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My comments are in red.


Many blessings, health and well being to you, your family, friends and community.


All our lives depend on being well educated this year - 2021- to stand up for our Rights & Freedoms!


Collective WE Learn & Share - 2021 - To Awaken More Sleeping Lions and Sheeple 


I've attached - 1 summary doc of 5 other documents: Research/Resource /Links 


On the covid agenda: 


Research/Resource /Links  - from A to Z on Virus, preventive care, vaccines, Digital ID, UN/WEF covid economic PPP control agenda, China/Canada connection, Feb 2020 crash - March stimulus 'bail out/in' of the dying US Corporation, and their use of their Dominion voting machine systems to steal elections in USA and Canada.


I couldn't just sit here and not say something or do something because of what I've learned over the years about the agenda 21 UN Global plan by the Neo-liberalist FED/London/Switzerland banking system. But I needed to educate myself more on this virus attack, the 'new norm' til the new vaccines come. Wow,  like many of us, I needed to do some homework and understand the virus-vaccines from the real experts, top scientist and doctors on these important matters - and not from the agenda MSM news, government and health spokes persons who are all in Lock Step with the corrupt WHO and the UN/WEF covid agenda.


Then in Oct 2020, when I read the 'leaked'  Liberal  statement - from a member of the PMO (Prime Minister Office ) Strategic Planning Committee - who, in their own fear detailed the PMO's 'Road Map' and time-table of future events over the next year - the strategic plan direction (Covid-19/21: Great Reset - Debt Reset Program) shows where this UN agenda will take Canada.


"The PMO steering committee made it very clear that nothing will stop the planned outcomes"


I was horrified after reading the statements this person said, who also said that 30% of other members present were also very worried. These plans are total NWO UN fascist-marxist take-over and control of Canada through a new public-private partnerships (PPP) 'stakeholders' Corporations will become the world’s policy guides. Corporate elites will take over where governments now serve -  who are together in total 'Lock Step' with these plandemic - who will continue to apply emergency lock downs through next year - in a series of 2nd & 3rd waves virus caused by vaccines and stricter 'lock down' steps... each quarter.


This 'Leaked' memo (in P2 &5 doc) is a 'must read' to understand and get educated to what is really going on with the continual lock downs (they’re not going away) and to where they are actually taking us and our country?...        


This covid agenda virus - was created in a bio-lab, as a 'RNA retrovirus' that kills 3% of the population but doesn't make it a pandemic emergency.....the present virus should not be feared...at lease not yet?...  the vaccine shots will bring on more spread and covid deaths.... so the covid agenda can keep their 'emergency' state 'Lock Downs' going endlessly over the next year to crush our society - to take absolute total control and run by UN governance laws, eugenic vaccines, digital ID, broken economy, jobs, way of life, rights and freedoms - and their depopulation plans are more horrifying. When our governments now (Canada) is so controlled by communist CCP of China -  and the UN global elite who together are changing our whole economic future and society.  If you don't think these Globalist wouldn't try to do this....then you are the sheeple...They have been planning this for 10, 20, 50 and 100 years. 


I am so grateful to the experts in different medicine, science fields, lawyers, intel reporters and other people who are standing up and speaking out and sharing loud about this plandemic - who have real evidence and expert knowledge...They are the  Collective WE frontline wisdom - who are educating us about all the real facts around this manmade bio-weapon virus, vaccination program and Covid Reset plandemic Great Reset agenda. 


I was compelled to 'do my part' and collect as much important research and resources that would cover most of the A-Z on these matters; virus, preventive health care, Covid vaccines and virus's in the vaccines - the lockdown & mask, social distancing and the Global Economic Reset agenda.


 I hope these research/links are helpful to everyone in some way to educate or share with others; family, friends, associates, doctors, nurses, lawyers, reporters & intel awaken folk who can further awaken  other sleeping lions & sheeple


The P1 doc is the most important document for those not aware or educated enough should  read, go over and share with others....on preventive health care against any flu or virus... and  Vs their manmade vaccines they want people to get so they can record your covid: 'Certificate of Vaccination' - ID health passport # to control people and restrict people from travel or moving around if they don't comply and get the shot. 


There are - Limits on the government’s 'emergency' powers.


The 'provincial' government’s powers under the EMCPA are not limitless. The three most significant constraints are: (1) parliamentary oversight requirements in the EMCPA itself; (2) the statutory language and the reviewing role of the courts; and (3) the Constitution, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms


And, the EMCPA itself, or an order made under it, could be challenged as exceeding the Ontario legislature’s constitutional jurisdiction. Section 91 of the Constitution Act, 1867 gives Parliament “exclusive Legislative Authority” over, among other things: “The Regulation of Trade and Commerce” (s. 91(2)); “Navigation and Shipping”, including across the Great Lakes (s. 91(10)); and “Quarantine” (s. 91(11)).


They are using their 'Emergency Order' to keep society in 'lock down' - in 'Quarantine'.

The same thing is happening in the USA and we have limits also on governmental power. We are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Other sections of our constitution apply.


To stop this 'Lock Down' quarantine madness.....we need to educate ourselves, and lawyers need go after these provincial executive - emergency 'orders' - 14 day emergency orders without any legislation - but now new orders - no longer need to be renewed every 14 days, and could remain in place up until June 2022. The 'executive order' - not a real law - only an 'order' to keep their 'emergency' agenda going as long as they can: Bill 195, in Ont. or Bill 19, in B.C.. Emergency orders may only be made during an emergency, defined under the Federal Emergency Measures and Civil Protection Act (EMPCA)


There is no real pandemic going on at 3% deaths and when each year the ' 4 different kinds' of flu's kills 2% of the population.... so with the covid manmade virus add 1% for their 3% recorded as covid deaths in 2020....but you need 7% deaths of the population to call it a real emergency pandemic. So, its not ...a real 'emergency' to continue their 'lock down' of society, jobs and the economy loss!

To back up his numbers. The CDC’s numbers were corrected last summer and they confessed the real number of deaths was approximately 6% of the reported number. I used their numbers and found there were fewer total deaths than in three of the four previous years. The CDC deleted the charts I used and substituted a chart called “excessive deaths” showing almost 200,000 more deaths in the same time period. Their own figures did not match. From their figures as of June 2019, 31,000 more people had died in the USA than in 2018 by that time. This is .008%.


"...first, they stick recovering covid patients back into nursing homes that kill 80% of all the covid deaths recorded. And they also lump all 4 different types of flu's into one number - to inflate their covid death cases. They also count pre-existing conditions of death as covid death cases to inflate numbers to keep their Emergency 'Lock Down' going under  their present rolling-emergency-order...."


Once an 'emergency' is declared, cabinet has the power to make a wide range of orders, and can even override and re-write certain legislation on a 'temporary basis'. It was through the declaration of an emergency that these extraordinary restrictions were all brought into place.


The other documents attached: P2-5 go further down the rabbit hole of those who are behind-the-scenes pulling the strings of this mad agenda on all nations.


...and P5 document is for my Canadian friends to understand and realize that the Dominion voting machines that were used to steal much of the 2020 election for Biden, were headquartered in Toronto and have been used in Canada over the last 15 years both in Provincial and Federal elections aka 2015/2019 Federal election win for the Liberals!. 


They are made to steal votes for 'progressive' leaders, which means for the most part, the Liberals - but other parties could use these machines like the NDP in B.C. elections. What ever party promotes the 'progressive UN agenda 21-30'...Covid-19: The Great Reset polices - would be allowed to use these Dominion voting machine - systems to steal elections to get elected.




Summary document



P1. Prevent Virus Vaccines Testing Masks Covid UN Lockdown Agenda



1. Understanding the Common Causes of Pneumonia

2. Virus Preventative Health Care and Immune building treatments

3. Doctors, scientists, experts, lawyers against lockdown and vaccine human rights & freedoms

4. PCR testing flaws, (35-40 ct) false positive cases for Covid-19 

5. Nasopharyngeal (Long) Swabs - for Virus RNA extraction

6. Lumping different virus’s in one # to artificially - inflate Covid-19 numbers.

                  & Lumping pre-existing conditions and unrelated deaths

7. Masks and Social Distancing is Unhealthy and Controlling Freedoms

8. Lockdowns on freedoms to create economic bankruptcy

9. Virus’s Vs Bio-weapon 'gain of function' virus’s and vaccines

10. Pharmaceutics Vaccines are harmful and Crony Science

11. Pharmaceutics Vaccines are harmful and full eugenics 



P2 - UN FED CIA Covid ID2020 and CCP Partners Virus Playbook



1. Understanding Agenda 21 – 30:  Rockefeller Eugenics Virus's and Vaccine ID Agenda

2. Covid-19: The Great Reset Program pandemic/Plandemic

3. Global ID2020-30 vaccination passport / digital ID 

4. Liberals PMO Leak - Global Covid-19 UN agenda ‘Road Map’ for ‘Post’ Canada and Canadians 

5. Canada’s Bio-weapons Labs, CCP and Chinese-Canada Dr. Tam 

6. Zionist West CIA CCP funded released Sars-Corona Virus-2 through their CCP P4 Bio-la

7. CCP China P4 Wuhan Lab - Who Funded and for What Reason


Other Documents - content indexs for: P3, P4, P5 


P3. UN WEF IMF Cov-ID Great Reset Debt Control Economy


1. Agenda 2021 aka Covid-19: The Great Reset aka World Debt Reset Program

2. Bio-vaccine Virus Starts UN Covid-19: The Great Reset (PPP) agenda


P4. FED Treasury (IMF) Blackrock - Canada out of Control


1. The FED Nationalized into US Treasury, new SPV's and new Blackrock "Trustees"

2. Banning cash so you pay the bank to hold your money is what the IMF wants

3. Canada Governments Out of Control made corrupt Deals with UN Soros types & the CCP Chinese


P5. Voting Machines to Elect Global Governments


1. A Canada Registered Voting Company - controlling US Elections

2. Canada Elections History and Dominion Voting Systems Footprint

3. Trudeau Liberals PMO (Leak) Road Map for Covid-19: The Great Reset

4. UN-Strong City Networks Rolling Out All Over The World ßPLEASE READ!!!!

5. Public-Private Partners in 'Lock Step' with Covid 'Lock Down' Agenda