Alien Groups on Earth




Preadamites  50,000+ BC elongated skulls, with non-human DNA, 9’-14’ from Tiamat,mars moon, + Cain women = red hair giants now living under ground, also created a species to be the rulers/Royals.  Based in Anarctica, Two families Americas and Africa/Europe, technology wiped out 12,500 BC.Watchers are a 4th density subset of these.


DRACO ALLIANCE – (Reptilian) (Saurians) There are a wide range of different types of reptilian beings that are involved with this Draco Alliance, but there are also some insectoid-type beings that are involved in this Alliance and some very strange Nordic-type beings.


There's been a little bit of information that they are a conquered race (AI)  that was forced into servitude, but that are also a part of this federation. They're bipedal. They have different types of reptilian beings, some that are quite short in the 4 ½ to 5 feet tall that look very much like Greys. They have reptilians that range from 9 to 14 feet plus tall. And there's a whole range of them. They have different castes within their system. They have like a warrior caste. They have engineers, scientists, almost like a hive. And then they have their royalty up at the top that control and direct everything. 4D-


Starting with John Dee (1550), under Queen Elizabeth a pact is being made with them by the Royals. 13 families

SEPARATE GROUP - – underground reptiles

Ancient Aliens S8, vol 1, D2, 6, 29, 36-38min  reptiles and blood lines

SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE –  A GROUP OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS who watched over our solar system.


The Guardians.The Elohim – 6th-9th density.

CABAL Illuminati Pinder meaning Pinnacle of the Draco or Penis of the Dragon. The current Pinder or leader of the Illuminati is the Rothschild family. 13 Families form the illuminati head.


Free Mason, Deep State, Air Force, Navy .


What Ra calls the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. There are approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation. This Confederation contains those from your own planet who have attained dimensions beyond your third. It contains planetary entities within your solar system, and it contains planetary entities from other galaxies. It is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike, but allied in service according to the Law of One. RA: This Council is located in the 8th dimension of the planet Saturn, taking place, in 3rd dimensional terms, in the rings of Saturn.  (B1, S6, 91)  ANCIENT ALIENS – 11-8, FOLDER 9-2 THE MYSTERIOUS 9 (0-18MIN)



GLOBAL GALACTIC LEAGUE OF NATIONS - Corey: And then we have this Global Galactic League Of Nations group that was somewhat of a carrot that was offered to all the other nations to have them maintain this veil of secrecy about what was going on in outer space by giving them a space program and giving them a narrative of “There's certain threats, or possible invasions, we need to come together and work together.” Started in the 80’s or 90’s.


SOLAR WARDEN - They were started back in the late '70s, '80s, during the SDI – Strategic Defense Initiative, I think, is what that stood for – just before and after Reagan. They policed the solar system from intruders.

SSP Alliance was made up of defectors from the other programs. So, it’s a hodgepodge of defectors from all the space programs that have a common goal of ending the tyranny on Earth of basically the secret Earth Government that controls the “Babylonian money magic slave system” and to bring to Earth the technologies that we have developed that has free-energy, all kinds of medical technologies that will heal just about anything you can think of, clean up the environment. Started by the Global Galactic League of Nations. And they want to bring this to Earth and to also do a full disclosure of all of the crimes against humanity that all of these elites have been doing over many, many years. That’s their goal. The Alliance started forming these ideas in, probably, the late ‘90s and were really starting to act on it in the early 2000s. This is a breakaway group within an SSP that is much more advanced than the MIC version. The SSP is controlled by the Cabal, but the SSP Alliance is definitely not.

This Alliance partially arose out of the SSP faction I worked within, known as Solar Warden.

The Earth Alliance. It is comprised of brave fighters in all 15 of the US intelligence agencies, and many international factions.

The MIC SSP (military-industrial complex secret space program). This is a series of factions that believed they were the “only game in town,” up until recently. They are about to be publicly revealed.

The “Solar Warden” code name was also discovered by the hacker Gary McKinnon and was independently verified by William Tompkins.

The SSP is already engaged with a diverse community of over 900 different humanlike civilizations that they have regular, ongoing trade with, as well as less frequent contact with many others. There are a total of five different SSP factions, and Solar Warden is made up of members from all five of them.

The Inner-Earth Alliance. There are several different human ET civilizations living in huge caverns beneath the Earth’s surface. Each racial type we see on earth appears in these groups. There are reptilian types also.

Deep State - partial definition

In the United States, the term "deep state" is used in political messaging to describe the theory that there is "a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process". Per George Friedman, the Deep State has been in place since 1871 and continues beneath the federal government, controlling and frequently reshaping policies.