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What is a false flag? It is an operation done by one group in the name of an opponent group in order to place the blame on them. For example, Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for killing JFK when the Clowns In Action (deep state) actually did it. 911 destruction of the twin towers was blamed on middle east terrorists when the deep state organized and executed it. The shootings at an outdoor concert a few years back were blamed on terrorists when the deep state organized and executed it. Do we see a pattern here? The entering of the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was facilitated by police. The police moved the barriers and escorted the people in. Once at the door, a few ANTIFA members became rowdy. However, the Trump administration does share some of the blame. The Trump administration had tracked the information planning the false flag. The lady shot in the neck was tweeting the next day on her account. Was she shot or just distracting attention away from the undercover troops smuggling a laptop and server out of the Capitol. As you can see from these accounts, the actual facts are extremely blurred and to date no one has been held accountable. Itís all conspiracy theory anyway!

What about future false flags? Can we predict who is going to do what and blame it on someone else? If we look at the pattern we find that when the deep state is about to be deswamped disasters seem to come out of nowhere. We also see when they want us to believe a certain way our minds are prepared by the movies and alternative media. Recently, we have been provided with released patents for the drive and essential parts for flying saucers using anti-gravity. We are training to ďhandleĒ extraterrestrials.



Michael Salla


Britainís SAS & Global SpecOps trained to fight extraterrestrials

Britainís SAS & Global SpecOps trained to fight extraterrestrials

On January 9, Britainís Daily Star ran a story about elite SAS personnel being trained to fig... more



Corey Goode (Official)


RT @MichaelSalla: British SAS are officially being trained to fight extraterrestrials. The training of SpecOps to fight aliens has been secÖ

Special SAS unit has been trained to respond to an alien invasion of Earth

EXCLUSIVE: An elite unit of around 20 SAS soldiers is being trained to tackle a range of 'alt... more





†I have seen more news articles about UFOís, ETís and space in general in the past three months than in all the years before. It is well known the Navy has many triangular TR3Bís. They have been reported as sighted individually and in groups since 1998. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) - IMDb is said to be based on actual navy equipment and deep state plans. This would look like and be a false flag for an alien invasion. Who believes in extraterrestrials? More and more do as the publicity comes out portraying them as dark and sinister conquerors. Yes, I believe in extraterrestrials. Letís start with God who made this Earth. He certainly wasnít born here. If we follow the Bible we believe in many groups and individual extraterrestrials. Fortunately, almost all of them are benevolent. The ones that arenít would not risk their extended lives attacking or fighting. They would use smarter and less violent ways to get what they want. If an ET attack is promoted in the near future two very interesting things will happen. First, some of us will know it is not alien. Irregardless of size and shape of ship, it will probably be man-made. †More importantly, the Alliance (Trump Administration) is keeping close tabs on the deep state and will be prepared to shoot them down. That will make for great disclosure. Explain all that.