COVID 2020-2022

1.     WHAT IS IT?
Facts about covid19
Only the facts are presented here. If you doubt any of these facts please try researching the statement (good practice) using DuckDuckGo.com (you will get more reliable information than if you use Google or some others that are “filtered”). If this does not work for you please contact me by email (see “contact us” above) with your specific question.
1.Covid-19 is not a virus. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the respiratory illness responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. Colloquially known as simply the coronavirus, it was previously referred to by its provisional name, 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), and has also been called human coronavirus 2019 (HCoV-19 or hCoV-19).
2. Covid-19 is a plan developed by a group of people to take over the world. The Plan started in 2005. Many written records and personal testimonies of people involved in the development of the virus are available.
3. The virus was developed in America. Research was defunded here and refunded by the USA in Wuhan, China.
4. The release and spread of the disease was not planned or executed only by the CCP. Governments, world-wide were coerced into executing the Covid-19 Plan.
5. 200,000-400,000 people in The USA did not die from Covid. Covid was not significantly more deadly than the normal flu we see each year. This has been confirmed by CDC’s records and publically admitted by the CDC. The initial reporting and recording of deaths was forcibly skewed to create a plandemic.
6. The vaccine wasn’t brought in for the CovidCovid was brought in for the vaccine. Why do you need a vaccine for a flu that has a death rate lower than .02% (99.98% survival rate)? There has been more than 8000 serious incidents or deaths from the vaccine in the USA. Why give vaccine to children when there is almost no significant adverse effects or deaths in that age group from the flu?
7. There has been many doctors who are experts in the MRNA, RNA and DNA field stating the vaccine is not a vaccine but is a reprogramming MRNA which can damage your immune system; leaving you incapable of surviving any similar attack after a year or two.
8. Manufacturers of vaccines cannot be sued for negligence in the USA.
9. Metals and fetal materials found in vaccines have been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ADD in children and other diseases.
Tucker Carlson: This is proof Biden and his lackeys in the media are lying about COVID (bitchute.com)

The following defines what covid is - BEHOLD THE PALE RIDER—HOW WE STOP THE 4TH HORSEMAN (richardsonpost.com)


2.     ORIGIN

Judges Tito Gallego, Luis Legia, and Tony Changarei unanimously concluded from the evidence that Bill Gates, George Soros, and the Rockefellers (who gave us the UN and Federal Reserve)— were referred to as part of “a criminal elite that rules the world,” and deemed guilty of these criminal offences.

b.     Whilst you were distracted by the Battle for Ukraine, Documents were published confirming Moderna created the Covid-19 Virus – The Expose (dailyexpose.uk)

3.     January 16, 2022
I am pleased to report a federal judge rejected the FDA's request to produce the Pfizer Covid vaccine data at 500 pages per month and instead ordered a rate of 55,000 pages per month! Everyone should read the Judge's excellent 3-page decision available at https://t.co/ziqCs9fA9J— Aaron Siri (@AaronSiriSGJanuary 6, 2022



a.     https://www.cms.gov/medicare/covid-19/new-covid-19-treatments-add-payment-nctap 20% bribe for doctors/hospitals for remdesivir

b.     Brighteon – documents from government organizations for covid treatment –starts about 6 min in. Take these two to the hospital with you. 

c.     A Dallas salon owner who opened her business in defiance of coronavirus-related restrictions was hit with a temporary restraining order and even went to jail for two days after the judge who issued the order held her in contempt of court for continuing to violate it. Now, however, the Texas Supreme Court has dropped the hammer and stopped the madness in its tracks. In a measure of vindication for salon owner Shelley Luther, the highest court in Texas ruled unanimously on Friday that both the restraining order and the contempt charge were improper and invalid, according to the Austin American-Statesman.  She’s now free to pursue an ongoing countersuit against the city of Dallas for her trouble.



a.     https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/tables/table-2e/ ivermectin approved for treatment

b.     b.     December 16, 2021
Dr. Zelenko On How The Z Stack Protocol Became A Safe COVID Early Treatment | Red Voice Media (gab.com)
Must Hear: This Video Might Save Lives! -- Dr. Zev Zelenko | Alternative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)     t.me/zelenkoprotocol  for treatments for  vax


d.     India: Ivermectin saved the day (bitchute.com)

e.     Facts about ivermectin

f.       October 6, 2021
Brighteon – documents from government organizations for covid treatment –starts about 6 min in

g.     July 14, 2021 - https://trialsitenews.com/institut-pasteur-preclinical-study-ivermectin-a-powerful-immunomodulatory-drug-targeting-sars-cov-2/

h.     https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/tables/table-2e/

i.       https://www.cms.gov/medicare/covid-19/new-covid-19-treatments-add-payment-nctap


k.      Horowitz: The unmistakable ivermectin miracle in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh - TheBlaze

l.       MUST WATCH NOW! 100% Effective COVID-19 Cure - Chlorine Dioxide (bitchute.com)

m.    August 19, 2021Stella Immanuel Remember HCQ works. Stay safe, God bless you.
To register for HCQ RX go to bio.

n.     August 18, 2021
Tells it like it is! Dr Sean Brooks at SW Ohio School Board Meeting: "Getting the Vaccine Will Cause your Death" (bitchute.com)

o.     Stella Immanuel – Revival in Brookshire

p.     Good day, this is from Americas frontline doctors about Hydroxychloroquine. Do not take the vaccine.. HCQ WORKS TO REGISTER FOR HCQ RX SEND A MESSAGE WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS TO (346) 843 0782. Stay safe.

q.     https://trialsitenews.com/institut-pasteur-preclinical-study-ivermectin-a-powerful-immunomodulatory-drug-targeting-sars-cov-2/

r.       COVID-19 Cases Plummet in India as They Distribute Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine | (tapnewswire.com)

s.      January 26, 2022

t.       Dr. Zalenko’s opinion (and mine)

u.     https://m.theepochtimes.com/england-ends-all-covid-passports-mask-mandates-work-restrictions_4222549.html?utm_source=News&utm_campaign=breaking-2022-01-19-2&utm_medium=email&est=apAlbtj6nwXMPellUqFxME5Y9SrkDQywoeI4MgTXRWfBYA8l20eaUwoRfCb9TPI%3D

v.      Doctor’s Organization Has Treated Over 150,000 COVID-19 Patients With 99.99 Percent Survival (theepochtimes.com)
PUBLIC HEALTH INFORMATION Doctor’s Organization Has Treated Over 150,000 COVID-19 Patients With 99.99 Percent Survival 'Early Treatment Works, Period' By Meiling Lee January 26, 2022 - A doctor who has been offering free telehealth

 services to COVID-19 patients during the pandemic says that early treatment for COVID-19 works, claiming that he has a 99.99 percent survival rate. “We have a team of volunteer free doctors that donate their time to help treat these patients that come to us,” Dr. Ben Marble, the founder of myfreedoctor.com, an online medical consultation service, said at a roundtable discussion hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Jan. 24. He added, “We deliver the early treatment protocols to them as early as we can, and we have a 99.99 percent survival rate. So, I believe myfreedoctor.com, the free volunteered doctors have settled the science on this—early treatment works, period!” Marble was answering Johnson’s question about what people can do if they or their loved ones have COVID-19. People can visit the website myfreedoctor.com, create an account, and fill out a patient intake form if the doctors are accepting new patients for that day. One of the doctors will then reach out in less than 24 hours. With a huge demand for their services, the physicians say they can only “accept a certain number of patients each day.” Marble says that he and his small team of volunteer doctors prescribe [Dr. Peter] McCullough’s treatment protocol, which consists of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, and other low-cost generic drugs. They also prescribe vitamins D and C, and zinc.
McCullough, a cardiologist, and epidemiologist, along with several physicians put together an early treatment protocol to provide outpatient care for COVID-19 patients. Their paper was published in The American Journal of Medicine in August 2020. Dr. Pierre Kory, a pulmonologist and the President at the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance, says that the public is not aware that there are doctors across the country who will provide telehealth and early treatment for COVID-19. “On our website, we have a button, which says find a provider. We’ve tried to collect as many telehealth providers that treat all states in the country,” Kory said. “We are trying to let that message be known because that message is being suppressed that this disease is treatable,” he added. Kory also claims that there is corruption at the federal level in suppressing early treatment with repurposed cheap drugs and their availability and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been “captured by the pharmaceutical industry.” “The corruption is because they don’t want you to use off-label, repurposed generic medicines. It does not provide profit to the system,” Kory said, adding that, “you know what’s going on in this country right now, is that the CDC has been captured by the pharmaceutical industry.” “They sent out a memo in August of 2021, they sent out a similar memo back in the spring 2020, telling the nation’s physicians and pharmacists not to use generic medicines.” The Epoch Times has reached out to the CDC for comment. Early treatments were and continue to be discouraged by the CDC, whose guidance since the beginning of the pandemic up until January 2022, only focused on people self-quarantining for 14 days, keeping hydrated, taking analgesics, and only seeking hospital care when they can’t breathe or turn blue. They also warned people to not take any medications not approved for COVID-19. “People have been seriously harmed and even died after taking products not approved for use to treat or prevent COVID-19, even products approved or prescribed for other uses,” the CDC wrote on its potential treatments webpage. The weblink provided for the alleged harmful product was related to a March 2020 health alert warning of a serious health effect from ingesting non-pharmaceutical chloroquine phosphate used to clean fish tanks. This alert came after an Arizona man and his wife took the non-pharmaceutical drug in an attempt to self-medicate for COVID-19. For the past two years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only authorized limited early outpatient treatments for COVID-19 that include monoclonal antibodies for high-risk patients and antiviral pills from Merck and Pfizer. However, the FDA on Jan. 24 announced it was limiting the use of Eli Lilly and Regeneron monoclonal antibodies only to patients “likely to have been infected with or exposed to a variant that is susceptible to these treatments.” Johnson held the roundtable discussion to offer a different perspective on the response to the pandemic, including on “the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.” The discussion panel consisted of renowned health experts and scientists that included McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Paul Marik.According to a press release, Johnson also invited over a dozen prominent figures involved in developing, promoting, and leading the pandemic response, including the CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients. All of the individuals declined to attend the forum.

w.    August 5, 2021 - These are the facts and proof of the Plandemic! Republic Broadcasting Network » A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9/7/21

x.     February 11, 2022 - Proven cures for covid

y.     The great misdiagnosis

7.      DATA ANALYSIS – Various articles about analysis of CDC and other data for covid and vaccines.

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