic Earth changes will be the shift in the world's magnetic poles around the year 2000. Cayce predicted that when this pole shift occurs it would begin reversals in the world's climate so that:

"..where there has been a frigid or semi-tropical climate, there will be a more tropical one, and moss and fern will grow."

Cayce's prediction of a pole shift occurred in 1998. According to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, in 1998 something changed the Earth's gravitational field which moved the magnetic poles closer together. The NASA article explained that as the ice on the poles melted, ocean currents moved water toward the equator, which factors researchers believe to be partly responsible, in conjunction with shifts in atmospheric patterns, for this ongoing shift in the Earth's magnetic field. This NASA finding affirms Cayce's prediction of a pole shift.

Foresaw the rise of the aviation and radio industries  

In May 1930, despite the deepening depression, Cayce predicted the industries which would become the next U.S. focus of industrial activity: those of the aerial nature; that is, radio and its associations; aerial and its associations. At the time, both the radio and aviation industries were still widely regarded as commercially unproven toys.

Foresaw the rise of new communications technologies  

Cayce foresaw that exceptional changes and improvements would come in the communications and broadcasting industries: he pointed years in advance to the coming of TV, fax, telex, expanded stock ticker-tape services, and microwave transmission on land to replace copper wire.

Foresaw the great influence of aviation on the world  

During the 1930's Cayce told his clients to get out of rails and to get into the air. In February 1933, he named the most outstanding change that would come - airplane manufacturing and transportation industry. In November 1942, Cayce predicted that air transportation will become more and more the basis of ALL relationships with other nations, countries, as well as the internal or national activity. By 1944 he predicted that any town that has any name will eventually be on an airline and when they're off it's as bad as being off the railroad (in another ten to twenty years).

Foresaw the development of infra-red vision for night vision

Cayce was probably the first human being to describe the concept of infra-red vision. Infrared night vision is now one of the mainstays of U.S. military superiority.

Foresaw the union of the radio and telegraph industry  

Cayce foresaw the rapid integration and expansion of the communication industry which would be driven by the new technology. In October 1935 he predicted that by '39 should be a fact - that is, the united activity of Radio and the Telegraph lines. By the end of the 1930's the ITU had created the technical standards which allowed all forms of communication to inter-operate. In November 1942 he added: 

"Thus, all communications are a part of this activity. This means not only radio and telegraph (for these must be eventually one) ... but more and more the air as the greater means of communications. With more and more satellite communication facilities coming on line, even in the 1990's, it is more and more the air."

Discovered an investment strategy that proved to be successful 

In March, 1936, Cayce advised investing in allied industrials, that deal with preparations of war materials, for the next few months. But the industrials having to do with communications of all natures, for long terms.

Discovered a consumer products strategy that proved to be successful  

In September, 1942, Cayce advised investing in any electrical appliances, all forms of home appliances, those of greater conveniences, - all of these will offer the greater investment now and for the future - for the next few years, at least. These consumer products drove the economy for a long time and companies which manufactured them become huge. It is still true today, in the form of computers and digital electronics. In March, 1944, Cayce again predicted post-war economic leadership for technology in all of the industrial products, including radio, ice box, automobile, lights. He predicted at the same time that TV would become an important consumer product before the TV broadcasting industry had even been conceived.

Foresaw the day of his own death

The last vision of the future Cayce received concerned himself. His visions would often warn him that he should not use his powers more than twice a day or serious health problems would occur. But because Cayce would receive thousands of requests for help, he would ignore these warnings and help them anyway. Many letters were from mothers who were worried about their sons fighting World War II. Cayce's final vision warned him that the time had come for him to stop working and rest. 

But on January 1, 1945, Cayce announced that he would be buried in four more days. This was yet another prediction that proved to be true.

Cayce's Visions of the Future That are Yet to Happen

http://www.near-death.com/images/graphics/nde/hellish/hell_fire_brimstone.jpgThe year the battle of Armageddon will occur in the spirit realm (may be happening already)

Cayce predicted that the so-called "Battle of Armageddon" described symbolically in the Bible would begin in 1999. Cayce foresaw that this "battle" will not be a war fought on Earth. Rather, it will be a spiritual struggle between the "higher forces of light" and "lower forces of darkness" for 1000 years of Earth time. The reason for this struggle is to prevent souls from lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to Earth. By preventing souls from the lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to Earth, only enlightened souls will be permitted to reincarnate. The result will be 1000 years of building a world of peace and enlightenment. After 1000 years, souls from lower afterlife realms will be permitted once again to reincarnate to Earth. By this time, the so-called "kingdom of heaven" will have been established on Earth.

The year of the second coming of Christ (may have already happened)

Cayce often maintained that humanity would soon experience a "day of reckoning." He predicted the year of the second coming of Jesus to be 1998. 

Critics who are not very familiar with the Cayce material have pointed out that 1998 has come and gone and the second coming has not occurred. Such critics wrongly expect the second coming to happen when Jesus appears in the sky with a chorus of angels while Gabriel blows a horn and dead bodies crawl out of their graves. This idea of the resurrection was the result of a misunderstanding of the concept of reincarnation - the ancient concept of birth and rebirth. 

It is more logical and more realistic for Jesus to make his entrance the same way he did in his previous life - rebirth. For this reason, I believe that Jesus has indeed returned just as Cayce foresaw. If my theory is true then it means that Jesus is currently living on Earth as a young child. Here is why I believe my theory is highly probable:

(1)  Cayce has a good track record about his predictions - especially the major Earth-changing ones.

(2)  Cayce was a very spiritual and religious person in love with Jesus. He actually met Jesus on occasion during his afterlife sojourns and had a strong personal relationship with him.

(3)  As a Christian "prophet", the second coming of Christ would be perhaps Cayce's most important prophecy to make. It would seem highly unlikely that he would be so accurate on other prophecies and not accurate on the event his heart was set on most.

(4)  One particular NDE supports the idea that Jesus has already returned. Dr. Richard Eby had a NDE in which he was told by Jesus that he would not die until Jesus returns. But on December 2, 2002, Eby died. Thus, either Jesus is already here, or Dr. Eby and/or Jesus is lying. The lying theory seems improbable.

(5)  One particular NDE supports the idea that Jesus is going to return very soon. Angie Fenimore was also given information suggesting that Jesus is to return very soon, if he hasn't done so already. Notice also that Fenimore agrees with Cayce about spiritual warfare going on now.

"Humanity is in the final moments before Jesus Christ returns to this Earth. The Earth is being prepared for this event. The war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness are growing so intense on Earth, humanity is in danger of being consumed by the forces of darkness." (Angie Fenimore)

(6)  There is an ancient prophecy that quite possibly supports Cayce's timeframe for the second coming of Jesus. Nostradamus gave a prophecy that I believe refers to the reincarnation of Jesus. Here it is:

"In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come the Great King of Terror. He will bring back the great king of the Mongols. Both before and after this, war reigns unrestrained." (Nostradamus)

(a)  Here is my interpretation of this quatrain:

In the year 1999, the Great King of Terror (perhaps Jesus) will come from another dimension to be reborn. Jesus will have the king of the Mongols (possibly Genghis Khan) be reincarnated. Before 1999 and after 1999, great wars will break out.

(b)  Concerning the identity of the King of Terror:

Whenever the Bible refers to the "day of the Lord" or "the end of days" or the "end of the age," it always refers to a period of fear, terror, judgment, fire, and brimstone. This is why I interpret the King of Terror to be Jesus. The year 1998 that Cayce gave could be a reference to the conception of Jesus. The year 1999 that Nostradamus gave could be a reference to the birth of Jesus. 

(c)  Nostradamus gives anagrams for the names the three antichrists:

The Nostradamus quatrain above describes a king of the Mongols which may be a reference to the final antichrist of which Nostradamus named three of them. They are: "Napaulon Roy" (i.e., Napoleon), "Hister" (i.e., Hitler), and the final one Nostradamus named is "Mabus." 

(d)  Why did Nostradamus use heavy symbolism?:

Nostradamus was clever enough to give us the names in a way that we could recognize them without him actually naming them. In his day, the penalty for being a prophet was death. This is why Nostradamus cloaked and scrambled his prophecies in symbols and anagrams so that they can be hidden but still deciphered.

(e)  Nostradamus names the third antichrist:

The identity of "Mabus", the third antichrist, has baffled many Nostradamus buffs. Many current world leaders have been suggested to be this Mabus. The identity of this antichrist may become known someday soon - who knows? Here are some ideas from the leading Nostradamus scholar John Hogue.

More Cayce Prophecies for the Future

http://www.near-death.com/images/graphics/text/future.jpgA new field of science will be developed based on a psychic/spiritual phenomenon

Cayce predicted in September, 1939, that when there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able, as any other phase of human experience. Cayce did not specify a time frame, he specified a condition, placing as much research emphasis on the spiritual/occult phenomena as material causation. It would be nice to think that Cayce was referring to near-death research which would fit the description of the science he is referring to. Until we know more in the future, we will have to assume that this prediction is still pending.

A new discovery in astronomy will occur

Cayce provided a major clue that astronomers have not yet taken up: the discovery of the revolution of the solar system around a star system composed of Arcturus and the Pleiades.

There is a possibility of a World War III

Cayce foresaw the possibility of a third world war. He spoke of strife arising near the Davis Straits, and in Libya, and in Egypt, in Ankara, and in Syria; through the straits around those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

Given the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the tensions in the Middle East right now, such a war could certainly be a possibility.

Major archeological discoveries concerning human origins will be found

Cayce predicted that there will be three profound archeological discoveries of a very ancient and important nature that will revolutionalize the way we understand human origins, cosmology and religion. Cayce stated that this will occur when humanity reaches a higher level of spirituality. The three repositories mentioned are in Egypt (near the Great Pyramid), the Bimini area (where the possible portion of Atlantis has already been discovered), and the Yucatan (the location where the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs).

China will become a Christian nation

Cayce envisioned a future where China would be the:

"the cradle of Christianity as applied in the lives of men."

On the surface of it, this prediction appears to completely improbable. This prediction of Cayce's has stumped a lot of people who are not familiar with the Cayce material. Some critics use this prediction to show that Cayce is fallible. The answer to these critics is that, first of all, Cayce has already been shown to be less than 100% in his predictions and there is no reason to believe that a person with Cayce's ability have to be perfect in their predictions. This aside, those who are more knowledgeable about the Cayce material knows that the brand of Christianity that Cayce affirmed to be the highest form of Christianity is not modern or traditional Christianity, but rather Gnostic Christianity. This sect of Christians possessed the secret teachings of Jesus that he did not reveal to the general public. 

Gnostic Christianity resembles Buddhism more than it does traditional Christianity because it involves reincarnation, the divine light within, and concepts that can found in near-death experiences.

One of the most respected scholars on the subject of Gnosticism is Elaine Pagels. She noted that the similarities between Gnosticism and Buddhism have prompted some scholars to question their interdependence and to wonder whether "...if the names were changed, the living Buddha appropriately could say what the Gospel of Thomas attributes to the living Jesus." Although intriguing, she rightly maintains that the evidence is inconclusive, since parallel traditions may emerge in different cultures without direct influence. Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels, (New York: Random House, 1979, repr. 1989), xx-xxi

Since the Chinese communist government has stopped its cultural war against religion and democracy and lifted the restriction on the practice of Buddhism, I see no reason to doubt that Chinese Buddhism will one day become the "Cradle of Christianity." 

Volcanic activity will proceed major earthquakes

"If there are greater activities in [the volcanoes] Vesuvius or Pelee, then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada, we may expect, within the three months following same, inundation by the earthquakes. But these are to be more in the Southern than the Northern Hemisphere."

America's west coast will be destroyed

http://www.near-death.com/kenring/images/people/kenneth_ring.jpgThe widespread destruction in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as in many portions of the west coast will occur. Earth changes will occur in the central portion of the United States as well.

NDE researcher Dr. Ken Ring discovered that many near-death accounts he was studying foretell future Earth changes such as earthquakes, volcanoes, a pole shift, strange weather patterns, droughts, famines, tidal waves and a new social order followed by a golden age. These NDE visions of the future agree completely with the Cayce predictions described below.

The ocean level will rise significantly

With the shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles that began in 1998 will come a gradual melting of the polar ice caps and eventually cause inundations of many coastal regions resulting in a drop in the landmass of about 30 feet. In 1941, Cayce elaborated on this effect: 

"As to conditions in the geography of the world, of the country -- changes here are gradually coming about ... For, many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the U.S. In the next few years land will appear in the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. And what is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many battle fields of the present will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which The New World Order will carry on their trade as one with another."

Dramatic changes in coastlines around the world

Due to the shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles and natural disasters, dramatic changes such as this will occur:

"The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that's almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Etna area, then we many know it has begun."

Interesting note:  In 1991, a series of natural disturbances occurred following the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily. Soon after the eruption of Mount Etna, volcanic eruptions occurred in the Philippines. These events may not be a fulfillment of Cayce's prediction, but they may be a harbinger of greater Earth changes.

Major Earth changes will occur in America

Here is a description of these major Earth changes in Cayce's own words: 

"Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia -- these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf, rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered. Then the area where the entity is now located (Virginia Beach) will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land -- much of that is to be disturbed as, of course much in other lands."

A new era of peace and enlightenment will follow the tremendous Earth changes

Finally, Cayce foresaw a new era of enlightenment and peace for humanity in the future. Cayce states:

"A new order of conditions is to arise; there must be a purging in high places as well as low; and that there must be the greater consideration of the individual, so that each soul being his brother's keeper. Then certain circumstances will arise in the political, the economic, and whole relationships to which a leveling will occur or a greater comprehension of the need for it."

"This America of ours, hardly a new Atlantis, will have another thousand years of peace, another Millennium. All this done in the same manner that the prayers of ten just men once saved a city. And then the deeds, the prayers of the faithful will glorify the Father as peace and love will reign for those who love the Lord."

Cayce's glimpse of his next incarnation and a view into the future

Cayce once had a prophetic dream involving an event in his next incarnation on Earth. It gives us an interesting look into the future:

“I had been born again in 2100 A.D. in Nebraska. The sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country, as the city where I lived was on the coast. The family name was a strange one. At an early age as a child I declared myself to be Edgar Cayce who had lived 200 years before. Scientists, men with long beads, little hair, and thick glasses, were called in to observe me. They decided to visit the places where I said I had been born, lived, and worked in Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan, and Virginia.

"Taking me with them the group of scientists visited these places in a long, cigar-shaped metal flying ship which moved at a high speed.

"Water covered part of Alabama. Norfolk, Virginia, had become an immense seaport. New York had been destroyed either by war or an immense earthquake and was being rebuilt. Industries were scattered over the countryside. Most of the houses were built of glass. Many records of my work as Edgar Cayce were discovered and collected.

"The group returned to Nebraska, taking the records with them to study... These changes in the Earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half times are at an end, and there begins those periods for the readjustments...”

From the list of prophecies that Cayce gave which proved successful, his prophecies of the future should be seriously considered. However, Cayce himself stated that the future is not fixed and that human free will makes virtually everything possible.

"As each second passed there was more to learn, answers to questions, meanings and definitions, philosophies and reasons, histories, mysteries and so much more, all pouring into my mind. I remember thinking, 'I knew that, I know I did, where has it all been?'" - Virginia Rivers describing her NDE

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